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Dining time is one of the important parts of a day. After a busy day, it could be gratifying to sit down to have a delicious meal with your family and loved ones. Tasty and healthy delicacies prepared by you or your family members deserve great presentation. Dinner sets are the perfect solution. The dinnerware you choose is not just a way to serve food, it also complements different meals you would be serving, expresses your style and also adds importance to your fine dining experience. Whether you want to get a dinnerware set for an evening party with family or for everyday use, there are a wide range available to cater to all your needs. Since dinnerware is the focal point of a dining table, it is important that you choose something that reflects your style and enhances the look of the table.

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Dinner Set Buying Guide

Dinner sets usually include bowls, lids, casseroles, forks, glasses, mugs, plates, serving trays and spoons, which help organize a dining table for dinners and other serving sessions. They are available in different sizes. So before buying a set, you need think about the size of your dining table or space available for dining, size of your family or number of guests and so on. You could opt for dinnerware that goes well with the style of your table and dining room. Dinnerware sets are versatile and suitable for daily use. They have graceful appeal and finish which make them ideal for parties as well.


There is a dinner sets available for every kind of dining table. From embossed designs to contemporary square shapes and colors, dinner sets suit every taste and style. If your dining room has a contemporary decor, then you can go for a dinnerware set that has geometric designs like dots, circles or twists of abstract shapes. Floral prints and garden themed sets can add that charm to your dining table setting. Some of them also have embossed motifs that can transform even your everyday meals from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Dinner sets are usually made from melamine, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, bone china, plastic, polypropylene, porcelain, copper, brass and so many other different materials. The dinnerware that is made of melamine can withstand rough handling. Few of them are also scratch proof and stain-resistant. Some of them are microwave safe, so you could reheat the food items, soups and other such items before serving. You don’t have to your spend time and energy in washing them because they are dishwasher safe.


With the advent of e-commerce websites, you can now buy dinner sets online . Shopping online is fun, safe and hassle-free. Sitting in the comfort your home, you can check the dinner sets price & choose from brands like Larah, La Opala, Corelle, Milton, Diva, Signoraware, Cello, Vinod, Pigeon, Zakozee, Butterfly, Charnalia, Buono Casa, Jaipurikala and so many other brands.

Which dinner set type (dinner set material)  is most durable? Please give your reply inthe comments section below !!!

1.) Bone China

2.) Melamine

3.) Glass

4.) Ceramic

5.) Stainless Steel


Dining time is a special time of the day as it is not just about having lunch, dinner or breakfast. It is a significant time of our day that we spend with our families and loved ones. You put in a lot of effort to prepare tasty and healthy delicacies. They deserve the best serveware to make your family meals even more special. Serve breakfast, lunch or dinner in a sturdy and attractive melamine dinner set. Made from tough plastic known as melamine resin, melamine dinner set are easy to maintain. They are available in a wide variety of attractive patterns and colours and you can find the perfect one to match your dining room settings.


Choosing the Correct Size

Melamine dinner set typically feature 18, 24 or 32 pieces. The number of pieces may vary from brand to brand. A complete set usually features side plates, dinner plates, bowls, serving platters, casseroles with lids and spoons. Some might contain only 6 or 12 plates. Others may feature a few bowls and coordinated plates. While deciding to buy a melamine dining set, take the size of your dining table into consideration.


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Styles to Suit Table Decor

These sets feature attractive colours, shapes and designs. You can choose from circular, rectangular or square shaped dinnerware. Bowls, containers, spoons and platters in these shapes feature floral, abstract or geometric designs. While choosing a melamine dining set, think about the table settings and overall decor of the dining room for the perfect colour coordination.



Melamine dinner sets is sturdy and can withstand rough handling. Many utensils are microwave safe, allowing you to heat food in a jiffy. Some are dishwasher safe, saving you the time and efforts of cleaning them with hands. Most of them are scratch proof, stain resistant and chip resistant. Theses features provide sturdiness to them and enhance their durability. They are lightweight and easy to handle.


Suitable for Different Occasions

These sets are very versatile. They are suitable for daily use as they are sturdy and durable. They have a graceful appeal and finish which make them ideal for parties and special occasions.



Different leading brands like Cello, Milton, Nayasa, At Home and Servewell offer great dining sets. They are available in a wide price range of ₹200 to ₹4000.

Melamine dining sets are pretty popular as they are attractive, versatile and long lasting. They serve as great housewarming or wedding gifts. They are available in kitchenware shops and home and kitchen sections of malls. You can also buy melamine dinner set online . Many online shopping websites offer a huge variety that you can check out from the comfort of your home. Almost all e-retailers offer a home delivery service and easy return and exchange policies which make online shopping a rewarding experience.