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God has gifted women with beauty and made them the most beautiful living beings on earth. When they learned different ways to increase their beauty, men stood on the side lines and became their fellow admirers praising god’s work. But with time, men also became beauty conscious and started using products to look handsome and appealing to the opposite sex. Even though men’s range of grooming and cosmetic products could never match the sheer enormity of products used by their counterparts, they also have specific products. A trimmer is the most widely used grooming product by men as taming their stubble or hair provide a drastic change to their looks. Trimmers by Philips are one among the popular models men choose because of their effectiveness and functionality.

Philips Trimmers Types

Below is a brief review of various types of Philips trimmers .


1.) Beard trimmers

Taming your style and sporting a dapper look is made easy by beard trimmers from Philips. The vacuum trimmers and stubble trimmers offer a mess-free trimming experience along with maximum precision. Some of the common features in these trimers are,

1.) You can set the trimmer according to the length of the hair starting from 0.5 mm.

2.) The vacuum function will suck in the trimmed hair for a mess-free experience.

3.) A comb will be provided to groom stubble beard.

4.) Blades can be titanium or stainless steel.

5.) Cordless use which is a great convenience so that don’t have to dirty your room and can take the trimmer to the bathroom.

6.) Some are full metal dual-sided trimmers to help with precision trimming.

2.) Grooming kits

These kits come with different attachments to help create different styles. These attachments can be used for specific purposes like trimming beard and hair, removing body hair and for combing.

1.) They include up to 10 attachments for precision styling

2.) They come with a charging and storage stand which helps organise all attachments.

3.) A travel pouch will also be included to help carry everything while travelling.

4.) They are waterproof to allow easy cleaning after use.

5.) Helps with all-in-one head-to-toe or face and body styling according to the number of attachments included in the kit.

6.) Integrated length settings for trimming even the shortest of hairs.

7.) Cordless use for convenience.

3.) Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers

Not only your beard, but your nose, ear and eyebrow also needs attention. Periodical removing of hair in the nose and the ear will help maintain hygiene. Philips trimmers for eyebrow will allow you to shape or maintain the length to match your groomed look.

1.) Help in fast, easy and safe trimming for your nose, ear and eyebrows.

2.) A safeguard system is present in these trimmers to ensure that only the hair gets in and not the skin.

3.) These trimmers do a gentle work which ensures no hair pulling for your comfort.

4.) Combs are included with these trimmers for easy eyebrow styling.

5.) Precise and sharp cutting slots ensure that all hairs are removed quickly.

6.) They can be washed clean with ease.

After deciding to buy a Philips trimmer , you don’t have to search for the nearest Philips outlet or store to get one. Visit online shopping websites that sell them and order line. Just wait at your home planning grooming styles and it will be delivered to your doorstep.