There’s a vast difference between a woman of yesteryears and a woman of today with respect to their version of the concept of beauty. Earlier, beauty was defined by a bunch load of jewellery, shimmery clothes and makeup loud enough to be noticed from a distance. But the women of the present world have a mind of their own. They do not need gaudy jewellery, clothes or makeup to make their presence felt. ‘Beauty with brains’ being the new version, things have definitely taken a turn for the best. Now, looking beautiful from inside rather than from outside, is something that has been recognised and loved. This change is with respect to women. But when it comes to men, their obsession with watches goes back a long way. They can’t live without it, and they can’t part with the old one as well. Such is the impact watches have on men. And when it comes to luxury watches, there are high chances that men will prefer more than one. So be it a man or a woman, a luxury watch is a must-have in every wardrobe.

rado watches

Hrithik Roshan, the brand ambassador for Rado Watches

Why do you need a luxury watch?

Luxury watches are not just watches, but their ornamental appeal can definitely spruce up your appearance by several notches. Whether you are going to an official meeting with your colleagues, or going to a happening party with your friends, a luxury watch on your wrist will save you the hassle of looking for other accessories to match your outfit. And it will definitely let you exude sophistication, and give a smart look to what you wear.


tag heuer watches images


While choosing luxury watches for men, the first thing that should be kept in mind is the occasion. Different timepiece suit different occasions, so you need to decide where you are going to wear it often. The look of the timepiece depends on the occasion. For instance, if you need to go to a wedding extravaganza, then a gorgeous watch will definitely complement your ethnic wear. For a road trip, go for a lightweight and comfortable watch that will keep you looking smart all through the day. A casual outing with your close bunch of friends will demand a nice-looking watch that will go with your look for the evening. So go for a watch that will suit your needs to the fullest.

longines watches

Things to consider

While choosing a timepiece, you could consider few points like dial shape, strap material, features and brands. Dial shapes can include round, square, rectangle, oval or contemporary, depending on your style statement. As for strap materials, metallic straps are quite popular and exude a sophisticated vibe. You can also go for classic leather straps to keep it simple and elegant. For a more experimental mood, go for resin straps, and you are good to go. Features can include chronograph, compass, day and date display, stopwatch, luminous dial and more. Choose a timepiece that has the necessary features, so it will not just keep you punctual, but also give you something extra to enjoy.

Buying Luxury Watches online

With popular brands like Rado, Longines, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Calvin Klein, Victorinox, Hugo Boss, Seiko, GC, Timex, Titan, Guess and Swiss, you can buy luxury watches online from a trusted shopping website. Choose one that has everything you want, and that appeals to your eyes, and place an order for the same. Add one to your wardrobe, and let your style speak for you.

Hey Guys, Tell us which of the following Luxury watches are best in terms of style, comfort & affordability . (Please reply via comments)

1.) Rado Watches

2.) Longines Watches

3.) Tag Heuer Watches

4.) Seiko Watches

5.) Tissot Watches






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