Door Curtains – Make Your Home a Functional and Cozy Place

Posted: December 2, 2016 in curtains, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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We hang curtains on windows to keep prying eyes out of our homes and also to shield ourselves from the harsh sunlight shining down on our faces early in the morning. But why do we need door curtains ? Do they serve a functional purpose or are they purely decorative? The answer is, a little bit of both. Door curtains add to the aesthetic appeal of a home no doubt, but what every home maker knows is that they are also pretty useful when it comes to things like creating your personal space.


Still on the fence about why you need door curtains? We’ll give you good reasons why:

FunctionalDoor curtains are not very different from window curtains. They both have the same goal – to ensure your privacy. Would you rather lock your door every time you go into your room or would you rather just draw the curtains close? How inconvenient is it to get up from your bed every time someone knocks on your room door? Save yourself the headache. Set up pretty door curtains in your room and simply pull them close when you need some time to yourself.

Privacy The thing about staying in dorm rooms is that you don’t really have the luxury of personal space. This can be challenging at times. If you share a room with other people and want to chart out your very own personal territory, use door curtains. Neatly set these up around your bed or your study desk to create your very own fort-like space. Any time you need some alone time, draw the curtains close.

Decorative The whole purpose of settling into a house is to turn it into a home. How do you do this? It’s simple – you decorate it with furniture and knick-knacks that echo your personal style. Regardless of what your personal décor style is, there’s always a way to incorporate door curtains in your home.

What are My Choices with Door Curtains?

What vibe are you going for? Do you want to set up a home that’s whimsical and romantic or do you prefer a modern-style home décor? Door curtains are a simple and inexpensive way to have fun with decorating. Cotton, polycotton, and polyester door curtains in bright colors are classic. These materials do a great job of keeping harsh sunlight and bright street light out of your room so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. If you’re all about opulence, you’ll like silk and lace door curtains. Lace curtains are pretty to look at but if you want privacy, you might want to layer them over thicker material. When it comes to their texture, choose from opaque, semi-transparent, and transparent door curtains. Curtains with tassels hanging from them or ones with embellishments are sure to lend your home a festive vibe.

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