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There is no better day than the 14th of February to make the person you love feel special. While a lot of men choose to surprise their women with a bunch of long stemmed red roses and dinner at one of the most romantic restaurants in town, a gift is something that some of us tend to forget. Surprise her at the door with a cute Valentine teddy bear. Yes, a Valentine teddy bear is one of the best things you can think of gifting your woman on this special day. That cute and cuddly bear is going to sit on her bed to remind her of your sweet face so she goes to sleep with you on her mind.
valentine teddy bears

You have a range of choices when it comes to choosing a Valentine teddy bear for her. So, take your time and get her the perfect teddy bear and enjoy the sparkle in her eyes as she acknowledges your touching gesture next month. Yes, Valentine’s day is just a month away, so hurry.

Teddy bears with those large hearts in the front can never go wrong on Valentine’s day. However, you need to pay a little more attention to the words on the heart in order to achieve the desired effect. There are hearts that say “Someone Special”, there are others that say “I Love You”, while some others just say “Friends Forever”. Get a bear with a heart that says something that goes in line with the kind of relationship that you share. You wouldn’t want to offend her with a bear that says “I Love You” when she isn’t ready for a relationship with you, would you?

Couple bears are another option that you have, as the sight of those two bears cuddling on the bedside table will soften her feelings towards you each time she spots them on her bedside table.

The following are a few things you have to consider before getting her a Valentine teddy bears that she will love.

1. The Size– It is true that most women love large bears that cuddle them more than the other way round, but do consider the size so that she doesn’t end up wondering where she is going to place your life size bear in her room.

2. The Color– There are teddy bears in different colors. Either pick a teddy bear in her favorite color or try and match the color of her home decor.

3. The Feel– The softer the better as it is more cuddly and feels nicer. It would also be a good idea to try keeping the teddy bear in different positions to see how well it sits. A bear that sits well is always nicer to have in a bedroom.

Buy Valentine’s Teddy Bears Online

So, if you have a busy schedule and absolutely no time to shop till the 14th of next month, you can do it the easy way by shopping for Valentine teddy bears online . This will also help you compare a number of teddy bears to make the right choice and get her the best one. Have fun scrolling through the different valentine gift set as a soft toys from Dimpy, Cuddles, Tickles and various others and pick something cute to please her with on Valentine’s day.

I remember how Softy the bunny was my favorite companion when I was a kid. There was nothing better to console me after a long and tiring day at school and a longer evening with my homework. So, while all the other toys I played with would find their place in the toy box, Softy was always either in my arms or on my bed. This is what makes soft toys different from other toys for kids. The train track is going to be on the floor after ten minutes. The tiny pots and pans from your baby girl’s kitchen set are going to be scattered across the floor. However, your child is not going to have that little rabbit or puppy or bear out of his sight for even a minute, not even when he is asleep. This is why soft toys are one of the best things that you can give a child. No matter whether it is the first birthday or the tenth that you are attending, they can never go wrong as a gift.

soft toys

Soft toys are also known to play a large role in the development of a child. Yes, it is these first friends that help him deal with emotions better, without throwing tantrums and engaging in aggressive behaviour. Apart from this, your child also learns to become independent, without clinging to the strings of your apron at all times. This can be helpful in making your life easier when your child starts going to school. The turn-taking involved when playing with them plays a great role in making a child more empathetic and thus a better team player. In this way, your child is going to have more friends and will not be a loner at school. Apart from this, your child is also going to be more confident and thus more successful in the long run.

The following are some of the things you can do to let your child benefit from soft toys in the best way.

1. Listen To Him– And don’t ever laugh, even if a statement is funny. You can even join in and provide your child with more ideas on what to say to the little rabbit. This plays a major role in developing a child’s language.

2. Introduce An Imaginary Situation– For instance, you can state that there is only enough space on the boat for half of your baby’s soft toys. In this way, he is going to come up with different solutions that are going to make him better at managing conflicts.

3. Play Along– Different situations, different characters and different ideas are going to go a long way in making your child more imaginative and creative. And having a playmate is anytime better than having to play alone. Choose situations that relate to your child’s life. For instance, you can create a situation where little Softy refuses to go to school, to explain why getting an education is important.

Buy Soft Toys Online

The best way to choose a soft toy is online, as you have much more variety than you do when you check out bears, rabbits and puppies in a gift shop or showroom. You can also check out valentine gift set in the form toys from brands like Dimpy, Disney, Archies and various others to choose the ones that will please your child in the best way. Save the trouble of choosing one yourself by letting your kid choose the one he or she likes the most. So, what are you waiting for? Check out wide collection of soft toys online at great prices to surprise your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.




Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s not only a huge responsibility but also an experience that changes our lives. From the day our little one comes into this world, we worry about everything. We worry if he grows too fast and we worry if he doesn’t. But what most parents are always concerned about is their child’s psychological development. With research and a deeper understanding of child growth, parents all over the world today are learning about the various ways to enhance the development process for their kids. And one of the most effective ways is introducing electronic toys into their everyday routine. Kids learn from their surrounding and electronic toys help them become interactive. So, don’t wait for a particular age to add them into your child’s play set as electronic toys for kids are way better in educating your child than books.


electronic toys

Types of Electronic Toys

Like any other product, electronic toys also need a little bit of research.  Before you purchase any toy for your kid, you need to be aware of their benefits. These toys are available for kids from different age groups, even for toddlers. The various types of electronic toys include:

Musical or Instrumental Toys – These kind of toys enhance the auditory sense of your child and helps him become familiar with different sounds.

Learning and Educational Toys – Information from the books hardly appeal to the kids, who are busy thinking about playing all the time. Educational toys turn the theory into practical knowledge which  makes learning a fun-filled experience.

Mechanical Toys – Cars, trains and bikes are few examples of the many mechanical toys available online. They not only create interest in kids for learning more about the world but also improve their hand-eye coordination and intellectual abilities.

Remote Control Toys – These toys like remote controlled cars, robots and such improve your child’s motor skills and sense of direction. They help in enhancing their concentration, coordination and other psychological abilities.


Starting from the educational toys to instrumental play sets, electronic toys are highly beneficial for the brain development of your child. It instills analytical and logical skills from a very young age which stays with them throughout his life. These toys play a great role in cerebral development and helps his young brain to explore new ideas.

Where to buy?
It’s a fact that local toy shops will have a limited number of options and variety, which is why more and more people are buying electronic toys online for their kids . Most ecommerce websites have an extensive toys collection where you can browse according to the type of toy you need. You can apply various filters like the price, type of toys and brand to narrow down your selection and buy the toys you want for your kid without leaving your house. Once the order is placed, the toys get delivered to your doorstep.

Your little girl is your lovely doll. With curious eyes, cute face and sweet talks, she has conquered your heart. Watching her play or sleep makes you feel happy. But what about the things that make her happy? Her favourite doll will undoubtedly be the Barbie dolls . With large eyes, silky hair and beautiful dress, the Barbie has become your daughter’s best friend. No other toy has the elite status of a Barbie doll and is considered a favourite by little girls around the world. Throughout the years, the evolution of Barbie dolls was tremendous. It has transformed from being a mere doll to a toy that has great influence on the children. Barbie is now the face of every fairy-tale princess, the icon of little fashionistas and the friend every little girl invites to her tea party.

barbie dolls

Barbie dolls are available in various types and styles. Each differs from other in the type of personality it portrays, the ethnicity it represents and the fashion series it is added into. The wide variety of Barbie dolls are briefly categorised as follows.


Barbie dolls fall into the quintessential girl toy category with their slim body, slender hands and legs, fair skin, red lips, large eyes and shining hair. These dolls come dressed in flowy gowns of princesses, stylish party wear or urban casuals. A doll may

represent an individual personality like a college student or may be a part of specific theme like princesses and fairy tales. Dolls by Barbie also include male dolls like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken or other male characters from stories.

Playsets and doll houses

Barbie dolls now come accompanied with play sets and doll houses that represent a real-life scenario like a house, school, shopping mall, kitchen, holiday spot etc. This will help children come up with an imaginary situation to play with. As this require observation of what is happening around them, children will start observing their surroundings and will develop their imagination and thinking skills.


Nowadays little girls don’t want a simple Barbie, but they want a stylish doll flaunting a modern appearance. These type of dolls represent the modern fashion scenario by being dressed in the miniature versions of collections that are trending in the fashion world. Wearing short skirts, frocks and high heels, flaunting a stylish hairstyle and carrying a purse or a handbag, these dolls create a definition of fashion in little girls’ minds.

Career dolls

These dolls represent different careers from real life. The most popular careers that are presented through Barbie dolls are teacher, doctor, nurse, chef, musician, sports personality, etc. These dolls will help teach your child about the different career opportunities and if your daughter is attracted to a particular career doll, chances are there that she might choose that career in future.

Now you don’t have to drive around to find toy stores to gift your little one a Barbie doll. You can buy Barbie dolls online from shopping websites.