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When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes for your feet, you cannot just settle for one that is branded. You need to look at the quality, the material used in its construction, features it offers and finally the price. Whether it is formal shoes or sports shoes , you need to make the right choice because otherwise you might end up facing foot related problems such as shoe bites, ankle pain and to an extent even serious injuries. The footwear that you pick should not be too tight or too loose. It should offer a snug fit. Ensure that elements like laces, soles, sockliners and uppers are not damaged. With many brands out there, go for one that is well recognized for its quality shoes and the craftsmanship that goes into making each pair of shoes. Nike is one such brand that is known all over the world and used by both professionals as well as amateurs. This American company is involved in the designing, developing, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.


With sports footwear being the key product of Nike, you will find that it is split into various categories such as trainers, running, football, basketball and tennis. All Nike sports shoes are incorporated with the latest in-house technology, some of them being Nike Zoom, Nike Air Max, Nike Lunarlon, Nike Free, Nike Flyknit, Dynamic Support, Flight Plate, Nike Flywire, Hyperfuse, Hyperscreen, Nike Air, Nike Shox, Nike Drag-On, Nike Power Transfer Zone and Nike+ Running. Made using only top quality material, Nike sports shoes are highly durable and designed to withstand the wear and tear. When you want something functional, go for Nike trainers as they offer maximum flexible cushioning, ventilated supports, Smooth Ride technology, supportive fit, ultralight support and breathable uppers.

Nike Shoes pics

Nike Shoes with maximum comfort, support and flexibility will change the way you run. And with engineered foam uppers that come with perforations for ventilation, upgraded heel clip for increased support and flexibility, and highly durable rubber soles, you will feel like you are whizzing past everything while running. When it comes to sports such as football, tennis, basketball and other such sports, Nike infuses these same technology along with specific technology as well. For example, the Nike Hypervenom football shoes come with Agility Traction pattern on the soles for a faster response as well as release. Also seen is the all over 3D textured upper for enhanced touch and adding friction to the ball.

Shopping for Nike shoes online is now easy. Pick the one you want from the massive list using filters and proceed to pay using safe and secure payment options such as net banking, credit/debit card and cash on delivery. If you have any issues with your purchase, Flipkart offers easy return and replacement policies to avail.


From a distance, Annika could hear the carol, When a Child is Born. The church choir was practicing for carol singing. She looked at the round wall clock in the bedroom. It was six o clock. She had an hour to get ready. She had chosen a sleek little red dress for Christmas this year. A new Christmas dress does not feel like a new Christmas dress if it does not have at least one of the three Christmas colors namely red, green and white. She had chosen to wear a dress this year after all her efforts in shedding all the weight that she had put on in the past few months. Annika pulled a stool from under the black wooden dressing table and sat down. The dress reached slightly above her knees, which was okay. She examined her hair in the mirror of the wooden dressing table .


She had ensured that she had given her head an oil massage every day and washed it carefully in order to keep her unruly curls in place. And it worked. Her curls looked much softer and neater. Annika picked a bottle of serum from one of the shelves on the dresser and began applying it to her hair. No, today, she was not going to take the hair straightener out from the drawer in the dresser. Her curly hair was just fine.

Jessica twirled in front of the full-length mirror of her wooden dressing table, the flared dress flying in ruffles around her legs. The dress was dark green, a Christmas color. She slipped her feet into a pair of high black stilettos and cocked her head to one side as she examined herself, standing on one leg like models usually do, in front of the wooden dressing table. The strappy sandals went wonderfully well with the flared dress. The recent bob that she had gotten had only added to her modern and trendy look. All well. She thought to herself as she pulled a stool in front of the full length dresser. When it came to her dressing sense, Jessica was a perfectionist. Standing before the mirror was not enough. She wanted to see how she looked when she was seated too. The flared skirt sat well around her knees and the stilettos gave her legs the illusion of height. Jessica was happy with what she saw. She turned on the light of the wooden dressing table and opened her make up box.

