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No two people are alike. We each have our own set of interests and we follow our own fixed routines. But at the end of the day, there’s only one way we recharge – sleep. Regardless of how unproductive or how busy our day has been, at the end of it, there’s nothing better than coming home to our bed and curling up under the cozy confines of our blankets. Our bedroom is a sacred place – this is the room where we relax and rejuvenate ourselves.


Do you maintain your bedroom? Do you do enough to make it appealing? Do you clean it regularly or have piles of clothes and junk made themselves comfortable in it? If you don’t do something as basic as maintain your bed room, chances are that you won’t be getting your dose of peaceful sleep. The overall appeal of your bed room affects the way you feel about it. Little things like covering it with a clean bed sheet, adorning it with cushions and pillows that are covered in pretty pillowcases, and drawing the windows close with attractive curtains greatly impact its overall feel and vibe. Start with something as basic as covering your bed with bed sheets that are pretty, functional, and comfortable. We bring you Bombay Dyeing bed sheets .

Bombay Dyeing is a house that has built its reputation from helping us decorate our homes and simplify life with its extensive collection of home furnishing and household products. Bombay Dyeing bed sheets remain true to the brand’s essence of being above par in terms of both design and functionality. They are classified into many small categories based on different distinctions.

Many of us tend to get distracted by the extensive choices laid out in front of us that we end up only looking only at the attractiveness of a bed sheet set’s design. This is okay to an extent but if you want to shop for Bombay Dyeing bed sheets that do both tasks of enhancing the visual appeal of your room and being weather-appropriate and comfortable for you to sleep on, there are a couple of factors that you should keep in mind:


The material of a set of bedsheets is one factor you should never overlook. Do you want bed sheets that’ll let you comfortably sleep through humid nights or are you looking for ones that are impressively durable? Cotton and poly-cotton Bombay Dyeing bedsheets are super-absorbent and are the perfect choice for hot weather nights. If you want bed sheets that are durable enough to not lose their shape even after repeated washing, go for polyester bedsheets.


Fresh floral print bedsheets, ones with a geometric or checkered print, or bed sheets with animated pattern with bold 3D effect, Bombay Dyeing brings to you a whole range of choices.

Type and Size

Choose from easy-to-maintain fitted Bombay Dyeing bedsheets, flat bedsheets, or ones that are a combination of both. The brand also brings to you bed covers for all king, queen, and single sized beds.

To shop for these bedroom essentials in a convenient way, buy Bombay Dyeing bedsheets online.


Trying to settle on what type of bed sheet to shop for? Understanding some basics about the thread count, fabrics and weaves can help you make a smart choice when you are buying bed sheets online.

How to Choose the Perfect Bed Sheet

There is perhaps nothing more heavenly than sliding into a soft beds covered with cool and crisp bed linen at night. There’s no doubt that a good quality bed cover, which feels smooth against your skin will help you sleep better and wake up rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning. It is also to be noted that bed sheets today, are not just a bare necessity in your home. Available in various designs, patterns and colors, they have the power to make or break the look of your bedroom. Do you know that a plain bed cover in white or any pastel color can make your bedroom look more spacious? Bed covers in colors like dark maroon, purple and black can add a different kind of elegance to your personal space.


Finding the perfect bed sheets online for your bedroom is easier said than done. But you don’t need to lose sleep over bed covers anymore. Let us guide you through the basics, so you know when you see the right one for your home.

Thread Count

When people talk about the thread count of a bed sheet, they are referring to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Usually higher thread count makes the sheet feel softer to touch and it also leads the sheet to wear well over time. But higher thread count is always not synonymous to good quality. A good finish also matters a lot. Sometimes there are sheets that are 200 count or less but are finished very nicely and feel like they have a higher thread count. Good-quality bed covers can range anywhere between 200 to 800 thread count.

