Philips Soup Maker – Beat Those Winter Blues With A Bowl of Fresh Soup

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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A refreshing cup of fresh soup on a cold wintry day is all we will need to feel better and to beat the winter blues. But as the temperature starts to get colder, the more lazy we fell. The very thought of going into the kitchen and preparing anything makes us feel horrible. We would prefer not eat anything, than do something. But how long can you go that way? You can’t keep ordering soups and food all the time. You need to step in and cook something. And what’s better than a bowl of spicy, flavourful soup? But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to prepare those hard-to-make, time consuming recipes. We’re not even asking you to make soups manually. Confused? Don’t be! With this Philips soup maker, preparing soups is as easy as abc. And that’s not it, with this soup maker, you can also prepare pureee, smoothies and much more and all of these with just a few clicks.

So give up on all those excuses and start preparing delicious soups for yourself and for your family with this Philips soup maker.

Philips Soup Maker

Why Philips?

There are many brand available in the market, but nothing like Philips. This innovative brand is known of its upgraded technology and ease of use. Take a look at Philips HR2201/81 990 W soup maker and its features.

Simple User Interface

This Philips soup maker comes with five pre-defined settings which makes preparing soups easy for newbies too. So if you are new to cooking and want to impress your friends, then simply go ahead and prepare different soups in this soup maker and surprise them.

Easy to Use

Most of the soup require you to blend vegetables for that added flavour. And with this appliance, you can blend hot or cold food items easily. This soup maker also allows you to experiment – try different soups like smooth soups, chunky soups, compotes, smoothies, and more.


This effective appliance consumes up to 990 Watts of power and doesn’t increase your electricity bills.

Recipe Book

To make your job easier, this soup maker comes with a recipe book with over 30 dishes. Try different recipes each day and treat your family members.


Sudden guests coming up? Don’t worry. Just switch on this soup maker and prepare mouth-watering soups in the appliance and serve it to them fresh.

Now that’s impressive, right? So get home this Philips soup maker and make your winters better. You can buy Philips soup maker online from trusted e-stores. Shopping for kitchen appliances online is easy – you can sit in the comfort of your space and browse through various models and even compare two or more models in terms of their features, specifications and price.


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