Buy Dressing Tables Online – Bedroom Furniture

If you have been brushing your hair in front of a mirror of a Godrej cupboard, then what you need to do is have a look at the range of dressing tables online . One of the best materials that you can choose for your dresser is wood, as it not just strong but will also blend wonderfully well with the interiors in your bedroom. You have a range of wooden dressing table online from brown to black to white that you can have a look at to choose the one that you think is best to have in your bedroom. Visit on furniture online stores to have a look on wide range of stylish & modern dressing tables for your bedroom at one mouse click. 



When we think of home, we think of comfort especially if you have stayed in a hostel or in a PG room. Sleeping on those tiny, single beds is not only troublesome but it also gives you back aches and disturbed sleep. So if you are back from your hostel, then it’s time to celebrate. Get a trendy queen size bed and enjoy your sleep. With a queen size bed, you don’t have to struggle to sleep every night on that tiny single bed? Elegantly-designed, these queen-size beds are spacious, stylish and ensure that you get good sleep, every night. They’re spacious enough to hold your comforter and your pillows, and uplift the beauty of your room effortlessly.


Enjoy those early morning cuddles, those late night movie sessions, or just weekend lazing comfortably by bringing home a queen size bed. You must be wondering why we are so specific about a queen-size bed . The answer to this is simple. Queen size beds are balance that fine line between style and space. They’re spacious enough to accommodate even in a small room and stylish enough to give your room a new look.


It’s not easy to balance that fine line between comfort and functionality. But with queen-size beds, you can reach your comfort zone while not compromising on the style and functionality aspects.

If your home still has those old-fashioned single beds, then it’s time you replaced those with trendy king-size and queen-size beds . King size bed are great for your master bedroom, but for your guest room and other bedrooms in your house, go for a space-conscious queen-size bed.

For a vintage look, go for a intricately designed canopy bed and decorate it with luxurious sheer curtains on all the four sides. If you want a modern look, pick a platform queen-size bed. If you want to keep it minimal and simple, then choose a plain beds with storage. So make a smart choice and choose the perfect style of a queen size bed which not only looks classy but which also blends with the other furniture in your room. The color of the bed you choose also plays an important role – you need to consider the color of your room and the color of the other furniture for that blended look. If your room has subtle-colored walls, then go for a dark brown colored bed, if you want to give your room a contemporary look and feel, pick a white-colored bed. The choice is yours.

Be Smart and Shop Online

So what’re you waiting for? You no longer have to visit multiple furniture stores to buy a queen size bed. Now it’s all about online shopping. So simply log on to your favourite online furniture store, browse through their catalogue and pick the best-looking queen size bed online. You don’t even have to think of transporting the bed to your home, as the furniture online stores will do this for you.

The minimalistic furniture style in the luxury resort’s waiting room, the vintage-inspired furniture in the museum, or the modern furniture in the latest furniture magazine, no matter what your style is. We have everything covered for you in our furniture store. All of us have a  ‘type’. Some of us like to keep it simple, while some like to overdo the furniture. No matter what your style is, decorate your house to make it your home without going with the norms. Break the stereotypes, break the trends, and revamp your house with new furniture.

Furniture image1.jpgDecorating your home is not as easy as it say seem as you need to know where to draw that thin line between comfort and style. The furniture you buy should be comfortable, and at the same time it should reflect your aesthetic senses. The beauty of furniture is that it can transform a plain and boring-looking space into an attractive area. But again, that’s only possible when you choose the right furniture online or offline .

Contemporary Furniture

If you believe in following trends and keeping up with the latest styles, then contemporary furniture is what you need to consider. This style of furniture tends to be more fluid and is for people who love to experiment. It’s an ever-changing style and works well for uncluttered spaces like the dining area. A glass dining table with intricately-designed chairs for example is all your dining room needs to keep up with the changing trends.

