Door Mats – For Functional Flooring

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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There are times you crave for change when it comes to the decor of your home. But in the next minute, you start thinking about the expenses, and eventually drop the idea. Well, we have got a great idea for you – door mats. Surprised? Just kick-start your interior designing vision by placing a few door mats on the floor, and invite a small yet significant change. Door mats are a great way to add that breath of fresh air to your home, provided you invest some time and thinking into choosing the right ones. Thanks to online shopping, you won’t just get to choose from the variety of options, but also make sure that you find the right one among the thousands available online.


Choosing door mats

While the main function of door mats is to keep the dirt and dust at bay, they also need to complement your home décor to the fullest. So it goes unsaid, that you don’t really need to look into the quality of the door mat, but other features as well. In order to make things, easier, here’s a list of few factors that you can keep in mind while choosing door mats:

  • Size – Size matters a lot when choosing a door mat for your home. Make sure that the size is proportional to the size of the entrance. If you have a large entrance, then keeping an equally large mat to welcome your guests will definitely create a strong impression. For a small entrance, a nice small mat is sure to do the needful. What’s more, you can also rotate your landscape-oriented mat to a portrait orientation to make it an eye-catching addition to the entrance of your house.

  • Shape – Nowadays, you can find door mats in various shapes to suit every kind of home décor. If you have a classic setting, then traditional rectangle or oval mats will give the flooring that edge. For a modern setup, you can choose quirky shapes to add an element of fun to your home décor. Check out wide collection of home decor items

  • Material – There are a couple of materials you can use for mats – jute, cotton, acrylic, coir, latex rubber, microfiber, natural rubber, plastic, polyester, nylon, non-woven, polypropylene, river grass, silk, PVC, rayon, taffeta silk, velvet and wool. Depending on the weather, setting and comfort, choose a material that will suit your home. For instance, during winter, having a few woollen mats at every door will keep your feet and the place warm enough. If it is rainy season, then a rubber mat with a porous design to collect the dust will keep your house clean. For a lavish setting, a velvet mat will add to the décor beautifully.

  • Placement – You can either choose to keep the mat inside or outside the entrance. So choose a material accordingly, and you are good to go.

  • Pattern and colour – A dark-coloured door mat is always a good idea, as you won’t get to know even if it is dirty. But, if you wish to add that bold touch to your home, you can experiment by placing bright-coloured mats, and transform the setting.

Buying online

Buy a few door mats online from brands such as @home, Amit Carpet and Attractivehomes and give your home a nice feel to it, while also maintaining its cleanliness.


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