Popular Fabrics

You can find bed sheets in a wide range of fabrics nowadays. But before you zero in on one type of fabric, ensure that it is suitable for your skin and the climatic conditions.

Cotton – This is perhaps the most favoured fabric for bed linen. Cotton bed sheets are good at wicking away moisture and can be used all round the year. They call for less maintenance trouble and are durable. The best thing about them is that they get softer by use.

Polycotton – This fabric is a balanced combination of polyester and cotton, and is generally less expensive than its pure cotton counterparts. Polycotton bed covers are quite durable. They do not bleed colors or wrinkle, and therefore, need less maintenance.

Types of Weaves

From percale and flannel to sateen and jacquard, bed covers can be found in a number of weaves. It is important to check a sheet’s weave because it makes a huge impact on the durability and texture of your bed cover. For instance, percale sheets are made of carded or combed cotton, and are usually lightweight, and smooth to touch. Flannel sheets have a napped finish and are good for winter.

Buy Bed Sheets Online

Whether you are looking for a bed cover in a particular weave, fabric or design, you can find them all on online shopping sites. When you buy bedsheets online you can avail good discounts and deals on them.

There’s only one way that you can give a fresh look to your bedroom every day and uplift the ambience of the space without breaking the bank and that is by spreading comfortable and attractive bedsheets on your king-sized bed. Don’t believe us, then let’s go back to some special occasions and recollect the moments you spent decorating your house, making it guest-ready. You must have changed the sofa covers, rearranged the furniture a bit, replaced the table covers and removed the old and faded bedsheet from your bed to spread new, crisp linen to create that beautiful eye-catching effect. Don’t you love the look of your room once you step back after changing the bed linen ? Or that satisfied feeling that makes you wonder why you don’t do this often?



It’s not just you though. You would come across many people who don’t have the habit of changing their bed linens even after spending the whole day in their bed. And that’s mainly because of the limited number of bedsheets they own. Answer this – do you wear just one dress for days without changing it? Then why would you sleep on just one bedsheet for days? It is also made of fabric which gets dirty and needs to be washed just like your other clothes. So if you don’t have enough bed linen sets, then it’s about time you bought bedsheets online. And don’t worry. We will not let you get confused into buying the wrong bed sheet. Just keep the following things in mind and you can order as many bed sheets online as you want.

What to Consider While Buying Bed Sheets Online ?

Size – Before you select just about any bed linen, check the size of your bed. If you have a single bed then go to the filters provided on the website and select the same to narrow down your search. Follow the same process for double, king and queen-sized beds as well to make your selection process easy.

Fabric – A comfortable fabric ensures that you get a good night’s sleep and not twist or turn the entire night. So make sure you buy a bed sheet made of either cotton, polycotton, polyester or cotton linen blends for regular use. For special occasions you can always get a satin, silk, velvet or chenille bedsheet.

Pattern – You can find bedsheets online in a plethora of patterns such as floral, striped, polka dots, checkered, abstract, geometry, paisley and animal prints.

How to Style your room with Bedsheets?

Always remember the surrounding decor while styling or decorating your bedroom with bed sheets. Because the trick to making a room look attractive is to create balance. Balance between the patterns, the colours and the decorative items placed in the room. For instance, if you have printed wallpaper on the walls around your bed, then use no-pattern bed linens in solid colours to let your bed standout. But if you have single-coloured, plain walls, then select bed sheets in a pattern that goes well with the curtains and the decor of the room. So now that you know what to keep in mind while buying bed sheets online, order a few sets and decorate your bed like a pro.