Minimalistic Furniture

If you like to keep it simple and clutter-free, then go for minimalistic style of furniture. This type is simple, well structured and gives your home a luxurious look. A simple entertainment unit or a storage unit placed in your living room next to your TV or an elegant coffee table in front of the couch is the perfect example for minimalist style. You can always pep up your room, with minimalist furniture, by adding a colorful rug on the floor or a beautiful painting on the wall.

Traditional or Rustic Furniture

If you’re a fan of Victorian design or Roman-inspired art, then traditional style of furniture is what you need to consider for your home. Those canopy beds decorated with luxurious fabric or antique beds are a great addition to your room. Create a cozy and warm ambience by blending modern furniture with rustic furniture for that new look.

Vintage Style

Vintage style of furniture is another popular choice and reflects your refined and luxurious taste effortlessly. You can decorate your living room or your balcony with a vintage style coffee table or a vintage-inspired chair. A vintage-themed bed also looks classy and takes the look of your room from drab to fab. 

Buy Furniture Online

Now that you know the different styles of furniture, you can go ahead and buy furniture online from our furniture store. Ditch running around stores and choose online shopping for a hassle-free experience. With online shopping, you don’t have to worry about shipping the furniture as the online stores will do it for you.

If there’s one place in the house that sees the most number of visitors it’s the kitchen. The array of treats and goodies waiting for you is temptation enough. Have you done enough to make your kitchen a functional and organized one? It’s not just about how often you clean it. Things like the way you set it up have a way of making it an inviting space or a not so welcoming one. Little things like the way you arrange your cutlery, the way you store your spices, and its overall aesthetic affect the way you see your kitchen. A messy and unhygienic space is likely to put off even the most enthusiastic chef’s desire to experiment with their culinary skills. If you want to make your home a cosy one, start with the heart of all rooms – the kitchen. It’s time to get organized. This is where kitchen trolleys and racks come in.



What Good are Kitchen Trolleys?

Kitchen trolley are all about helping you make your home an organised and functional place. You can choose from plastic, stainless steel, iron, polypropylene, and wood kitchen storage units. Conveniently divided into multiple compartments, you can put kitchen trolleys and Kitchen racks to good use. You can use them to store groceries, arrange spice bottles in them, or use them to store your packets of chips and biscuits.

Want to make more room in your refrigerator? You have removable plastic kitchen racks especially designed to let you do this. Trolleys that have wheels attached to them are easily portable and make cleaning the kitchen counter simple.

The kitchen is not the only place you can use these trolleys. Setting up a cosy home is all about mastering the art of multi purposing household furniture . There are many ways you can get good use out of kitchen trolleys and racks. Wondering how? Here are a couple of ideas:

As portable bars Throwing the perfect house party involves many things. Other than the obvious need for lip-smacking food and great company, you also have to pay attention to details like getting the home décor right. Impress your guests by wheeling in drinks and food on these trolleys. They are also perfect for displaying fancy wine and cocktail glasses.

As nightstandsWooden trolleys and storage racks are great replacements for nightstands. Use yours to display knick-knacks like lotions, books, and your alarm clock.

In the bathroomOrganizing a well-planned out bathroom requires you to pay attention to details like making sure everything’s within arms reach. Here, you can use kitchen trolleys and racks to store bathroom essentials and to hang your spare towels and hair styling appliances.

Organizing your personal space is simple if you get the basics right. If there’s such a thing as the right time to spring clean and remodel your home, it is now. Want to shop for these household essentials without a hassle? Buy kitchen trolleys online .

Unlike fashion which is transient, finding the ideal and perfect furniture is achievable. What are you looking for in tables? Do you want tables that are all about aesthetic appeal or do you need ones that let you organize your many files and tuck your many computer cables neatly out of sight? Finding the right furniture is simple, but for this, you have to assess your lifestyle to finalize on what you’re really looking for. With office tables which is one of the most important office furniture , the first thing to consider is the nature of your work.


