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A coffee mug does to caffeine addicts what a lighter does to smokers. Coffee lights up your mood, refreshes you, puts a smile on your face, and keeps you going for the rest of day. There’s nothing like holding a coffee mugs with your favourite coffee in it; sip by sip, you can left go all your stress. To fill your coffee breaks, Monday mornings, and late night gossip sessions with more energy and enthusiasm, you need to stock up your kitchen and work desk with trendy, functional and decorative coffee mugs.


Suffering from Monday Morning Syndrome? Don’t Worry, All You Need is a Mug of Strong Coffee

We all hate Monday mornings, and there’s no denying about it. It’s an open secret. You hate it, your boss hates it, everyone hates it. Each of us have different remedies to get over those gloomy Monday mornings. Majority of them rely on a mug of coffee. A refreshing cup of coffee, strong or light, mocha or cappuccino, hot or cold, will never disappoint you. Wake up to the smell of roasted coffee beans, and a mug of coffee to start your week on a good note. Now the question is not how you like your coffee to be but how you like your coffee mug to be. There’s nothing more disappointing than drinking coffee from a steel cup. It ruins the entire feel and goodness of drinking coffee. So make sure you equip your kitchen wardrobe with trendy coffee mugs that fulfills your coffee cravings in style.

Don’t Let Lack of Coffee Ruin your Motivation – Get Coffee Sippers for you Work Space

There are days when you sit in front of your system, and do nothing even when the workload seems to rise like the temperature in the thermometer on a hot sunny day. You have loads of work to do, but you just sit there, idle, looking for motivation. And the only motivation you need is mug of strong coffee. But not in one of those paper cups. Your coffee mug should look as good as the taste of the coffee. So get yourself a comfortable, big, coffee sipper to motivate yourself during work hours. Refill the sipper from the coffee machine and stay motivated and full of life all week long.

Impress your Guests with your Refined Taste

The aroma of coffee alone is enough to keep your spirits high. But if you want to showcase your love for coffee to everyone around, then the best way to do so is by investing in some curvy, funky coffee mugs. Use them as decoratives in your house and in your office.

Buy Coffee Mugs Online

Bored of drinking coffee in those old mugs? Need some new coffee mugs? Then now is the time. Take out your laptop or your smartphone, log on to your favourite e-store and buy coffee mugs online. No matter where you are, at home or at office, you can get coffee mugs delivered to your doorstep easily, thanks to online shopping.


Whether you are a professional chef, or someone who loves to cook for their family and friends, your kitchen needs to be well-equipped with all the essentials. And there’s nothing more amazing than finding all the kitchen tools you need under one roof. Online shopping bring to you a wide range of kitchen tools to make your shopping a convenient and quick affair. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, or wish to try out your hands at some new recipes, you will find every kitchen tool you need right here, right now. So what are you waiting for? Make a list of what you need to buy, and pick them up for your kitchen right away.


Useful kitchen tools

Whether it is preparation before the actual cooking, or experimenting with your culinary skills, you need to make sure that you have every tool in place. In case you don’t know which kitchen tools to buy, here is a list you can refer to:

  • Dumpling presses – Enjoying delicious dumplings will be an easy and tempting affair, if you have dumpling presses at your disposal. Depending on the shape you want, you can choose a dumpling press.

  • Colander and sieves – Whether it is straining the water just after boiling pasta, or drying the vegetables after washing, choose an appropriate colander or sieve, and make your job easier. You can also choose a small sieve to strain the tea leaves easily.

  • Gourmet cream whip and canisters – Do you love baking cakes? Then there’s something that can make it easier and quicker – gourmet cream whip and canister. Whether it is whipping the cream, or icing the cake, you can do everything with this kitchen tool.

  • Choppers, peelers and kitchen knives – Chopping and peeling vegetables in a precise manner is a must to cook delicious cuisines. So grab a few superior-quality choppers and peelers for an efficient cooking experience. Grab a couple of kitchen knives differing in the sharpness, purpose and size, and equip your kitchen.