When you have had a long and tiring day at work, all you want to do is get back home and crawl into our bed, snuggle under the blanket and sleep off feeling all warm and fuzzy. But all that is only possible, provided you have the right bedding products. In case you are wondering what these right bedding product are, then don’t worry as they are not anything fancy, but you regular items such as mattress, bed sheets, blankets and pillows. When you get the best of these, you will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. You yourself would start noticing that when your bed is comfortable, you don’t feel like getting up on weekends or to some extent even on weekdays? Now, if you were to start from scratch, apart from the bed, the next important thing to buy are the bed sheets. They are available in various fabric types, weaves, thread counts and colours, so selecting the right one mean you will have a good sleep. And when it comes to choosing right, you need to go for the right brand and the right brand is Bombay Dyeing. A household name in India, Bombay Dyeing has a wide range of top-selling quality bed sheets.

Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheets

Overview of Brand Bombay Dyeing

A consumer favourite brand as well as being one of India’s most respected and trusted brands, Bombay Dyeing offer its customers high quality products that range from stylish linens to home furnishing to leisure clothing to kids wear. The Bombay Dyeing Collection of Bedsheets contain a wide range of bedsheets that match the individual needs and requirements of its many customers. Available in various price range, these bedsheet can be bought online as well.


Choosing a Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheets

Bombay Dyeing bed sheets are made from different types of fabric and with fabric lending it’s own comfort factor. Here are some of the popular and comfortable set of bed sheets :

  • Bombay Dyeing Silk Bedsheets – The natural cooling effect of these sheets ensures that you have a comfortable sleep. Also, since they are naturally hypoallergenic, these are ideal for people with allergies.
  • Bombay Dyeing Polyester Bedsheets – They are cheap and durable, and easy to maintain. However, they are not as breathable as natural fibres such as cotton.
  • Bombay Dyeing Cotton Bedsheets – The most preferred and popular bedsheets, the natural ability to absorb moisture away from the body, makes these sheets the perfect choice for all seasons. In addition, they feel soft against the skin and can be easily washed.


Buy a Bombay Dyeing Bedsheet Online

Buying a Bombay Dyeing bed sheets online is easy and hassle-free. You have a wide range to choose from, easy, safe and secure payment options, and the convenience of having the product delivered right to your doorstep.



Every single element in my bedroom starting from furniture to the cushions, curtains and my cuddly bears know me better than I do. They have seen my mood swings, my joy, the good and the bad times and have helped me feel myself almost everyday. So I guess it won’t be wrong to say, I take special care of my boudoir. I cover my bed with high quality satin bedsheets and have extra pillows like bolsters and cushions to enhance the comfort level. But if there’s one thing that I have noticed that changes the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant, that is the type of bedsheet you spread on your bed. It might seem like a very tiny detail, but when your bed is the centerpiece it can make a big difference. So I searched for different types of bedsheets online and did my own research on them before ordering a few colorful ones.


Polyester bedsheets

Types of Bedsheets

Generally the types of bedsheets can be divided into different categories as per their size, pattern and materials.


By size – There are bed spreads available for single, double, King, Queen and medium sized beds too. Simply check the option in the filter for size and start shopping

By Pattern -This includes geometric, striped, floral, abstract, embroidered, checkered, graphic, polka, printed and cartoon patterns. There are multiple varieties in each pattern so you can select the one that goes along with the decor of your bedroom.

By Material – Now this is the most important thing to consider while buying bedsheets. The type of material you choose plays a big role in determining how comfortable you feel when sleeping. The most popular ones are:


Polyester Bedsheets – These bed spreads are made from a mix of cotton fabric and polymers. The advantage of using polyester bedsheets is that they are highly durable. They give a crisp look to your bed and look more colourful compared to other materials.

Cotton Bed sheets This material is breathable and soft of your skin giving you a comfortable feel. But it doesn’t shine or look crisp like polyester.

Satin Bedsheets – If you want your bed to look soft, silky and shiny at the same time, then a satin bedsheet is what you are looking for. It is made from a mix of silk, nylon and polyester fibers. It provides a feeling of luxurious tactile pleasure and also feels cool to touch. The satin bedsheets that are sold online are of two varieties. The Bridal satin range is affordable and widely bought online. The other one is Charmeuse satin which is much more finely woven and is lighter than Bridal silk.