Type of Work

Computer work If your job requires you to work on computers, look for desks that come with inbuilt wiring holes or channels for electrical connections. This way, the wires are safely and neatly out of your way.

Paperwork If you deal with an almost impossible pile of spreadsheets, books, files, and documents for work, you’ll want office tables that offer as much room as possible. Check out tables with shelving and overhead cabinets attached to them.

Combination of computer work and paperworkWant to keep your files within arm’s reach as you work on your personal computer? The unique design of L-shaped and U-shaped office tables make them roomy and easily accessible. These tables are also the ideal choice if you often entertain clients and want all of them to feel inclusive in meetings.

Types of Office Tables – Office Furniture

L-Shaped tables– If you’re looking for office table that allow you plenty of space to work on without taking up too much room space, L-shaped tables are the ideal choice. Shaped like the alphabet L, you can neatly arrange all your books and stationery within arm’s reach.

U-Shaped Desks– Your job may require you to work around the clock. It may involve keeping yourself occupied with making presentations and charts. You may need to constantly update yourself with the affairs of the market. Do your job but spend time with your son too. Sit him down by your side and help him with his homework as you get your work done. U-shaped desks with their semi-circle shape give the both of you ample space to work in. Plus, like L-shaped tables, U-shaped ones also give you better access to things around you.

Straight DesksWho can resist the charm of this classic table style, right? Choose from straights tables with a rustic matte finish or sleek ones with a polished coating.

Center DesksDo you have a work from home job? Are you looking for office tables that are spacious and luxurious? Center desks are the perfect option. These tables are the popular choice of furniture in the reception area of public buildings which is understandable seeing as it is that they offer ample working space. These tables are large in size and are best saved for spacious homes.

Corner DesksCorner office desks are another interesting option. As the name indicates, these tables allow you plenty of work space while also being compact enough to easily fit in any corner of the room. They are ideal for homes or small offices.

To shop for the best of these furniture without a hassle, buy office table online  because furniture online stores will show the great selection of modern furniture from top brands at one mouse click only. 

We all have distinct ideas about what the perfect interior decor looks like. Some of us like minimally decorated homes while some others feel more at home in a space that’s colorful and filled with small knick-knacks. Regardless of your home décor preference, there are certain decorating rules that hold true for all home makers – invest in sofa sets. How else are you going to entertain guests and ensure they are comfortable? Where will you be lazy on during dull weekends? How else are you going to make your home look chic and feel cozy?


No matter how spacious your living room is, no matter how many members there are in your family, or no matter what décor style you’re going for, you can be sure about one thing – there’s always a way to incorporate sofa sets into your home.

Want to know what your options are with these furniture ? Here’s a compilation of popular sofa set styles that you can plan your living room décor around:

Sectional SofasThese sofa sets feature multi seats and sectionals which can be arranged in different configurations. U-shaped and L-shaped sofas rank among the most popular styles of sectional sofas.

Chesterfield SofasThese quilted or tufted style sofas have a vintage vibe to them and are probably one of the most comfortable seats to lounge on.

Lawson-style Sofas The distinguishing feature about these seats is their backs which is comprised of separate sections. If you’re all about stacking piles of pillows around you, these sofa set are a good bet.

English style sofasCharacterized by their rolled up low arms and raised backs, English sofa sets are chic additions to any home.

Camel back sofas Ideally designed for two or three seaters, camel back sofas feature high backs at the center which descends along their arms. Leather camel back sofas are a particularly timeless choice.

Chaise loungesIf you want a sofa set where you can comfortably lounge on while reading a book, it doesn’t get better than plush chaise lounges. These seats are also popular poolside and patio furniture.

Pull out sofa beds Cramped for space? Invest in pull out sofa beds or futons. These dual purpose seats function as sofas during the day. Roll them out and your guests have a comfortable place to sleep on.

