Be Sure About the Type Of Curtains

Posted: December 3, 2016 in curtains, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping
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Curtains not only provide us insulation and privacy from nosy neighbours, but they also dress the windows and doors in a variety of styles and colours. Most of the times, buying draperies seems to be a no-brainer. You measure your windows and doors, go to a store and pick whatever you like. But unfortunately, it is not as simple as it looks. With so many colors, designs, lengths and textures available at your disposal, you might get paralyzed on the curtains aisle in the supermarket. Let us look at some of the factors you need to consider to choose a winner (or winners) for your home.

Size Matters

Whether you are buying draperies for your windows or for your doors, you need to buy the right size. You won’t want to end up with drapes that are a bit too small for your windows, thereby letting others get a peek of your private space. Or you won’t like your curtains to sweep the floor every time wind blows.

Be Sure About the Type

When you are browsing through the extensive catalogue of curtains , almost every design and color might look appealing to you. But the trick is to get past the looks and focus on the functionality. Let’s look at the options you have at your disposal, this will surely make things a bit easier for you when you are shopping online for these door curtains & window curtains which are home furnishing essentials.

Opaque Curtains

These home furnishing products are called so because very little light can filter through them. As a result, it makes them perfect for entertainment rooms, bedrooms or any other room in which you want to reduce the amount of natural light and enjoy complete privacy. These drapery panels are available in a wide variety of weaves, prints, colors and designs. You can use opaque drapes in combination with sheer drapes to create a beautiful contrast. During the day, use the semi-transparent drapes to allow light into your home, and when evening comes, you can draw the opaque drapes for better privacy.

Sheer Curtains

These wispy panels of semi-transparent fabric come in handy when you need moderate privacy, more light and better air flow. When you use sheer drapes in pastel or bright colors, they tend to soften the look of your living space, and make it look more spacious and brighter. They look best in dining rooms, libraries and living rooms. Also, you can layer them with opaque drapes and use them in your bedroom. These home furnishing essentials are available in a wide variety of fabrics, such as net, lace, polyester, cotton and polycotton.


It is very important to pay attention to the fabric, especially if you have kids and pets. Wondering why? Imagine you have hung silk or lace drapes in your dining room, and your kid grabs them or hides behind them to play peekaboo, that too with dirty hands. Removing stains from silk or lace draperies is easier said than done. They demand a lot of maintenance. In that case, it is best for you to stick to cotton, polycotton and polyester draperies.

Buy Curtains Online

From opaque and sheer to silk and polycotton, whatever kind of draperies you are looking for, you can find them all on online shopping sites, that too at great discounts. Also, when you buy curtains online you can pay for them with the help of various hassle-free and secure payment methods.


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