Satin and Polyester bed sheets are the most popular in most households. Polyester bedsheets are ideal for regular daily use, whereas satin sheets are generally used on special occasions like a wedding anniversary. So search for colourful bed sheets online in stylish designs and make the centerpiece of your bedroom look attractive.


A living room is often considered to be the heart of the house. It is a place where guests gather, you spend time with your family after the end of the day, and as a family watch a TV show together. A carpet, sofa, a small coffee table, and a diwan are something essential to impart comfort as well as the look of a living room. A diwan is the center of any living room. It is one such furniture piece around which the whole décor will be created. Many people’s preferences, style and tastes change over time, which is a good thing. But your preferences change so fast that the diwan you got just a few years back may not suit your taste any longer. Diwan is an investment and it would be expensive to replace every often. An easy and affordable way could be to update it with beautiful diwan covers.

diwan sets

A diwan set usually includes a diwan sheet, two bolster covers, and three to five cushion covers in same theme and colors to give the décor a coordinated ambience. Whether it is traditional or modern, contemporary, rustic or vintage style, there is a diwan set that can suit all styles of home decor.

Diwan sets come in a range of beautiful colors. The color you choose for your diwan should match other furnishings. If you want the diwan to stand out from the rest of the room’s décor, you can choose a color that complements the shade that you have throughout the room. Bold colors and a variety of patterns go well with a contemporary living room. Warm colors can make the atmosphere feel inviting and comfortable. If you want your living room to look simple, then you could choose a diwan set with monochrome theme. A mix of warm and cool colors could be a great option to make your living room a welcoming and friendly space.

From embroidered to floral, striped, abstract, animal, batik, cartoon, checkered, damask, geometric, paisley, plain, printed, self-design, polka, and solid, you have so many options when it comes to choosing the patterns. The type of fabric you choose for your diwan also plays an important role, because it depends on your living room’s style, function and palette of textures and materials of other furnishings. So you can choose a diwan bedsheets made from cotton, silk, polycotton, polyester, satin, chenille, velvet and jacquard.

For a safe, easy and hassle-free shopping experience, you can now buy diwan sets online . Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can choose from brands like Swayam, Heritagefabs, RajasthaniKart, Salona Bichona, Rangasthali, Décor Vatika, Dekor World, GRJ India, Ahmedabad Cotton, Hargunz and many other brands. So why worry about spending your weekends going from shop to shop to buy a diwan set, when you can shop online.

Me and my mom don’t agree on many things. But if there is one thing that I would take her advice on any day, that would be decorating my house. She knows exactly what to do with your rooms to get that charming ambience, am sure my relatives are jealous of. She would say, the colour of the walls and the fixtures can’t be changed at least for three years, but that doesn’t mean your room has to look the same way for that long. The trick is to understand and separate the static furnishings from the changeable ones, such as the carpets, curtains and the bedding sets. She would mix and match the colour tones and shades of the curtains of every room according to the theme. And would replace them with another set after a month to add something new and make the rooms look different. My personal space has a single bed and she would always make me shop for single bed sheets online. It is her belief that our surroundings play a great role in influencing our moods, in this case my room. I totally agree as I sleep the best when the bed is covered with my favourite bedsheet. You should try it too.

Buying single bedsheets is a piece of cake. Or at least it will be, if you keep the following things in mind.


Single bedsheets


How to Buy Single Bed sheets Online?


Fabric – It is the first thing to consider as we lay on the it for an entire night. Our skin comes in direct contact with the bedsheet which is why it is important for the fabric of the bedsheet to be breathable and comfortable to use. the variety includes cotton, polyester, satin, velvet, silk and other mixed types like cotton silk and cotton linen blend.

