Kenstar Oxy Fryer – Health-Conscious Kitchen Appliance For Preparing Oily Dishes

Posted: January 7, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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My mouth becomes watery at the mere thought of having ‘pakoras’ and ‘samosas’ with mum-made ‘ginger masala chai’, especially during the rainy season. And it is not just me, I am sure many of you foodies who love Indian street food and snacks are in love with the idea of having a cup of ‘garama-garam chai’ with some deep-fried sides. I wish these delicacies were as healthy and nutritious as a bowl of tasteless salad or boiled vegetables and I am so disheartened that they aren’t. Some say eating fried foods is the simplest way of inviting cancer, making our kidneys go bad, causing our brains and heart to malfunction, and what not! So what should we do? Should we just give up on the food that we love so much?


Kenstar Oxyfryer


Well, I tried doing that, but all in vain. But instead of finding alternatives for these foods, I found a health-conscious way of preparing these greasy fried dishes at home with a Kenstar Oxy-Fryer. I am sure you cannot wait to know my reviews on it. So here it goes –

Kenstar Oxy-Fryer is a revolutionary product that takes the guilt out out of relishing delicious Indian dishes, and also makes cooking a sheer delight. It is a thoughtfully designed and tested healthy twist to cooking deep fried food in a way that it is devoid of the calories and cholesterol levels associated with it. This Oxy-Fryer uses hot air, and not oil for frying, and that’s what keeps your heart healthy, and your body light. It is as good to your taste buds as it is to your body. Here is a flavor of the features that I love in my Oxy-Fryer –

  • The Oxy-Fryer has a 3-litre food tray that lets me fry large amounts of food in one go.
  • It also has a timer that lets me set the time for 30 minutes or less, and signals the fryer to turn off the power supply once the set time has elapsed.
  • I can set different temperatures between 80 degrees and 200 degrees for cooking different foods.
  • It has a hidden handle that makes it easy for me to take it out from my kitchen cabinet, place it on the countertop, move it close to the sink for cleaning, and then put it back where I took it from.
  • The two LED indicators indicate whether the power is on, and if the heating is in progress.
  • Its air vent expels hot air at regular intervals and ensures that my kitchen doesn’t smell of fried food.
  • It has a 1.2 meter long power cord, so I needn’t always place it close to the power socket on my kitchen countertop.
  • Its mobile app features 100 delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, and that makes me the best chef for my family and a caring host for my guests.

I bought my Kenstar Oxy-Fryer online , and you can do so too. Shopping online from web portals or mobile apps is easy and convenient, and also offers hassle-free deliveries and returns. So, what are you waiting for? Login to the internet, and start shopping already.


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