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Life is different when you have a baby to take care of. You can’t make impromptu plans to meet up with friends, stay out of home for hours doing literally nothing but gossiping over a few cups of coffee. You can’t even visit the nearest grocery store without planning for it. You have to look for someone who could look after your baby when you are out, or make many necessary arrangements if you plan to take your baby along. In the end, you will probably be exhausted before even stepping out, especially if you are a new parent. Strollers make it easy for parents to get their baby out in such times.

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Whether you want to go out for shopping or for a walk in the park, a stroller will help you carry your baby comfortably and safely along. But how do you decide which stroller is the right one for your baby and for yourself, for you will be the one who will have to stroll it through the pavements, gardens, crossings, shopping areas, and every place else that you usually go to. While many parents go for the simple umbrella strollers that have been in the market for decades now because they are are easy on portability, there are many others who prefer to buy the rugged jogger strollers that rank high on safety, and can be taken through tough terrains in a breeze.

The type of baby stroller that you should be buying totally depends on your lifestyle and the way you think you will be using it. If you are going to use it only for occasional strolls through the not-so-crowded neighbourhood, or take to nearby excursions with family, then you will probably be good with a basic model. If you always take your baby out with your spouse or family, and have enough room in your house for your baby’s accessories, then you might not even mind buying a not-so-compact stroller that doesn’t fold completely. For many others who have constraints for storage, being compact and easily foldable are two major must-have features.

For someone who likes to take the baby along anywhere and everywhere, even to the farthest neighbourhoods or the busiest shopping streets, it makes sense to buy a lightweight stroller that offers maximum portability. And if you are one of those parents who have decided to combine your baby’s evening outing with your jog, then you might want to consider buying a jogging stroller with larger wheels and shock absorbers so your baby is safe and comfortable while you run to shed that fat.

Whichever style of stroller that you buy, it is important to keep your baby’s safety as a priority over the design and brand. There are so many renowned brands that make their strollers available on both offline and online shopping channels – Chicco, Luvlap, Mee Mee, Infanto and Sunbaby – to name a few. It is always better to browse through the stroller online , for you can view all the styles from all brands in one place without running from store to store. You can also buy the one that you like through an online portal/mobile app, and have it delivered to an address of your choice.


Parenthood brings with it a lot of joys, but I’ve got to say that one of the most fun aspects about it is that I get to decorate my baby’s room just the way I like. Sharing a nice and cosy apartment with that someone special, with a cute little nursery tucked away in one corner of the house has always been almost like a lifelong fantasy of mine. Given this, you can only imagine why the whole deal about setting up a snug and child-friendly nursery is important to me. I’ve had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to decorating a nursery. But if there’s anything that all these years of experience has taught me, it’s this – it’s all about being practical.

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Regardless of your baby’s age or of the overall ambience of his room, there’s one baby gear that all homes with a baby need – kids’ chairs. If you’re shrugging your shoulders and wondering why on earth will a toddler who can barely keep his eyes open need a chair, you’ve got another thing coming. Kids’ chairs come in varying sizes and are made of all sorts of materials. This way, you have a good chance of bringing home kids’ chairs that are age-appropriate for your child. A close look at some of the popular types of kids chairs should help make things clearer:

  • Sofa chairs – These kids’ chairs have a foam filling and are a safe and fun way to introduce your toddler to perfecting the art of sitting. To add to the fun of it all, these chairs are cut out in various shapes – from a smiling panda and a friendly-looking duck to a bunny with a mischievous grin on his face and a bored-looking elephant.
  • Stools – These kids’ chairs are best saved for older children. Kids’ stools normally have plastic surfaces and stainless steel legs. They may or may not have back supports or arm rests. To make these kids’ chairs inviting for your child, you might want to bring home ones that have the Chhota Bheem gang printed on them.
  • Inflatable chairs – Inflatable kids’ chairs normally come in pairs – a chair and a table. If you’re looking for chairs that are easily portable and convenient to store, you know what to get yourself. These chair sets are practically perfect for anything. Your child can use them as a feeding table, as a table to get some coloring done, or even as a study table.

Other than the style of the chair, another important factor to look into while shopping for kids’ chairs is the material. Wooden and metal chairs are suitable for older children, but for toddlers, it’s always best to stick to leatherette, foam, and plastic kids’ chairs.

Aarya, Ventura, Mavi, Decorhand, and Onlineshoppee – the smart way to access the best baby gear is to shop for them online. Buy kids chairs online (or on the mobile apps of these shopping sites) and you can avail enticing deals on baby products all through the year.


Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s not only a huge responsibility but also an experience that changes our lives. From the day our little one comes into this world, we worry about everything. We worry if he grows too fast and we worry if he doesn’t. But what most parents are always concerned about is their child’s psychological development. With research and a deeper understanding of child growth, parents all over the world today are learning about the various ways to enhance the development process for their kids. And one of the most effective ways is introducing electronic toys into their everyday routine. Kids learn from their surrounding and electronic toys help them become interactive. So, don’t wait for a particular age to add them into your child’s play set as electronic toys for kids are way better in educating your child than books.


electronic toys

Types of Electronic Toys

Like any other product, electronic toys also need a little bit of research.  Before you purchase any toy for your kid, you need to be aware of their benefits. These toys are available for kids from different age groups, even for toddlers. The various types of electronic toys include:

Musical or Instrumental Toys – These kind of toys enhance the auditory sense of your child and helps him become familiar with different sounds.

Learning and Educational Toys – Information from the books hardly appeal to the kids, who are busy thinking about playing all the time. Educational toys turn the theory into practical knowledge which  makes learning a fun-filled experience.

Mechanical Toys – Cars, trains and bikes are few examples of the many mechanical toys available online. They not only create interest in kids for learning more about the world but also improve their hand-eye coordination and intellectual abilities.

Remote Control Toys – These toys like remote controlled cars, robots and such improve your child’s motor skills and sense of direction. They help in enhancing their concentration, coordination and other psychological abilities.


Starting from the educational toys to instrumental play sets, electronic toys are highly beneficial for the brain development of your child. It instills analytical and logical skills from a very young age which stays with them throughout his life. These toys play a great role in cerebral development and helps his young brain to explore new ideas.

Where to buy?
It’s a fact that local toy shops will have a limited number of options and variety, which is why more and more people are buying electronic toys online for their kids . Most ecommerce websites have an extensive toys collection where you can browse according to the type of toy you need. You can apply various filters like the price, type of toys and brand to narrow down your selection and buy the toys you want for your kid without leaving your house. Once the order is placed, the toys get delivered to your doorstep.

Yes, it seems like it was just a few days ago when you saw your child being washed by the nurses after you heard his first cry. And yes, you will never forget the first time you held your little baby in your arms with a mixture of joy and anxiety while he merely looked up at you with those wide eyes that refused to blink. Time has flown by and your once helpless bundle of joy has now turned into a naughty little tyke, crawling under chairs trying to snatch that camera from your hands while you capture his picture. While your baby is getting naughtier, his legs are getting steadier, his features are getting clearer and his diapers are getting bigger. Yes, it is time to switch to diapers for an active baby. Ensure that the diapers you use on your baby keeps him dry and comfortable. The following are some of the reasons why choosing Pampers diapers is a good option.


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Five Star Skin Protection

It really breaks our hearts to see those ugly and scary looking rashes on our children’s skin. Rashes are more common around the baby’s diaper area, for two reasons. This area is warm and generally moist. Another reason is quite obvious, this is the area that gets dirty the most. Though we take all the care we can to get our babies’ diapers changed as soon as they are soiled, a short time in those diapers is enough to cause discomfort. Also, there are times when you are not in a position to change your baby diapers , like when you are out with your baby and there is nowhere you can change him. Pampers’ diapers come with Five Star Skin Protection to keep your baby’s skin free from rashes.

As Soft As Your Baby’s Skin

Pampers’ diapers are designed with a soft cotton-like cover to keep your baby comfortable in them. Your baby’s skin can now breathe and does not suffocate inside those diapers.

Comfortable Fit

Babies are more than happy if they can crawl around without their diapers. Babies love comfort, and the Pampers’ diapers are designed keeping this comfort in mind. The diapers are designed with balloon stretch tapes that can expand and contract to keep him comfortable while he crawls around the house.

Extra Dry Layers

The diapers are designed with extra dry layers to absorb all the wetness from your baby’s diaper area keeping him dry for twelve hours. It also prevents any leakage and keeps your baby hygienic and healthy.

Buy Pampers Active Baby Pants Online

You can go online and have a look at the different sizes in which Pampers Active Baby Pants are designed. Shopping for Pampers Active Baby Pants online is much more convenient as it helps you avoid the hassle of having to squeeze in time to run to the nearest store to get a pack of pampers for your baby.

