Why Livpure Water purifiers Is Top Brand In Water Purifiers Market

Posted: January 7, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Can you guarantee that you are drinking pure and safe water every day? Water pollution is a manmade condition that everyone is aware of. Kids read about it in their school, adults talk about it over tea or during community debates and politicians speak about it during the elections. And yet even after years, we are standing at the same place, facing the same issue. Millions of people around the world are dying every year because of water borne diseases and we are still waiting for the day when water would be the most expensive thing to buy. Fortunately that deadline is not hanging over everyone’s head. Which means, there are still different ways to purify drinking water and save precious lives. And one of them is bringing a water purifier home. It can be from any of the popular brands such as Livpure, Kent, Aquaguard, Pureit or Aquafresh. My kitchen has a Livepure Pep Pro+ water purifier which is performing the most crucial task, that is filtering the dirt and bacteria out and providing my family the elixir of life. I’m sure I would have have cleaned them myself, if I could see the impurities. But I trust my purifier. It has multiple features that allows the appliance to do its job efficiently.

Livpure Water purifiers

Features of Livpure Water Purifiers

Six-stage Purification – This Livpure Pep Pro+ water purifier is equipped with advanced purification technology. The water goes through six different stages to achieve the purification state. The sediment filter removes the stone and dirt particles from the water. The reverse osmosis or RO filter eliminates the microorganisms causing waterborne disease. The UV and UF filter uses ultraviolet rays to kill the germs. The Pre Carbon Block/Absorber to remove harmful chemicals and other contaminants.

Taste Enhancer – This electric water purifier also has a taste enhancer which improves the taste of your filtered water without adding any harmful flavours, or chemicals.

Body Design of Livpure Pep Pro++

This sleek Livpure water purifier comes with a storage tank made of food-safe and Engineering grade ABS materials. It’s non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about the water getting polluted again after purification. There are power and purification indicators on its body which signals you if the electric purifier is on and how pure the water is. It also has a tank full indicator. The purifier can store up to seven liters of filtered water at a time and has the capacity to filter up to 12 liters of water per hour. Cool, don’t you think? There’s more. You can install it on your kitchen or living room wall to save space.

Where to Buy?

Online websites are the best place to buy Livpure water purifiers online . You get multiple options like several models with different storage capacity and that too, in different price range. This makes it easier for you to select and place an order.


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