SetteesThese wide chairs have a whimsical and quaint appeal to them. Their wide design and low armrests give them an elegant look. If you love entertaining guests and want to impress them with a rustic home set up, furnishing your living room with these seats will do the trick.

Choose from opulent leather seats or economical metal ones. Check out sofa seats that are carved out of engineered wood or ones that have a glossy finish, furnishing your home with these seats is a sure way to upgrade it.

To check out, compare, and shop for these seating arrangements from the comfort of your home, buy sofa set online .

You can invest in the most expensive furniture and line your kitchen counter with cutlery and appliances that are nothing short of opulent, but if you don’t make an effort to organize them, chances are that you aren’t going to be satisfied with the overall set up. Organizing things makes life so much simpler. The next time you decide to spring clean your kitchen, don’t stop at wiping the counters clean or cleaning out your refrigerator. Put some thought into arranging your cutlery and other small items in an orderly fashion. It’s not that difficult. To help you sort out the mess are kitchen cabinets .

Why kitchen cabinets ? To begin with, they are the perfect storage units. They come in a range of sizes and styles so you can choose to display your utensils or lock them away behind closed doors. Plus, they make for pretty good home décor . Cut out of materials like wood, metal, or engineered wood, these storage cabinets do their bit in adding to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Once set up, you can use these cabinets to neatly file your spice bottles, to store cereals and food packets, to arrange your mugs and glasses in, or to keep knives and other sharp objects out of your child’s reach.

What good is home furniture if it isn’t multipurpose, right? The kitchen is not the only place these cabinets prove to be useful. You can get creative with them in many ways around the house, starting with the heart of every home – the living room.

In the living room – Why shell out extra bucks on buying coffee tables when you have kitchen cabinets? To create a one-of-a-kind table area in your living room, place a kitchen floor cabinet in front of the TV or line up a couple of them in a single file. Their flat surfaces serve as a table and you can use their cabinets to store the remote or newspapers and magazines.

In the Study Room – Are you a crafty person? Do you have trouble finding a convenient way to store your ever expanding collection of arts and crafts supplies? Kitchen cabinets are great places to arrange them in. They can also be used to store your child’s books and stationery.

In the Laundry room – Dirty clothes deserve some respect too. Neatly fold and sort out your laundry in kitchen cabinets. Their multiple shelves help you separate your piles of dirty and washed clothes.

In the Kids Room – Does your kid’s overflowing collection of toys bother you? Do you want an orderly way to store his jackets and coats? Kitchen cabinets are the answer. You can also use these cabinets to store your shoes and extra blankets.

In the Garage – Because how else are you going to store your tools and equipments?

Bringing home these furniture is convenient and quick if you buy storage units online – you don’t even have to get out of the house. A few clicks is all it takes to get your home organized. Hey Guys, So what are you waiting for? Check out wide collection of kitchen cabinets online

Just because our living room is called the seating area doesn’t mean that we all love to sit just there. For a bookworm like me, the entire house is a sitting area. I would keep looking for a comfortable corner to settle down and drift away into the world of stories. But, no matter how great the room looks, the cold and hard ground would make it look less alluring, unless I get to add a furniture item to the place to sit comfortably on and feel cosy. Now the challenge for me was to find that furniture. Most of the chairs in our house were either too heavy and hard to move, or too delicate and needed proper care, which means mom doesn’t allow them to be moved from one place to another. So I thought it’s finally time for my savings to be put into good use. I looked for bean bags online and started searching for the ones that would go well with the decoration of every room.



How to Buy Bean Bags Online?

Bean bags online are available in a variety of designs. They are the quirky pieces of furniture that can add a zing to your living room or any other corner of your house. They simply don’t fall under the strictly designed furniture category. So you can use these interesting pieces to change the boring arrangement of furniture in your house and add a fresh look to your living space. You only need to keep a few things in mind. Such as:

Type – They are available in chairs , lounger, sofa, standard, and tear-drop styles. Some have printed designs and some come in a single colour. So chose the one that complements the other elements of your room. But remember that not all bags come filled with beans. If you don’t wish to buy the filling separately, then look for bean bags with beans.

