From a distance, Annika could hear the carol, When a Child is Born. The church choir was practicing for carol singing. She looked at the round wall clock in the bedroom. It was six o clock. She had an hour to get ready. She had chosen a sleek little red dress for Christmas this year. A new Christmas dress does not feel like a new Christmas dress if it does not have at least one of the three Christmas colors namely red, green and white. She had chosen to wear a dress this year after all her efforts in shedding all the weight that she had put on in the past few months. Annika pulled a stool from under the black wooden dressing table and sat down. The dress reached slightly above her knees, which was okay. She examined her hair in the mirror of the wooden dressing table .


She had ensured that she had given her head an oil massage every day and washed it carefully in order to keep her unruly curls in place. And it worked. Her curls looked much softer and neater. Annika picked a bottle of serum from one of the shelves on the dresser and began applying it to her hair. No, today, she was not going to take the hair straightener out from the drawer in the dresser. Her curly hair was just fine.

Jessica twirled in front of the full-length mirror of her wooden dressing table, the flared dress flying in ruffles around her legs. The dress was dark green, a Christmas color. She slipped her feet into a pair of high black stilettos and cocked her head to one side as she examined herself, standing on one leg like models usually do, in front of the wooden dressing table. The strappy sandals went wonderfully well with the flared dress. The recent bob that she had gotten had only added to her modern and trendy look. All well. She thought to herself as she pulled a stool in front of the full length dresser. When it came to her dressing sense, Jessica was a perfectionist. Standing before the mirror was not enough. She wanted to see how she looked when she was seated too. The flared skirt sat well around her knees and the stilettos gave her legs the illusion of height. Jessica was happy with what she saw. She turned on the light of the wooden dressing table and opened her make up box.

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