Pack your Lunch Boxes with Lip-smacking Homemade Food

Posted: November 18, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips, Uncategorized
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Packing lunch for kids is a tough task. You have to pack only the food they like to eat or the lunch boxes will come back home just the way you packed them, full of food. Not only is it a waste of food and effort on your part, but it’s also a health issue for your child. As a parent, how do you ignore the fact that your child has not eaten anything the whole day just because you packed the food you wanted him to eat and not the other way around? But then, how can you give him unhealthy junk food which will hardly help in his growth. This is a dilemma almost every parent faces every day not just for kids, but while packing food for some adults as well. We buy fancy and adorable-looking lunch boxes online thinking they will attract their attention and they will love carrying them to school or college. But what next? Do they eat the food? Or do they give it away to friends, even throw their lunch on their way back. So rather than grilling them on whether they ate their salad or not, you can follow some simple ideas to pack interesting lunch for your kids.


Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas

With both kids and adults, the trick to impress or build their interest for food is through presentation. If it looks colourful and fancy like restaurant food, there’s a 90% chance that they might try it. So pack his lunch box with good-looking food. You can make food such as meat or veggie wraps with greens dressed in barbeque sauce or mustard sauce and rolled into wraps. Or pack cheesy pizza rolls that are made with a thin-crust base like a chapatti and filled it with shredded cheese and veggies before rolling.

Buy Lunch Boxes Online

Now that you know what to put in the lunch box for your kids, you can focus on the kind of lunch boxes you want to buy for every member of your family. Keep the following things in mind while buying tiffin boxes online.

Types – Here online, you can get outdoor lunch box sets with three or more containers to carry rice, dal, curry, roti, pickle, salad and buttermilk as well. These are best for adults so that they can carry a full meal to work. The other varieties are smart lunch carriers which are compact and designed with 2-3 compartments to carry lunch in one container. Some come with sporks, spoons and also a bag to carry the boxes. You even have mini lunch carriers which are best for kids and also for carrying light food.

Convenience Features – It’s best to buy lunch carriers that come with airtight and leak-proof features as they will keep the food fresh and prevent any leakage. Some tiffin boxes are even microwave safe so that you can heat your food without using multiple dishes.

Material – Apart from features, you also need to check the materials used to craft these boxes. Where some of them are made of steel and plastic, some are made of food-grade materials that do not absorb any flavours and are safe to use every day.

Lunch box online come in different shapes and sizes, and from various brands such as Tupperware, Signoraware, Milton and Cello lunch box. So select your set of boxes for your kids and family today and place your order.


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