Colour – The most popular or preferred colours for this furniture are black, brown, tan, beige and purple. But you can also get a maroon, red, green, blue or a multicoloured bean bag.

Material – It’s best to buy the ones that are made of durable and sturdy materials such as faux leather, vinyl and fabric.

Size – If you love to lift your legs and sit in a foetal position, then get a XXL or XXXL size. But if you are buying it for your kid, then an XL size is fine.

How to arrange your furniture and decorate your house with bean bags?

If you are confused about how to incorporate them into your rooms, here are some tips.

  • Add them to your sofa sets and use them as extra seating options in your living room.
  • Place one in your bedroom instead of a chair.
  • Keep one in your kid’s room. They would love to jump on it while playing and who knows, they might even leave your sofa alone.
  • Finally, you can place one in an empty corner like I did, so that it doesn’t look out of place and can be dragged to any room whenever you need it.

So get comfortable and relax your stiff posture by sitting on bean bag . For those who are new to online shopping, here’s a tip. Try using the filters available on the webpage as that will make the searching process easier for you.

Did you know that you will be spending about one-third of your life in bed? Yes, that’s true, and that’s why it becomes important for you to make sure you choose the best mattress for your bed. Buying a new mattress or replacing an old one can be exhausting, for there is no guarantee that what suits one person may suit the other as well. One person may find a particular model comfortable and luxurious, while the other may find the same model to be causing him severe back- and body-aches. There is also a matter of cost associated with high-end mattresses that claim to be highly durable and safe for use by all. But the truth is that you won’t know for sure until you actually use one, for at least a month. So it is always better to shop during the sale season and buy from the brand that offers an extended trial period. In fact, with the advent of online shopping, it is always a sale or discount period, be it any time of the year, so you can buy online, get it delivered to your home, sleep on it, and see for yourself if it suits you. If not, you can always return it, or get it exchanged for something else.



Here is a little help and an easy way out to be able to browse through a webpage full of mattresses without losing your patience till you finalise on one style that you will be buying-

  1. Research online. Make sure you are well read about the types of mattresses that are available in the market, their price, popularity, and reviews before you actually start looking for one. This will prevent a good amount of confusion that usually arises when you are presented with 100’s of options to choose from.
  2. Talk to people, both mattresses online or offline. Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist if you have a medical condition. They will be able to advise you better for they know your physical condition.
  3. Understand that the comfort level of a firm/bouncy mattress is defined by your personal preference. Not all firm mattresses offer a good support to your back, and not all bouncy mattresses cause lower back pains. It is always better to go for medium firm mattresses, for you will only be replacing it after 8 or 10 years.
  4. There are so many questions that you must ask yourself before buying a mattress. Analyse your sleep pattern and position. Do you like to sleep on your back, stomach, or on your side? Does your partner toss and turn all night, and does that disturb you? Do you have any particular allergies? Do you often wake up with neck spasms, or pain in your lower back? Once you have a fair idea about all these questions, you will be in a better position to shortlist a mattress from innerspring-, coir-, latex-, or foam-filled styles, and will be able to enjoy your sleep rather than worrying about the discomfort that it may cause the next morning.

Remember, there is no way to standardise the comfort that a particular style of mattress may provide. So, you must invest some time in reading about the best-selling pieces, talk to your family and friends who have bought mattresses recently, and then browse through those styles on online shopping portals. Many renowned brands such as Nilkamal, Springfit, and Hometown have listed their products on online shopping portals for your convenience.

Hey guys, Which type of mattress is best to use?

1.) Spring Mattresses
2.) Coir Mattresses

3.) Foam Mattresses