  • Pressure cooker gaskets – A pressure cooker gasket is an important tool if you are using a pressure cooker to cook. It not only helps you put the lid conveniently, but also ensures safety. So pick out one that suit the model of the pressure cooker you have, and cook food easily.

  • Tongs and whisks – Whisking pulses and egg yolks can be made easier with the help of a whisk. As for lifting hot utensils, you can use sturdy tongs to make cooking a safe affair. So choose one from the range of whisks and tongs, and add them to your kitchen.

  • Weights and measurements – Whether you are making a cake or an ice cream, you need to add the ingredients in proper quantities. So get hold of measurement tools, and ensure precision. Weights are also important, as you can weigh the pulses and cereals easily in the comfort of your home.

  • Spatulas and ladles – Make stirring food easy with the help of useful spatulas and ladles available online. Choose a size and shape that is convenient for you.

  • Kitchen tool sets – You can also buy kitchen tool sets without having to buy every little thing individually. Choose a set that has everything you need, and you are good to go.

Buy kitchen tools online from brands such as @home, Lakshmi, Prestige and Chroma and give your kitchen a functional and stylish edge.

You’ve heard it a hundred times and you’re probably tired of reading about it, but staying hydrated is crucial. This is a fairly simple task if you’re at home but for many of us, it almost seems second nature to forget about hydrating ourselves every now and then when we’re outdoors. We reach for a glass or a bottle of water only when in dire need of it. You may think this is alright, but how do you explain the sudden bouts of fatigue that hit you? We know what it is. It’s your body asking you to hydrate yourself. The best way to remind yourself to drink water is to be self-sufficient and carry a bottle of water around with you. And what better choice than Milton water bottles. They come in a whole range of different sizes so you can buy a few for the entire family – a small-sized one for your school-going kid, a medium-sized one for the office, and a large-sized one for home use. Milton has you covered.


Measure your daily dose of water intake, with Milton water bottles

Milton water bottle generally fall under two types – plastic water bottles and thermosteels. Milton plastic water bottles are available in an extensive range of colors and come with leak-proof lids. Available in different sizes, these water bottles are convenient for use both at home and outdoors. For safety reasons, Milton water bottles are made of PET and BPA-free material so they are odorless and unbreakable. They are tough enough to even withstand being washed in the dishwasher. These bottles can also be used to store water in refrigerators. The textured design detail on the bottles allow you a firm hold of them. All Milton water bottles have the brand name embossed on them so as to assert their ingenuity.

Then you have kids’ Milton water bottles. Compact in size and with friendly-looking animated characters on the cover, packing these bottles into your child’s school bag is one way to get him to stay hydrated when he’s in school. The Milton Kool compact range of water bottles have a steel outer body which makes them ideal for both cold and hot water.

Milton thermosteel water bottles keep cold water cold and hot water hot for up to 24 hours. So whether you want a refreshing sip of chilled water in the summer or a cup of warm tea in the colder months, these bottles are up for the job.

Buy Milton water bottles online and enjoy a convenient shopping experience

Can’t be bothered to dedicate an entire day to go out and buy water bottles ? We understand. Take the easy way out and buy water bottle online . With product filters that categorise these bottles into distinct groups based on their color, price, material, discount availability, and other features, you can get yourself exactly what you need right from the comfort of your home. Download the mobile apps of these shopping sites and you can access exclusive deals and exciting offers on Milton water bottles and a whole lot of other household items from work, when stuck in traffic, or even while travelling.