Babies are strict taskmasters who won’t let the parents get an iota of rest. The only pillow they want to rest their cute little heads on are our shoulders and the only bedsheet they would want to get wrapped in are our arms. Waking up alone can indeed be as frightening to them as being in a lonely desert can be to us, leaving them panicking and wailing till we appear. Leaving a crying baby unattended can indeed be dangerous. This is where baby monitors prove to be very useful. There are different types of baby monitors with different features that can help you keep an eye on your little munchkin.


baby monitor


To a baby, there can be no place that is as safe and comfortable as its mother’s womb. The first person that welcomes him to the world may be that doctor who slaps his backside, but the first person the baby is interested in meeting is his mother. As mothers, we do not mind giving up on all that is important to us and just be with our baby all day long. But the house has to run, daddy’s socks have to be washed, breakfast, lunch and dinner need to get prepared and guests need to be entertained and spoken to. So have a look at the different types of baby monitors available and choose one that you find convenient to use.


Sound Monitors

These, as the name suggest, gives you sounds from the room in which your baby is asleep. A bird chirps from the sill of the window. You hear it. The fan is turning. You hear it. Your baby begins to cry. You hear it. However, you need to ensure that the receiver is placed in a spot from which you can hear the sounds produced so that you can be by your baby’s side the moment he calls for you.


Video Monitors

This is especially useful if you have a big house and running from one room to another can take time. You may not be able to make frequent visits to your baby’s room as you are busy with your housework. This is where video monitors prove to be very helpful. You can frequently glance at the screen of your monitor to ensure that your baby is doing fine.


Motion Monitors

These baby monitors come with a movement sensing pad that you place under the mattress that your baby is sleeping on. The monitor assures you of your baby’s movements, alarming you in case your baby stops moving. This is indeed a terrible thought to have, but it’s only a matter of being on the safer side. This kind of a monitor is especially helpful to mothers who are paranoid about SIDS.

Baby Care Products Brands like Chicco, Foscam and Motorola have a range of baby monitor online . You can have a look and read the features of different baby monitors online before you choose one that you find convenient to use.

It is perhaps a natural instinct that all parents cannot stop gushing about their little ones wherever they go. For them, their child is always unique and more special than any other baby in the world. So, why don’t you make sure that your baby boy looks his best on any occasion by wearing the nicest clothes? These days, baby boys are no less a blessed crowd when it comes to wearing the best clothes. There are a lot of high-end brands that design and manufacture the most adorable clothes for baby boys. Several online shopping portals offer you a wide range of baby boys clothes to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice.

Going to a number of malls and shops in town looking for different types of outfits is not convenient and no fun either. But, with the option of online shopping, you can perhaps buy more off the internet than from the stores. Methodically categorized, you can browse and select from baby outfits for your little brat to the bare necessities for your toddler, including different fashion accessories.


baby boys wear


Adorable Baby Boys Wear

It might, sometimes, become a little too much to handle baby boys as they are usually a bundle of energy. But, how can you not let kids be kids? When dressing your baby boys, the most crucial thing you need to keep in mind is their comfort. Make sure that your little boy is comfortable in the clothes you pick out for him. Comfort, in this context, means a lot to do with the fit and cloth material. Though pampering your little one with stylish clothes in vibrant colours of his choice is also no sin, is it? Select the right baby wear for boys for different seasons, including bodysuits and sleepsuits, dungarees and jumpsuits, ethnic wear, shorts and trousers, jeans, tee shirts, polo t-shirts, shirts, and winter and seasonal wear. Your little tyke can now look differently smart every day and go from smart, playful, preppy, ethnic, or casual – all with just the way you dress him.


You must count yourself really lucky if you have a baby boy who somehow has the ability to coordinate outfits while he’s growing up. But, if he does not really get the hang of the whole clothing scene, there is no need for you to be concerned; the collection of baby buys’ clothes on different online portals has you covered. And, you could always read a few fashion blogs online for some inspiration.
The best thing about shopping baby boys’ clothes online is that you can shop for all styles of baby clothes for all seasons in one sitting. With a collection as diverse and attractive as this, you can now sit back and watch your boy be the center of attraction. Buying infant wear online is now easy, safe, and convenient. Use the filters to browse products based on colour, age group, brands, design, price, categories, sleeve style, and discount range.

