I always prefer having many cushions on my sofa set, bed and other furniture. Not only do they let me sit or lie down more comfortably, but also add so much to my home’s aesthetics. I also notice how cushion covers play an important role in making the cushions on my sofa and bed look attractive. Old covers can really ruin the look of the cushions, no matter how soft and comfortable they are. Eye-catching covers, on the other hand, can really spruce up the look of any room. I also notice how changing the cushion covers often can help give my living room or bedroom an entirely new look.

I usually opt for covers based on the patterns they have. So I went through patterns like abstract, animal, batik, cartoons, checkered, damask, geometric, lattice, floral, paisley, polka, and stripes. Some covers even had 3D prints and some others had embroidered designs. Since I wanted something that could jazz up my home decor, I chose to buy covers with floral prints. These prints also added an aesthetic appeal to my living room. I decided that cartoon prints would be great for my kids room, while those covers with 3D prints would go well with the plain walls in my bedroom. Paisley-printed covers looked like they could transform the look and feel of my home. I also came across plain covers, then I thought of reserving these for regular use because I don’t have to worry about the designs or embroidery work on the fancy covers getting ruined.

Cushion covers also come in a wide range of attractive colours. While opting for colors, I was conscious about choosing something that would go well with the décor and other furnishing items in my living room. The type of fabric or the material of the covers plays an important role when it comes to buying covers. It is because of this reason that these covers are made from cotton, art silk, blended materials, brocade, canvas, chenille, dupion silk, faux silk, fur, jacquard, and other such materials. I wanted something simple, durable and easy to care for, so I thought cotton covers would be a great choice. On the other hand, I also wanted velvet or silk covers which could give a rich feel to my home, so I bought both kinds. I thought I could use the fancy ones for special occasions, and the other ones for regular use.

While I was researching these cushion covers online, I came across something that was quite interesting. One of the blogs said that, I could add some stylish trims and ribbons to the cushions covers. I thought this idea would surely help elevate the look of the living room, so I went ahead and bought some plain-looking covers as well.

Since I didn’t have time to go to a store to buy these covers, I chose to buy them online. Shopping online was so simple and convenient. I could filter the choices based on the kind of material, pattern and colour I wanted. I also had the option of choosing from various brands like meSleep, StyBuzz, Zikrak Exim, Dekor World, Ambbi Collections, Swayam and Amore. I just had to select the product, add it to the cart and check out by choosing from the various secure payment options.


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