Packing lunch for kids is a tough task. You have to pack only the food they like to eat or the lunch boxes will come back home just the way you packed them, full of food. Not only is it a waste of food and effort on your part, but it’s also a health issue for your child. As a parent, how do you ignore the fact that your child has not eaten anything the whole day just because you packed the food you wanted him to eat and not the other way around? But then, how can you give him unhealthy junk food which will hardly help in his growth. This is a dilemma almost every parent faces every day not just for kids, but while packing food for some adults as well. We buy fancy and adorable-looking lunch boxes online thinking they will attract their attention and they will love carrying them to school or college. But what next? Do they eat the food? Or do they give it away to friends, even throw their lunch on their way back. So rather than grilling them on whether they ate their salad or not, you can follow some simple ideas to pack interesting lunch for your kids.


Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas

With both kids and adults, the trick to impress or build their interest for food is through presentation. If it looks colourful and fancy like restaurant food, there’s a 90% chance that they might try it. So pack his lunch box with good-looking food. You can make food such as meat or veggie wraps with greens dressed in barbeque sauce or mustard sauce and rolled into wraps. Or pack cheesy pizza rolls that are made with a thin-crust base like a chapatti and filled it with shredded cheese and veggies before rolling.

Buy Lunch Boxes Online

Now that you know what to put in the lunch box for your kids, you can focus on the kind of lunch boxes you want to buy for every member of your family. Keep the following things in mind while buying tiffin boxes online.

Types – Here online, you can get outdoor lunch box sets with three or more containers to carry rice, dal, curry, roti, pickle, salad and buttermilk as well. These are best for adults so that they can carry a full meal to work. The other varieties are smart lunch carriers which are compact and designed with 2-3 compartments to carry lunch in one container. Some come with sporks, spoons and also a bag to carry the boxes. You even have mini lunch carriers which are best for kids and also for carrying light food.

Convenience Features – It’s best to buy lunch carriers that come with airtight and leak-proof features as they will keep the food fresh and prevent any leakage. Some tiffin boxes are even microwave safe so that you can heat your food without using multiple dishes.

Material – Apart from features, you also need to check the materials used to craft these boxes. Where some of them are made of steel and plastic, some are made of food-grade materials that do not absorb any flavours and are safe to use every day.

Lunch box online come in different shapes and sizes, and from various brands such as Tupperware, Signoraware, Milton and Cello lunch box. So select your set of boxes for your kids and family today and place your order.

If you are someone who loves cooking, then you may want to try experimenting a new recipe everyday and surprise your family members with your culinary skills. The tasty and healthy dishes you prepare by putting in so much effort surely deserve a good dinner sets . The dinnerware you choose should not only help you serve food but should also complement the different meals you prepare. So whether you are planning to buy dinner sets that can be used only for parties and special occasions, or a set that can be used on an everyday basis, you have a lot of options to choose from.


Different Styles, Shapes, and Patterns of Dinner Sets

If you are someone who loves organizing family dinners or get-togethers often, then apart from all the arrangements it is important for you to ensure that the dining table is equipped with attractive dinner sets. That’s why most of the serveware sets come in beautiful patterns to add a dramatic flair to your table setting. For a contemporary styled dining room, you can opt for a set with geometric designs, stripes, or other abstract patterns. Floral designed sets can give that interesting look to your dining table as well as your dining room. The beautiful colours and designs of these sets are sure to get more than just a couple of looks at your next party or family get-together.

Dinner sets usually include plates, bowls, casseroles with lids, serve trays, glasses, teapots and mugs, spoons, and forks. These sets include all that you need, so you can use them on a daily basis as well as for your small get-togethers at home. Each piece will look attractive, functional, and let you create a stylish table setting. These different pieces will also be very helpful when you serve different types of food items. Dinner sets come in different sizes, so while opting for one, you need to consider the size of your dining table and the number of members in your family.

Dinner sets are also made from different materials such as melamine, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, bone china, plastic, polypropylene, porcelain, copper, brass and other such materials. Dinnerware sets that are made from melamine are heat-resistant, fade- and stain-proof. If you want to give your dining table a classic and sophisticated look, then glass sets are a good option. You can reserve the glass sets for special occasions, while plastic ones could be used on a regular basis. Stainless steel sets are sturdy, durable and easy to clean and maintain as well. If you are someone who does not want to spend too much on a dinnerware set to be used on an everyday basis, then stainless steel sets can be a good choice. Most of the sets are dishwasher-safe, thus giving you the freedom of washing them in a dishwasher.