Patterns – You can just buy any bedsheet if style does not matter. But if you want to get it right with the ambience and decoration, then your bedsheets pattern play a great role. Single bedsheets might not be the centerpiece of your room, but it still is the most noticeable thing in your room. The various types of patterns for bed sheets are floral, abstract, geometric, striped, cartoon prints, solid, embroidered, animal, paisley and polka dots. Select a pattern that goes with the other elements in your room.

Colour – If the walls of your room has a light hue, then look for a bedsheet that has a bright shade of the same colour. Or you can also go for your favourite shades.

Brand – The brands known for offering best quality single bed sheets are Bombay Dyeing, Swayam, Story @ Home, Disney, Fabloom and Valtellina.

There are myriad of single bed sheets online in different patterns and designs. If you want to select a set quickly then use the filters. Select the pattern, fabric, colour, brand and price range you want and place the order. Do look for the pillow cover before ordering.


This would be the first time I was going to be staying away from home. I was going to my college hostel and my folks were uneasy about sending me there. We had visited the hostel before and if I sugar-coat it, I would say it didn’t look like a place one could live in. It seemed to me like the whole building was infested with rats. I picked a single room for myself as the room allotment was on a first come, first serve basis. The room was cobwebbed, dusty and looked like a store-room with wall hangings and knick-knacks strewn over everywhere by whoever lived there before. I had packed my laptop, clothes, shoes, things to clean up the place with, posters and other essential goodies. My parents dropped me at the hostel two days before the reopening so I’d have enough time to settle in. I started with the stubborn cobwebs on the walls and ceiling and battled with the many insects inside my 10×10 room. I replaced the bulbs and arranged everything neatly into my shelves. The floor was mopped and the windows cleaned; the room smelled fresh and looked clean too. Now I wanted make my bed.

I checked the shelves and suitcases for bedsheets , but there were none. I realised I had forgotten to pack them. It was sad really because I was picky about my everything I got. I was too tired to walk to a store and get bed sheets. Besides, I had gone to the store earlier to buy buckets and mugs and I just saw ugly bed sheets. The ones that complemented my wardrobe and curtains were at home and I wouldn’t be able to get them until next summer. An idea struck me. I quickly took out my laptop, connected it to the LAN wire and logged onto an e-commerce site to buy bed sheets online . There I chanced upon fitted bed sheets.


fitted bedsheets


Fitted bed sheets are ideal for heavy or thick mattresses. These bedsheets don’t slip off the mattress as they grip the mattress like a glove with an elastic trim. This would be ideal for me because I move around a lot while sleeping and in the morning, the bedsheet would be wrinkled and sitting by the edge of the mattress.

And what’s more, these bed sheets remain wrinkle-free and are also easy to wash. I immediately selected a couple of bed sheets that matched my curtain and clicked on the Buy Now button. There were so many payment options online including paying by card, via net banking and cash on delivery. I payed with my debit card and waited for delivery. The bedsheets reached me in 2 days and they fitted my mattress perfectly. My room looked pretty and I must say that people envied for my bed sheets. A lot of my friends who liked the concept of fitted bed sheets also were interested in shopping them online. The online site had such good deals and options for fitted bed sheets online that we couldn’t resist buying them.

Are you looking to buy bedsheets for your bedroom? Are you confused which brand is best for bed sheets because there are so many brands for bedsheets like Bombay Dyeing, Portico, Swayam, Home Ecstasy etc which are available in market?

Hey guys, this blogpost is about Swayam Bedsheets which is one of the most popular brand in market. 

We all know that after a tiring day at work, having a good night’s sleep is important because it helps you wake up fresh the next morning. Apart from the welcoming nature of your mattress, the bedsheets play an important role in ensuring a cozy, comfortable and restful night’s sleep. They come in different colors, designs and sizes, and with different thread counts and finishes. Before buying, you could start by first understanding what you want your new bedsheet to feel like, and how your current room decor is. May be you could first think about the appearance, feel, and wrinkle resistance qualities of the bedsheet, and also its durability. When it comes to buying one, there are so many brands that offer bed sheets, and Swayam is one such brand that’s quite popular.

swayam bed sheets

About Swayam Bedsheets 

1.) Best Designs & Patterns – Swayam bedsheets are known for their fabulous designs and eye-catching colors. No matter what material your mattress is made of, when you drape it with these bedsheets, your bedroom will surely have an enhanced look. Even your simple and ordinary bed will offer you everything from comfort to style when you drape your bed with these sheets.