Your little girl is your lovely doll. With curious eyes, cute face and sweet talks, she has conquered your heart. Watching her play or sleep makes you feel happy. But what about the things that make her happy? Her favourite doll will undoubtedly be the Barbie dolls . With large eyes, silky hair and beautiful dress, the Barbie has become your daughter’s best friend. No other toy has the elite status of a Barbie doll and is considered a favourite by little girls around the world. Throughout the years, the evolution of Barbie dolls was tremendous. It has transformed from being a mere doll to a toy that has great influence on the children. Barbie is now the face of every fairy-tale princess, the icon of little fashionistas and the friend every little girl invites to her tea party.

barbie dolls

Barbie dolls are available in various types and styles. Each differs from other in the type of personality it portrays, the ethnicity it represents and the fashion series it is added into. The wide variety of Barbie dolls are briefly categorised as follows.


Barbie dolls fall into the quintessential girl toy category with their slim body, slender hands and legs, fair skin, red lips, large eyes and shining hair. These dolls come dressed in flowy gowns of princesses, stylish party wear or urban casuals. A doll may

represent an individual personality like a college student or may be a part of specific theme like princesses and fairy tales. Dolls by Barbie also include male dolls like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken or other male characters from stories.

Playsets and doll houses

Barbie dolls now come accompanied with play sets and doll houses that represent a real-life scenario like a house, school, shopping mall, kitchen, holiday spot etc. This will help children come up with an imaginary situation to play with. As this require observation of what is happening around them, children will start observing their surroundings and will develop their imagination and thinking skills.


Nowadays little girls don’t want a simple Barbie, but they want a stylish doll flaunting a modern appearance. These type of dolls represent the modern fashion scenario by being dressed in the miniature versions of collections that are trending in the fashion world. Wearing short skirts, frocks and high heels, flaunting a stylish hairstyle and carrying a purse or a handbag, these dolls create a definition of fashion in little girls’ minds.

Career dolls

These dolls represent different careers from real life. The most popular careers that are presented through Barbie dolls are teacher, doctor, nurse, chef, musician, sports personality, etc. These dolls will help teach your child about the different career opportunities and if your daughter is attracted to a particular career doll, chances are there that she might choose that career in future.

Now you don’t have to drive around to find toy stores to gift your little one a Barbie doll. You can buy Barbie dolls online from shopping websites.

Where there is a baby, there needs to be a diaper. Or else, how would you attend to your little one’s messy business and keep him hygienic and healthy. Among the different brands of diapers you get in the market, Mamy Poko is one which caters to your baby’s needs, while making diaper changing easy for you also. Baby diapers by Mamy Poko are of two types – Mamy Poko Pants and Mamy Poko Pants Standard. Different sizes of these diapers are available for the different growth stages of your baby.


baby diapers image

Mamy Poko Pants

You know that it is difficult to get hold off your baby to change the diaper. You have to hold him in place with one hand, while wrapping the diaper on his bottom with the other. To make things easy, pant-style diapers from Mamy Poko is here. Unlike other diapers, which have to be strapped around your baby’s legs, these feature leg holes which can be pulled up just like a pair of pants. This makes it easy for you to change the diaper, because you will not have to wrestle with your little one.

These are available in different sizes to use during the different growth stages of your baby. Each size has special features to tend to the baby’s needs at a specific age.

  • XS – These are for newborns and are gentle on their skin with soft leg gathers. The soft elastic with no tapes design can be worn just like a pair of pants.
  • S – This is for babies weighing 4 to 8 kgs. Its powerful slim core provides up to 12 hours absorption which makes it an ideal choice as a nighttime diaper. The all-round soft elastic band offers perfect fit on the little one’s body, while the super soft material provides comfort.
  • M/L – These are for little ones who just started to move around. The flexible waistbands help the diaper sit firmly on the baby’s body even when he is crawling around. They can also be used as a nighttime diaper because of the presence of powerful slim core which offers absorption up to 12 hours.
  • XL/XXL/XXXL – These are for the different growth stages of toddlers. To meet the needs of your growing child, these diapers are equipped with all-round elastic wide band, maxi-absorbent core and soft leg gathers.

mamy poko diapers

Mamy Poko Pants Standard

These diapers provide up to 10 hours of absorption and are gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. They have soft elastic to offer fit while being soft for his comfort. The soft leg gathers help for snug fit to prevent leakage, so that the baby can carry on with his playtime without you checking every now and then whether the diaper is leaking. These are available in S, M, L and XL sizes.

Now you can buy Mamy Poko pants online . You can visit shopping websites and order diapers according to your baby’s need and size. This will be very convenient for you if there is no one to stay with the baby when you have to go out for shopping. They will be delivered to your doorstep and you will not have to leave your little one’s side.