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With a good set of cushion covers , you can make any old couch look inviting and interesting. Whether it’s sets of two, three or a dozen cushions that you need covers for, you can find cushion covers in a range of floral, geometric and other interesting patterns to choose from.

Would you want your living room or bedroom to have the same look all 365 days of the year? Not a very interesting idea, is it? So, while those maroon silk curtains and cushions go wonderfully well with the interiors in your house, there will come a time when you get tired of having the same old look in your living room months down the line. While you cannot afford to change the look of your living room often, little things like changing the curtains , rugs, sofa covers and cushion covers go a long way in giving your living room a new and refreshing look. In this way, guests, relatives and friends can also get to admire your tastes and skills in decorating your house.



With a range of home furnishing items like curtains, cushion covers and other decorative items online, redecorating your house is not just going to be easy but also great fun. You can even select a theme and buy cushion covers accordingly.

As mentioned above, little things can go a long way in changing the look of your room. One among them is cushions. While changing home furnishing items like curtains and carpets can be a hassle with the cleaning procedures involved, cushion covers are comparatively smaller and very easy to wash. In this way, you can even afford to change your living room’s cushions covers every week. This will go a long way in making your sofa sets look more welcoming and interesting. This can also be a great way to impress guests by making your sofa set look attractive. So fluff up the cushions on your couch and put new attractive cushion covers on them to make a lasting impression. You can find covers in different designs online. There are covers with abstract designs, floral prints, motifs, polka dots, checks and so much more that you can have a look at online.

Shopping for cushion covers

Shopping for cushion covers online is any day more fun with the variety that you can enjoy browsing through as you scroll down to find different designs from different brands. If you want 3D covers to make the sofas in your living room look more eye-catching, you can browse through the collection from StyBuzz. On the other hand, if you are looking for more traditional designs, you can browse through the collection of covers from Zikrak. You can even have a look at the paisley designs from IndigoCart. For cute covers, you can browse through the collection from meSleep. Go online and have a look at the range of designs in cushion covers available to give your living room a more interesting look from today. Also, check out wide collection of cushions online fro your sofa sets .





On this Diwali 2015, you want to change your sofa set & curtains to give a new look to your home? If yes, then this blogpost is very useful for you. This post is about the buying guide of sofa set & curtains for your sweet home.

Just imagine what your house would be like without all the furniture in it. Imagine what your living room would look like without the comfortable sofa set at the corner and the television at the centre of the room. Imagine what those beautifully painted walls would be like without all those paintings, pictures and other wall hangings hanging on the walls? Home wouldn’t be as homely as it should be, right? Yes, this is how important good furniture in your house is.

Yes, without too much of it, your house would always be more easy to clean, as you wouldn’t have to stretch the broom and the mop under sofa sets and chairs in your house, but, it would always be nicer to have furniture that is easy to clean and at the same time very homely to have in your house, right?


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The right furniture makes your house warm and cosy, whereas old and dirty ones make your house look dingy and unattractive. So, the following are some of the must-haves in your house. You are aware of some of them, but just in case.

Sofa Set

Well, the first thing that you have to be aware of when you are choosing a sofa set for your living room is the size of your living room. A large sofa set in a small living room is going to look too stuffy. On the other hand, a small sofa set in a large living room is just not going to look right, and can make your house look empty. So, choose a set that goes with the size of your living room. The fabric of the sofa depends on how well you are going to maintain it. Materials like suede and colors like white are going to be very difficult to maintain, so if you have a lot of kids and pets in your house, keep away from these fabrics and colors. Choose darker colors so that dirt is not visible and materials that are easier to maintain.


So, your walls are painted. The next thing that you need for your house is curtains. What kind do you want, and what color are you looking for? The fabric of the curtain is mainly important in determining how well the curtains are going to sit on your window. Curtains that are too light are not going to stay right, and neither are curtains that are too heavy. Try and avoid bright curtains as they tend to fade in time, and this especially, if your room invites a lot of sunlight. And finally, coming to size, remember that taller curtains give your room a sense of height.

Buy Furniture Online

You can have a look at the range of furniture online from brands like Shopper52, Durian and various other brands of furniture online. You can even have a look at the range of furniture on mobile shopping apps. Compare the price and features of different furniture online and get your home all the furniture that it needs to make it cosy and comfortable.

Hey guys, do you want to transform the look of your living room? If yes, then think of changing the look of your sofa with help of designer & attractive sofa covers . 

In a living room – a carpet, a sofa set, and a diwan is something that’s needed to impart the look of our home as well as comfort. And, giving a new look to the seating area kept running in our mind always. Changing the décor every now and then sounded like a daunting task and might burn a big hole in our pockets. Then we thought that changing sofa and chair covers could be one of the easiest ways to transform our seating area and in fact, the whole living room. In today’s world, these sofa covers are functional as well as fashionable. So we decided to buy a sofa cover that’s not only functional, but also economical, versatile, easy to use, and something that’s compatible with our décor’s color scheme.

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Tips To Know Before Buying Sofa Covers

When we thought of buying sofa cover , we were perplexed about one choosing from a variety of colors, designs, sizes and materials. And, these were also a few factors that will help us find that perfect slipcover to suit our décor style, no matter how often we changed it. We thought of going for a fabric that defines the style and something that’s tough and firm.

Lets check out the important factor in brief while buying sofa covers …

1.) Buying the correct size – Since sofa covers come in many sizes, we thought of buying one that perfectly fitted our sofas. We thought that an approximate measurement will look good for a laid-back feel. Then we thought who will fuss over the exact measurements, lets go for loose-fit covers and yet achieve the same effect.

2.) Designs & Patterns – Sofa covers also come in a variety of attractive patterns which left us spoil for choice. Then a close friend of our family suggested that whether we prefer a modern or a traditional look, sofa covers can go well with any décor style.

3.) Sofa Fabric Material –  Sofa fabric comes in cotton, generic, jacquard, nylon, polycotton, polyester, silk and velvet. Though all the fabrics were designed keeping in mind the durability and ease of care, we still decided to buy cotton ones, because these sofa covers were not only easily to wash and maintain, but also very skin-friendly. Most of these sofa covers are also machine washable.


sofa covers

Sofa Covers shopping

The best way to buy sofa covers online . Online shopping sites not only helped save our time, but also reduced the hassle of going to every store. They also had different brands such as SHC, Balaji, House Attire, Handloom Trendz, Furnishing Kingdom, JBG Home Store, Ridhima Creations, Fabrique, Optimistic Home Furnishing and so many other brands to choose from. Sitting in the comfort of our home, we ordered the sofa cover we wanted and got it delivered to our doorstep.