Basic Overview On Types Of Curtains

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Home decor, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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People often think that they need to do something drastic to change the way their interiors look. It might not always be the case. Sometimes, something as small as changing your curtains can do the trick, thereby saving you from spending a lot of money on decorative show pieces. Moreover, curtains don’t only offer you privacy from prying eyes, but to an extent they also prevent dust and wind from entering your home. If you are buying curtains online for the first time and are paralyzed by the prospect of choosing from so many fabrics and designs, then let us make it easier for you with some basic tips.


Types of Curtains

Whether you are looking for something to keep out the harsh rays of the sun from breaking your sleep in the morning, or you want something to keep the wind out, you will find different types of curtains online that serve different purposes. Here are a few types you can consider for your home:

Opaque Curtains

If you want more privacy in your bedroom or you want to reduce the amount of natural light filtering into your entertainment room, you should go for drapery panels. Since they are opaque, they can block light from entering your room to a great extent. Opaque draperies can be found online in a variety of styles, colors, weaves and prints which can make your rooms look grander. When used in combination with sheer curtains, opaque draperies make for a beautiful and elegant contrast. You can use semi-transparent sheer curtains during the day for better lighting and you can draw the opaque ones at night for better privacy. From luxurious materials like silk and velvet to more economical fabrics like polyester, polycotton and cotton, opaque curtains are available in a wide variety of materials.

Sheer Curtains

You can use sheer curtains in rooms that require more light such as dining room, library and living room. Made from semi-transparent materials like lace, these kinds of draperies offer moderate privacy and can soften the look of your room. When you buy them in light or pastel colors, these draperies can make your rooms look more spacious and brighter. Sheer draperies, when picked with care, can take the sophistication of your home decor to the next level. But you should always be careful about the fabric a curtain is made of. If you are someone whose schedule is always hectic, you might want to consider sheer draperies crafted from materials that require less care and maintenance. For instance, lace draperies might look romantic but they will need professional cleaning due to their delicate nature. Cotton ones, on the other hand, can be washed at home but since they wrinkle easily, you have to iron them after every wash. Polyester and polycotton sheers demand very little attention. They are also lightweight, durable and their color remains intact for a long duration.

Buy Curtains Online

Whatever type of curtain you want, you can buy it on an online shopping site. These sites offer good deals and discounts on draperies. In addition to that, you can also avail their easy return and replacement policies if the curtains you purchased aren’t what you expected. Paying for them is also easy, thanks to the various payment options available online.


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