Shop Online

For a safe, convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, you can now buy dinner sets online . Shopping online is very easy, all you need to do is log onto an e-commerce website, order the serveware set you like and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can choose from brands such as Corelle, La Opala, Milton, Diva, Servewell and Nayasa.

Most people from my college go to cafes after classes to chill out and have some refreshments. But not my friends. They come with me to my apartment where we prepare pakodas and coffee before we sit in a circle, chatting about the random things happening in our lives, pulling each other’s legs and gossiping. It has become a fun ritual and we look forward to it every day. I remember the first day when they came home. I served them tea in small, elegant cups just like my mom does at home. But soon my lovely shameless friends put their demands on the table. They needed much more coffee, generously served in large coffee mugs . I couldn’t blame them as I myself love to hold on to the warm cup and sip coffee for a long time while studying late at night or watching my favourite TV shows in the evening. So, I opened my browser and started browsing for coffee mugs online.


Different Uses of Coffee Mugs

I realized that these mugs are not just the mugs you drink your cup of Nescafe from every day. They can be much more. They are the mugs that you serve beverages to your guests in. They are your friends that give you company during breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also the mugs that can be used to prepare soups and other instant mixes at your workplace or hostel. And they could be used for various other purposes, only if you broaden your mind and see them fit for it. Such as:

  • Gifting – You can never go wrong when coffee mugs are on the gift list. A lot many mugs come with different meaningful messages that will appeal to most of your friends and family. For example, Chumbak coffee mugs. They have attractive prints that say a lot of things without putting the message into words.
  • Decoration – These mugs make great decorative pieces as well. The colourful mugs with dramatic prints can be the highlight of your study table. You can put your pens, markers, pencils, paintbrushes, and other stationery in them to keep your table organised. You can also select one for your dining table in a relevant theme and use it to keep spoons and other cutlery for a modernistic look. They can also be placed on shelves and entertainment units.

Types of Coffee Mugs

You can categorize these mugs according to their material and theme. You can find mugs made of stainless steel, bone china, ceramic, plastic, glass, porcelain, carbon steel, brass and various other materials. You also get a wide variety of options in different themes. You can get mugs printed with images of famous personalities, zodiac signs and abstract art like I did. Or you can get mugs with inspiring quotes, crazy graffiti and beautiful patterns. So if you are a coffee person, then let your love for coffee speak through the variety of coffee mugs you own. Hey guys, check out wide collection of coffee mugs online here …

You have two options when you find yourself in a place you don’t know, without a water bottle, and suddenly feel thirsty. You either waste some time looking for a shop from where you can purchase a bottle of water or you stay thirsty till you finally come across a provision or grocery store, suffering till you quench your thirst. You also have another option which I wouldn’t recommend, and that is to find a tap or another source of water nearby, but you need to face the fact that you may get sick from some water borne disease. This is the price you have to pay for heading out of the house without a water bottle. In fact, it is not just when you are spending a day outdoors. A health conscious person ensures that he carries a water bottles wherever he goes. This will also prevent you from adding another litre of Coca Cola or some other aerated drink to your diet, spoiling your health in the process.


Buying A Water Bottle

So, if you are buying a water bottle for the first time, here is a small checklist of the features that you need to look out for.

1. The Amount Of Water It Can Hold- If you go to the gym or workout regularly, you need a large 2 litre bottle to meet your water requirement. However, if it is for work, one litre is fine as you can always get it filled. You need to keep in mind that water is heavy to carry.

2. Insulation- Bottles with good insulation let you sip cold water while you are at the beach or are hiking on a hot day.

3. Filtration- If you are extremely particular about the water you drink, these bottles are for you. With an effective filter, these bottles ensure that the water filled is hygienic and safe to drink.