The brand designs its bedsheets keeping in mind current trends. So whether you are looking for a floral-printed sheet or an abstract one, striped or solid or geometric, Swayam bedsheets are the way to go because they come in a variety of beautiful patterns that will leave you spoilt for choice. With so many different designs, they can update the decor and create a stylish look for your bedroom.

2.) Attractive Colors – Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, Swayam bedsheets also come in a number of attractive colors, so you could choose a color that goes well with your bedroom furnishing. The combination of beautiful colors can transform your bed into a cheerful abode.

3.) Best Fabric Material – Swayam bedsheets are mercerized and have high thread count. The high thread count ensures that you remain comfortable when you’re in bed. Most of these bedsheets are made of cotton in order to ensure a soft and lustrous texture and durability.

4.) Comes with matching pillow covers – Some bedsheets come with pillows covers and quilts in the same theme, so you don’t need to worry about investing in separate covers. The matching pillows covers or quilts not only add an interesting twist to your bedroom décor but also make it look well-coordinated.

5.) Available in Different Sizes (Single, Double, Queen) –  Swayam bed sheets also come in different sizes, so whether you have a single-, double-, king- or queen-sized bed, you can get the right bedsheet for it. The brand also offers fitted bedsheets that are ideal for thick and large mattresses.

6.) Long-Lasting – Maintaining these bedsheets is no big deal because they are colorfast and strong. You can wash them in a washing machine along with your other clothes.

With the advent of e-commerce websites, you can buy Swayam bed sheets online . Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient.

After a long day at work, the one thing that each one of us wants to do is crawl into our bed, snuggle under the blanket and sleep off feeling all warm and fuzzy. Now, all that is only possible if you’ve the right bedding products. From the right mattress to bed sheet to blankets and to pillows it is important that we have the best and right to ensure a good night’s sleep. Haven’t you felt that when your bed is comfortable, you don’t feel like getting up on weekends? Now, that being said, one of the most important pieces of any bed set are the bed sheets. Available in various fabric types, weaves, thread counts and colours, having the right bed sheet can make or break your sleep. So it is important that you pick the right brand when you purchase them. Bombay Dyeing is a household name in India and it sells some of the best quality bedsheets available in the market. Let’s take a look at what Bombay Dyeing has to offer.

Bombay Dyeing Bed sheets pic

Overview of Brand Bombay Dyeing

One of India’s most respected and trusted brands, Bombay Dyeing is known for its high quality products such as stylish linens, home furnishing, leisure clothing, kids wear and other such products. Bombay Dyeing has a wide range of collection of bed sheets to take care of all your bed needs.

Choosing a Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheets

Now, as mentioned above, Bombay Dyeing has a wide range of bedsheets available. Each bed sheet is made from different types of fabric and each differs in comfort factor. So let’s take a look at some of the fabric used to make these bed sheets.

Bombay Dyeing bed sheets made of silk will keep you comfortable all night long thanks to their natural cooling effect. Being naturally hypoallergenic, these are ideal for people with allergies.

Bombay Dyeing polyester sheets are cheap and durable, and easy to maintain. However, they are not as breathable as natural fibres.

Bombay Dyeing cotton bed sheets are the most preferred by customers because of their natural ability to absorb moisture away from the body. Also, they feel soft against the skin and can be easily washed, and come in various colours as well.

Buying a Bombay Dyeing bed sheets online is easy and hassle-free. You have a wide range to choose from, easy, safe and secure payment options and best of all having the product delivered right to your doorstep.