Stylish, Elegant and Classy Curtains

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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It’s been a long time since I bought some stylish and attractive curtains for my home. I was sure about the fact that they made a lot of difference to how my house looks. They help transform the entire look of the doors and windows. I even know that changing curtains every now and then can be an easy way to dress the entrance doors. They separate us from the outside world and give us our own space inside our house. I decided to buy some new door & window curtains for my house but I didn’t want to go from one shop to another and ruin my weekends. I decided to shop online. E-commerce websites are becoming popular among everyone these days.

curtains images

You won’t believe me but while I was browsing through different curtains I was surprised at how online shopping sites had a lot more options when compared to the ones that were available in the market. I came across so many attractive patterns, colors, materials, and brands. First I went through different prints like solid, floral, abstract, striped, geometric, damask, embroidered, animal, checkered and cartoon. I saw how patterns could make a lot of difference to my house by creating a breezy look and feel to provide a better ambiance. I like floral prints because they create an environment of serenity and also provide a refreshing look to our home decor. Abstract, geometric and striped patterns were my next choice because I thought they help redefine the look of my living room. I thought of getting some curtains with playful patterns to add that pop of color and fun to my outdoor patio.

I came across a number of stylish window & door curtains in different materials like net, silk, polyester, cotton, PVA, chenille, satin and various others. However, I chose cotton curtains as I wanted something soft to touch, durable and easy to maintain. Some of them were also machine-washable, so I could easily dump them into the washing machine with no worries of the curtain getting ruined.

I also believe the fact that curtains not only bring shade but also add to the overall beauty of my home decor. Whether I want to block the street light from entering my room or let the sunlight in, I know that there are a wide range of functional as well as stylish curtains that will suit my needs. Apart from door and window curtains, I also decided to get some shower curtains for the bathroom in my new house.

After browsing through a variety of options like concealed tab top curtains, eyelet, flat, ring rod and pocket ones, I decided that the eyelet curtains were a great option because they could be easily hung on a standard curtain rod.

So, I finally decided to buy door and window curtains online . I browsed through brands like Swayam, Cortina, Suam, Homefab India, Kings, IWS, Hargunz, Story@ Home, Trendy Home, Home Candy, and many others. Shopping online seemed much simpler and easier than going to a store.


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