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We’ve all had times when we question whether or not we really need that cute top or that flirty little summer dress, because let’s face it, as satisfying as it is to indulge in a little retail therapy every now and then there’s no saying when you’ll tire of them. The transient nature of fashion has a way of getting to us. It’s only a matter of time before we tire of every new clothing purchase. That’s why it’s so much better to invest in handbags . We women are known to carry our world with us. Our bags are stuffed with knick-knacks, some of which we have no explanation for. What better way to carry them all than in stylish bags for girls ?


Shop smartly and you can build yourself an envy-worthy collection of hand bags . Have fun with your options. Spice up your wardrobe with different handbag styles. If you’re more of a ‘stick to what you know works for you’ kinda girl, you can check out your go-to handbag style in different colors.

Want the best of fashion at your fingertips? Online shopping is your answer. Online sites are the one shopping medium where you’re allowed the luxury of gauging chic fashion treats from leading lifestyle brands like Lavie handbags , Baggit bags, Caprese, Diana Korr, and Lino Perros without so much as getting out of bed. When you buy handbags online, you also stand the chance to avail exciting discount offers on your lifestyle purchases regardless of what time of the year it is.


Here’s a look at some of the popular styles of handbags for women that you could add to your collection today:

Satchel Handbags

Satchel bags are great for working women, they are great for ladies who brunch, and they are fashion staples for college girls who know their way around great style. These bags have a short strap and a long strap. You can hold them like a handbag or carry them as a shoulder bag. Leatherette satchel bags look polished and do justice to the crispness of formal office attire. For more casual hangouts, you have suede or artificial leather bags to choose from.

Hand-held Bags

You know a woman means business when she walks into the room, outfit on point with a hand-held bag hanging by her side. These bags are inherently chic are the staple accessory for women who want a polished put-together look. Make an impression before your actual boardroom presentation by making your presence felt with timeless beige or black hand-held bags . Monogrammed handbags or ones with tassels and embellishments are perfect party dazzlers.

Hobo Handbags

Hobo bags are typically made of soft materials and tend to slump when put down. Every woman’s casual wardrobe needs one of these bags.

Play around with your outfit. Tie a delicate chiffon scarf around your handbag’s strap or personalize it with clip-on badges. The more daring you are in your fashion choices, the more likely you are to be remembered.


Handbags are women’s best friends. With trendy designs, they add a classy touch to almost any attire. As trends change, today they have become essential fashion accessories in everyone’s closet. While buying one, you need to consider factors like length, sizes, shapes, styles, purpose and so on to make a well-informed decision. There are many brands that manufacture and design handbags ,  and Baggit is one such brand. Besides handbags, the brand also provides a wide range of wallets, mobile pouches, belts and caps. The brand keeps itself updated with changing fashion trends and its products have become synonymous with style and elegance.


Baggit handbags are minimal in design and are available in attractive colors. Sleek and chic, they are designed for all fashion-forward women. They are ideal to store your essentials including wallets, make-up kit, keys, tablets, mobiles phones, etc. Be it a college student, a girl next door, your best friend, an office diva, or an ethnic beauty, the brand has a handbag for every woman. There are different styles of Baggit handbags available, and some of them include hand-held, satchels, hobos, shoulder bags and totes.

Ideal for office wear, Baggit hand-held bags for girls add a tinge of color to your outfit with their eye-catching colors. They come with adjustable straps and give you a trendy and casual appearance. Some of them are ideal for casual outings as well as for business meetings. Baggit satchels are ideal to add a touch of style to your casual look. You can store all your valuables and essentials in these fashionable satchels. For a sophisticated look, you can pair them with any outfit of your choice. You can team leather satchels with jeans for a fashionable look.


Be it night or day, hobos perfectly offer you style and enough storage space to accommodate your essentials. After a tiring week, a casual outing with friends can refresh your mind. Hobos are the perfect weekend bags. They go well with your everyday outfits. Shoulder handbags for women come with long straps that go over your shoulders thereby freeing up your hands. Some come with pockets and compartments which make them ideal for everyday use. You can pair them with skin fit jeans and a casual tee for a stylish look. Keep all your belongings within easy reach with stylish Baggit shoulder bags.

If you are fond of shopping, totes are the perfect choice to go with you. They have larger storage capacity compared to other bags. You can keep your wallets, phones, water bottles or anything you might need with handy storage compartments. They are perfect to complement your formal wear as well. Some totes provide room to carry even laptops or tablets. Baggit clutches can be an ideal choice for a night out with friends. With so many options available, you can choose handbags online in accordance with your style and comfort.

Commuting to and fro with heavy bags is something most of us go through, no matter whether we like it or not. A sling bag is the best option for those who tend to travel long distances. You can travel with ease and without even realizing that you are carrying a bag. The following are some of the occasions when slings bags are going to be very helpful.

sling bags

1. It mainly uses the weight of your hip or your back, making it easy on your shoulders. In this way, you are spared the risk of shoulder deformities and other risks of carrying heavy bags on your shoulders.

2. You can easily shift the weight of your bag from one side to another. All you have to do is slide the bag from the left to the right, or vice versa.

3. These sling bags are stylish and go with almost anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to an expensive saree. Their small size does not divert the attention from your outfit.

4. They give you an easy access to your things inside, unlike a backpack where you have to set it down before you reach into it. This bag lets you dig into it even when you are hanging from the door of a bus.

5. With a sling bag, you have no worries about your things getting stolen, as stealing something from this bag is next to impossible, with the position in which you wear it.

The following are some of the mistakes you can make when carrying a sling bag.

1. Hanging The Bag On Just One Shoulder– A sling bag is designed to be worn across the shoulder. Carrying it on one shoulder will only be a hassle as the bag will tend to fall off, which means you have to be more alert or keep placing the bag onto your shoulder.

2. Wearing It Too Low Or Too High– This is if your bag comes with an adjustable strap. A sling bag that is worn too high will end up looking like a handbag, and can look awkward if it is full. A bag that is too low, on the other hand, is going to dangle as you walk, causing a nuisance and making you look awkward again.

Buy Sling Bags Online

You can have a look at the range of sling bags online from brands like Caprese, Belladonna Girls, Diana Korr and various others. Have fun browsing through the range of sling bags online and get one that suits your style and convenience.