4. Easy To Hold And Drink From- This is especially important if you are the kind that tends to sip water when you are running or jogging. Choose something that can easily be opened with one hand and with a straw that lets you sip easily.

5. Copper Coating- You may have heard elders say that water from copper tumblers feels tastier. A lot of bottles come with copper coating on the inside to let you enjoy this feeling.

Choosing Water Bottles For Kids

A durable stainless steel bottle from Milton or a hard plastic one from Tupperware may seem convenient for you, but your child wouldn’t be happy carrying one of these in his school bag. With fancy sippers online from brands like Frozen, Barbie, Disney and various others, your child has a range of options to choose from. This way, he is not going to sulk when he compares his bottle to his friend’s fancy Spider-man bottle.

Browsing Through Water Bottles Online

Brands like Milton, Tupperware and Cello are the best bottles available online in terms of quality. If you are looking for a bottle that you can carry to the gym, Nike has a range of them that you can choose from. Have fun browsing through the range of water bottles online and choose something that is convenient for you.

When your friends show up at your doorstep unplanned and you hardly have any fancy supplies in your kitchen to make them a fancy meal, you know there’s just one thing to do. Take out your pressure cooker and use all the recipes and tricks your mom taught you to somehow prepare a scrumptious meal. In India, most of us grow up in a house where the whistle of a pressure cooker coming from the kitchen every morning is a common thing. It’s how your mom managed to pack your tiffin and prepare breakfast for the entire family in just two hours. So it’s not a surprise to see that more and more young people who are living independently in cities are finding it easier to cook healthy food at home using this cookware.



Be it cooking rice, softening cereals like dal and kidney beans or preparing biryani, this cookware can save your precious time in multiple situations. People with a little knowledge about cooking can also use this cookware to prepare food that is healthy and nutritious. It’s easy to operate and takes less time when compared to cooking in pots and pans. You can boil potatoes for your sandwich, soften rice for making pulao and boil vegetables to make soup. You can even make fluffy and tasty cakes in different flavours using this cookware. So, if you don’t already have one, then it’s time you bought a pressure cooker online for your kitchen.

How to Buy a Pressure Cooker Online ?

Buying this cookware from a shopping website is easy. Just keep the following things in mind and you can own a durable cooker that will save you a lot of time and effort.

Material – It’s important that you check the material of the cooker as it plays a great role in reducing the cooking time. For example, if the cooker is made of aluminium, then the vegetables get boiled faster as it is a good conductor of heat. Other metals used for making pressure cookers are stainless steel, copper and iron.

Design – Today, pressure cookers are available in different shapes such as the classic cylindrical design, the handi or pot design and the apple-shaped design. They are available in both inner and outer lid models. Most of them usually come with rubber gaskets and pressure valves. But some advanced models like Hawkins Futura feature fingertip steam release instead of a valve and are more stylish to look at.

Capacity – This depends on your needs. A small family can easily manage cooking most of their recipes with a 2 or 3 L pressure cooker. Whereas a family with more than five members will need a model that is 5 L or more in capacity.

Features – You can look for pressure cookers that come with features like an induction bottom, non-stick coated interiors and a hard anodized base. They make the cookware more efficient and help you enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience.

Pressure cookers are available at discounted prices online most of the time. And you can buy one easily at pocket-friendly prices. If you prefer a particular brand, then search for a cookware in their range or you can buy one from other popular brands such as Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon, United, Butterfly and WonderChef. Once you place the order, the product gets delivered to your doorstep. So be a smart chef and save gas and time by using pressure cookers in your kitchen.

