Holi Combos – Prepare Yourself For Holi Festival Celebration

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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The festival of colours is finally here after a year of endless wait. This festival takes us back to those days when you used to go to the nearby local market in search of the right colours, the appropriate water guns and containers to mix the colours holding your father’s hand. Well, things have changed now, as you have grown up. Quite obvious now, isn’t it? Now you are invited to poolside Holi parties over the weekend, accompanied by drinks, and play with colours to enjoy the feel of it. And amidst your busy schedule and preparations, all you could ask for is a little time to prepare. Online shopping gives you the luxury of choosing Holi combos from the comfort of your home, and revel in the glory of it.

Happy Holi Image

What to choose?

With so many options online, you might be baffled as to what to choose and what to leave out. And if you are playing Holi for the first time, then you might be in an absolute fix. To make things easier and organised, here’s a go-to list you can refer to, so you are ready for the day well in advance.

Pichkari or gunWhile some just find joy in pouring a bucket full of coloured water on you, there are others who still love the child-like appeal of a water gun or a pichkari. You are never too old to use colourful and cartoonish water guns, thanks to their bright colours and cute designs. With a host of them available online, you can take your pick to splash water on your friends. Hey guys, here you all check out wide collection of Holi pichkari online ….

Balloon Water balloons and Holi go hand in hand. That feeling of extreme fun when you throw a water balloon at your friend, and his reaction are few things that will stay with you forever. So buy a combo that has balloons, and you are good to go.

Container Whether you want a bucket or a cute container to mix your colour, you can find it online. Make sure it is spacious enough to mix the colours, so you can play with ease.

Holi Colours The most important part of Holi, colours are the real joy. Make sure the combo pack has a set of herbals colours in shades of blue, pink, red, maroon, yellow and green. Herbal colours are organic, non-allergenic and do not harm your skin, so you can play freely. Moreover, they are easier to scrub off your body when compared to the artificial ones.

White outfitNobody mentions this as a hard and fast rule, but playing Holi in a white outfit has always been a tradition. And to keep that tradition alive, wear an old white outfit, or buy an inexpensive one, and you will love its colourful look after you are done playing.

Buy Holi combos online this festive season, and prepare yourself with all the essentials without having to go from one store to another. Choose a Holi combos like Holi water guns, Holi colors etc from brands like 100 Balloons, Buzzbee, Creativity Centre, DealBindaas, Fun Toys, Indigo Creatives and Karma. Add one to your home, and let this Holi be the most happening one ever.

Holi festival is just around the corner…We all know that kids like play Holi with water guns. Hey friends, what are you waiting for? This Holi surprise your kids with attractive & stylish water guns. Here, you check out wide collection of Holi water guns online at lowest prices .


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