Stylish Coffee Mugs – Enjoy Drinking a Cup of Bru Every Morning

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Uncategorized
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Most people from my college go to cafes after classes to chill out and have some refreshments. But not my friends. They come with me to my apartment where we prepare pakodas and coffee before we sit in a circle, chatting about the random things happening in our lives, pulling each other’s legs and gossiping. It has become a fun ritual and we look forward to it every day. I remember the first day when they came home. I served them tea in small, elegant cups just like my mom does at home. But soon my lovely shameless friends put their demands on the table. They needed much more coffee, generously served in large coffee mugs . I couldn’t blame them as I myself love to hold on to the warm cup and sip coffee for a long time while studying late at night or watching my favourite TV shows in the evening. So, I opened my browser and started browsing for coffee mugs online.


Different Uses of Coffee Mugs

I realized that these mugs are not just the mugs you drink your cup of Nescafe from every day. They can be much more. They are the mugs that you serve beverages to your guests in. They are your friends that give you company during breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also the mugs that can be used to prepare soups and other instant mixes at your workplace or hostel. And they could be used for various other purposes, only if you broaden your mind and see them fit for it. Such as:

  • Gifting – You can never go wrong when coffee mugs are on the gift list. A lot many mugs come with different meaningful messages that will appeal to most of your friends and family. For example, Chumbak coffee mugs. They have attractive prints that say a lot of things without putting the message into words.
  • Decoration – These mugs make great decorative pieces as well. The colourful mugs with dramatic prints can be the highlight of your study table. You can put your pens, markers, pencils, paintbrushes, and other stationery in them to keep your table organised. You can also select one for your dining table in a relevant theme and use it to keep spoons and other cutlery for a modernistic look. They can also be placed on shelves and entertainment units.

Types of Coffee Mugs

You can categorize these mugs according to their material and theme. You can find mugs made of stainless steel, bone china, ceramic, plastic, glass, porcelain, carbon steel, brass and various other materials. You also get a wide variety of options in different themes. You can get mugs printed with images of famous personalities, zodiac signs and abstract art like I did. Or you can get mugs with inspiring quotes, crazy graffiti and beautiful patterns. So if you are a coffee person, then let your love for coffee speak through the variety of coffee mugs you own. Hey guys, check out wide collection of coffee mugs online here …


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