Wardrobes – The Best way to Hide the Mess

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Wardrobes – love it or not, you cannot leave it out of your furniture list. I’m sure there are many people who throw their clothes in any little empty space they find in the room to dry off the sweat and forget about them later. Hence, the scene of crumbled, unkempt clothes lying all around the house. And there’s nothing wrong with it unless your mom or girlfriend happens to visit your room. Wardrobe make your life easier. Recall the days when you bugged your mom saying you were not able to find that shirt, or a sock. She would have to go through your entire set of clothes just to find the missing ones and arrange them so that you don’t have to waste time finding your clothes again. This can be easily avoided by getting wardrobes online .

wardrobes image.jpg

My brother never kept his clothes neatly stacked in the closets or on the shelves. But he understood the value of keeping things arranged only when he moved out of the house. To help him, mom suggested that he buy a collapsible wardrobe . A wooden one was not advisable as he had to move from one place to another every year. If you have an overflowing cupboard and are contemplating about buying another one, then here is a list of the types that will help you make a better decision while buying.

Types of Wardrobes

You can basically categorize them into two types.

  • The wooden rectangular ones which are placed close to the walls in your bedroom. They are heavy and durable. These types of closets have been around for ages. Some have ornate designs engraved or carved on them. Others have a plain and simple look that just blends with your room decor. You can also buy a small, waist-high, cabinet-styled wardrobe for extra closet space, if you already own a big one.
  • And the other most popular type is the collapsible model which can be folded and carried around easily while moving out. They have a strong iron or steel frame and are covered with a durable fabric which can be polyester, cotton, nylon or canvas. These are not very expensive and can be stored away when you don’t need a cupboard and wish to have extra space in your room. But collapsible wardrobes are really handy as they can be used by people from all ages. And in different places too like hostels and rented apartments.

Apart from selecting the type, you would also need to choose a style. There are models with contemporary, rustic, retro, vintage and traditional designs which are either made of solid and engineered wood or from plastic, metal or fabric. Compare the prices, the style and colours before placing an order. And also look for the delivery conditions as they can be dropped at your doorstep in DIY, pre-assembled or knocked down conditions. Buy a wardrobes with enough shelf space, drawers and compartments, and have fun pawing through the neatly folded clothes while dressing up every day.


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