Quick Guide On Buying Water Bottles

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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You have two options when you find yourself in a place you don’t know, without a water bottle, and suddenly feel thirsty. You either waste some time looking for a shop from where you can purchase a bottle of water or you stay thirsty till you finally come across a provision or grocery store, suffering till you quench your thirst. You also have another option which I wouldn’t recommend, and that is to find a tap or another source of water nearby, but you need to face the fact that you may get sick from some water borne disease. This is the price you have to pay for heading out of the house without a water bottle. In fact, it is not just when you are spending a day outdoors. A health conscious person ensures that he carries a water bottles wherever he goes. This will also prevent you from adding another litre of Coca Cola or some other aerated drink to your diet, spoiling your health in the process.


Buying A Water Bottle

So, if you are buying a water bottle for the first time, here is a small checklist of the features that you need to look out for.

1. The Amount Of Water It Can Hold- If you go to the gym or workout regularly, you need a large 2 litre bottle to meet your water requirement. However, if it is for work, one litre is fine as you can always get it filled. You need to keep in mind that water is heavy to carry.

2. Insulation- Bottles with good insulation let you sip cold water while you are at the beach or are hiking on a hot day.

3. Filtration- If you are extremely particular about the water you drink, these bottles are for you. With an effective filter, these bottles ensure that the water filled is hygienic and safe to drink.

4. Easy To Hold And Drink From- This is especially important if you are the kind that tends to sip water when you are running or jogging. Choose something that can easily be opened with one hand and with a straw that lets you sip easily.

5. Copper Coating- You may have heard elders say that water from copper tumblers feels tastier. A lot of bottles come with copper coating on the inside to let you enjoy this feeling.

Choosing Water Bottles For Kids

A durable stainless steel bottle from Milton or a hard plastic one from Tupperware may seem convenient for you, but your child wouldn’t be happy carrying one of these in his school bag. With fancy sippers online from brands like Frozen, Barbie, Disney and various others, your child has a range of options to choose from. This way, he is not going to sulk when he compares his bottle to his friend’s fancy Spider-man bottle.

Browsing Through Water Bottles Online

Brands like Milton, Tupperware and Cello are the best bottles available online in terms of quality. If you are looking for a bottle that you can carry to the gym, Nike has a range of them that you can choose from. Have fun browsing through the range of water bottles online and choose something that is convenient for you.


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