5 Tricks to Add Bean Bags to your Furniture Set

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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It’s amazing how a simple change in the furniture can alter the entire meaning of fun and relaxation for your family. Imagine spending your Sunday morning lying on your bean bag, and soaking Vitamin D from the sun rays in your front yard while watching your kids play. Or listening to your favourite music, chatting with friends, and reading novels. These activities don’t seem that entertaining, unless you have the right set of furniture at your place.
bean bags

If you have been to houses decorated in contemporary themes, then you would already know that the definition of a perfect furniture or decor don’t exist any more. So don’t worry about getting a perfect setup. Unlike hotels and restaurants, your home needs to be arranged in a customized manner to reflect your personal taste and style. And that can be traditional, modern or a blend of both. The idea is to decorate your living space in a way that helps you relax and feel at home rather than giving it a fancy look and making you feel as a guest. Such as using bean bags in place of sturdy wooden chairs. They add a fun and buoyant look to your ambience and provide you an ultimate comfort. No wonder they are a favourite of bachelors and guys.

How to Incorporate Bean Bags to your Interiors?

Trick 1: Add two bean bags to your sofa sets . That way you can create extra seating for your guests. And you can also pull them to the front when you wish to watch TV.

Trick 2: Place two of these bags on one side of your portico and pair it with an ottoman to feel close to nature.

Trick 3: Do you have a medium-sized bedroom and can only manage to keep one bed in it? Then no need to cram a chair to create a sitting place. You can just get a bean bag and place it near your window.

Trick 4: You can place one in your kid’s room to add a fun piece of furniture to the place.

Trick 5: You can even place one or more near your reading corner or work area.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Bean Bags?

If you are looking for bean bags with beans online, then remember that most of them are not sold in a set. You will definitely get a lot of variety, but ensure if it contains beans before placing an order. Also, keep the following things in mind.

  • Colour – Look for the bags with complementary colours. You can get them in several colours today apart from black, so use them to your advantage. But if your room already has a lot of colourful furnishings then tone it down with a black bean chair.
  • Design – You can select a bean chair with a solid colour or you can choose one with a design. There are abstract, stripes, floral and other patterns to choose from.
  • Material – These contemporary furniture pieces are made of leather, vinyl, fabric and even corduroy to enhance your comfort.
  • Size – Buying a correct size is important as an oversized bean chair would look bad in a small room and vice versa.

Now that you know what to look for, buying a bean bags online would be quite easy. So in case you are planning to hire a designer to do the interior of your place, then be ready with your own set of ideas and ask the person to work with it for a more personal feel.


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