Revamp the Look of your Bedroom with a New Bedsheet Every Day

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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For those who just randomly pick their bedsheets without considering its USP, which is their theme and design, I would like to share a lesson that I learned from my grandma. Before I start, you would like to know that she is the most creative interior designer I have ever met or read about. She can transform the look of your house with a snap of her fingers. But she could be really angry when you mess up the look and arrange your rooms without giving it much of a thought. Something similar happened when she visited my rented apartment in Pune. It was a small apartment and had little space to go creative. But she taught me to make the place look beautiful by simply using the right types of bedsheets .
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It was really something, watching her reinventing the place with the basic household things that I had. We would sit together for hours after work to decide on the types to buy bedsheets online , and which ones to opt for if your bed is the only furniture in your room.

For all those people living in a single roomed apartment, decorating your place and making it look presentable is not that difficult as you think. The trick is to bring the heavy things into focus and add a small matching accessory to create a theme. For example, if your room has a light yellow colour, then buy a bedsheet with brown prints and add orange cushions to create a balance in the ambience.

Types of Bedsheets

To try different decorations, you need to first know the types of bed sheets available in the market. A simple way to know would be searching for bed sheets online. The varieties include:

Floral Prints – The most common prints are the floral designs. They can go well with the colours of your room and add character to your living area. There are many types of floral prints too, like bold ones, small motifs and medium sized prints too. You can choose whichever you like.

Stripes – They are considered to be universal designs and can be used in the bedrooms of both men and women. The prints can vary from nautical stripes to cross checks and criss cross lines in different attractive colours.

Geometrical Patterns – This type comes with various geometrical shapes printed on them such as circles, rectangles, squares, hexagons and even asymmetrical designs. You can add a colourful and rich look to your room by adding such patterns.

Embroidered – This type is more traditional and gives a classic appearance to your bedroom. They have vintage embroidered designs on the edge and the body of the bed sheets and are usually available in soft and elegant hues.

Graphic Prints – This type of bed sheets has a more modernistic appeal. There are cartoon printed ones for kids, floral and other high-definition graphical designs for adults. These prints are enough to make your rooms look rich as most of them are bold and have multiple shades.

You can get bed sheets online with all these prints quite easily. All you need to do is select the fabric, which is best if it’s cotton or polyester, and choose a design that will not only make your bedroom look good, but also reflects your taste and personality.


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