Pressure cookers – Cooking Made Simple and Quick

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Cookware, Home appliances, Pressure cooker, Shopping Tips
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You may love getting busy in the kitchen. The idea of preparing a wholesome meal for your loved ones may top your list of most heartwarming experiences. But you’ve got to admit that there are days when the whole affair is tedious and frustrating. Say you’ve had a long day. All you want to do at the end of it is curl up under the blanket and fall asleep. But life has other plans for you. You’re expected to cook for your family. Plus, you don’t want to go to bed on an empty stomach.

You can always order take-outs but we all know that there’s nothing better than home cooked food. What do you do? If only there was a quick and simple way to prepare food. Well, if you’re familiar with pressure cooker , you know what to do.


It’s amazing what you can do with pressure cookers. They give you a bowl of piping hot stew, a plate of fresh steamed vegetables, curries that make your kids lick their plates clean, and festive celebration-worthy biryanis in under minutes. Cooking in pressure cookers is one of the most effective ways to prepare a full meal in half the time. Besides, it is the healthy option. Cooking food in cookers is proven to retain 50 percent more nutrients than when you fry or grill them.

Then comes the question, are all pressure cookers designed to be the same? The answer is no. There are certain factors that distinguish good quality cookers from not so reliable ones. The first is their material. Heavy-gauge steel or metal cookers are always good choices. They conduct heat better which means they cook food faster and more efficiently. Another thing you should check for with cookers is whether they are stain and corrosion resistant.

Every pressure cooker is rated with a psi level which indicates the speed or the effectiveness at which it heats food. The standard psi level for cookers is 15. Look for cookers with a quick release option. Safety is a major factor with all kitchen appliances. With pressure cookers, check for specifications like whether or not they have safety apertures in their lids.

The same rules apply to induction cookers. However, with these cookers, there’s more good news. Induction cookers have cooper holes drilled into their bottoms which are especially designed to be used with induction cooktop . This design detail directly transfers heat energy from the cooktop to the cooker. This is why induction cookers cook food faster than regular cookers. Choose from different size cookers depending on what you’re cooking or how many members your family is made up of. Want to brighten up your kitchen? Bring home red, yellow, or pink pressure cookers.

If you want to bring home these kitchen & home appliances without the hassle of going out, buy pressure cookers online. Download their mobile apps and you can furnish your kitchen when you’re at work or even when you’re travelling.


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