If you are a working professional, then you will surely have little or no time when it comes to cooking. That’s why you need to equip your kitchen with the right kind of utensils so that your cooking becomes faster and easier. Pressure cookers are one such utensil that help speed up the cooking process and also retain the essential nutrients in the food. Apart from just cooking rice and dal, you can use these cookers for cooking vegetable pulao, chicken biryani, mutton curry, and a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes without taking too much time. If you are planning to buy these cooking utensils for your home, then Prestige is a good brand to choose from. Bring home Prestige pressure cookers and enjoy cooking a variety of dishes with ease. They cater to all your cooking needs and can be the perfect addition to your cookware collection.

prestige cooker

When you have Prestige pressure cookers in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen. Prestige pressure cookers are the perfect blend of modern craftsmanship and unique design. They have models with both inner and outer lids. These lids help contain the pressure build up for the cooking process and prevent food from splattering everywhere. They also come with pressure regulators which help maintain the pressure needed for the food to be cooked.

These cooking appliances are made from stainless steel, aluminium, hard anodized and polypropylene materials, all of which make them highly durable. Aluminium pressure cookers are corrosion-resistant, sturdy, durable, and provide uniform heating to the food you would be cooking. Stainless steel ones are easy to use, safe to handle and durable as well. They help cook food faster, thus letting you spend more time with your family. Some even come with an induction base which makes it suitable for use on gas stoves as well as induction cooktops. Designed with great features, they allow you to cook healthy meals in no time at all.

prestige pressure cooker online

These pressure cooker come in different capacities, so you can choose one based on your cooking requirements. Most of them come with safety pressure indicators which will indicate the level of pressure present inside the cooker. Prestige pressure cookers also come in different colours, so you can choose a color that will go well with your kitchen décor. Some of them are designed in a traditional handi style which makes them the right addition to your kitchen.

With the emergence of online shopping portals, you don’t need to step out of your home to buy kitchen utensils. You can just sit in the comfort of your home and buy Prestige pressure cooker online . Shopping online helps you save so much time and energy when compared to going to a store. You just need to log onto an online shopping portal, browse through the various option available, order the pressure cooker you like and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Fruit Cake – Pressure Cooker Cake – Cake Recipe

A refreshing cup of fresh soup on a cold wintry day is all we will need to feel better and to beat the winter blues. But as the temperature starts to get colder, the more lazy we fell. The very thought of going into the kitchen and preparing anything makes us feel horrible. We would prefer not eat anything, than do something. But how long can you go that way? You can’t keep ordering soups and food all the time. You need to step in and cook something. And what’s better than a bowl of spicy, flavourful soup? But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to prepare those hard-to-make, time consuming recipes. We’re not even asking you to make soups manually. Confused? Don’t be! With this Philips soup maker, preparing soups is as easy as abc. And that’s not it, with this soup maker, you can also prepare pureee, smoothies and much more and all of these with just a few clicks.

So give up on all those excuses and start preparing delicious soups for yourself and for your family with this Philips soup maker.

Philips Soup Maker

Why Philips?

There are many brand available in the market, but nothing like Philips. This innovative brand is known of its upgraded technology and ease of use. Take a look at Philips HR2201/81 990 W soup maker and its features.

Simple User Interface

This Philips soup maker comes with five pre-defined settings which makes preparing soups easy for newbies too. So if you are new to cooking and want to impress your friends, then simply go ahead and prepare different soups in this soup maker and surprise them.

Easy to Use

Most of the soup require you to blend vegetables for that added flavour. And with this appliance, you can blend hot or cold food items easily. This soup maker also allows you to experiment – try different soups like smooth soups, chunky soups, compotes, smoothies, and more.


This effective appliance consumes up to 990 Watts of power and doesn’t increase your electricity bills.

Recipe Book

To make your job easier, this soup maker comes with a recipe book with over 30 dishes. Try different recipes each day and treat your family members.


Sudden guests coming up? Don’t worry. Just switch on this soup maker and prepare mouth-watering soups in the appliance and serve it to them fresh.

Now that’s impressive, right? So get home this Philips soup maker and make your winters better. You can buy Philips soup maker online from trusted e-stores. Shopping for kitchen appliances online is easy – you can sit in the comfort of your space and browse through various models and even compare two or more models in terms of their features, specifications and price.