How To Use Microwave Oven & Its Benefits Over Gas Stoves

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Everyone of us are blessed with a nose that has the ability to sniff out the aroma of their favourite foods. And it is probably the reason why I could always smell when my mom prepared Maggie and other delicious dishes. She used the traditional cooking methods like gas stoves to cook and hence we used to wait for a good 2-3 hours before our eyes could feast upon the dishes. But the real adventure used to happen at my granny’s place. She loved throwing me off the scent while cooking and I used accept the challenge by sniffing out all the ingredients. But my mom was in for a surprise when we visited her last month. She had bought a handsome-looking microwave oven online and is now experimenting with different cooking methods. Pretty cool grandma, right? I just loved being in the house. The smell of melted cheese, baked dough, slightly burnt smell of tomato puree filled the rooms with its aroma and left me feeling hungry all the time. And mom was busy learning about how to use the microwave and its benefits over gas stoves.

microwave oven


Enjoy the Benefits of Microwave Cooking

If you ask me, I would say both gas stoves and microwave oven have their own specialty. So it makes more sense to both in your kitchen. Keep reading to learn the benefits.

  • Microwave cooking methods are easier and simple to follow. There are no tricks to follow, no need for constant stirring and rechecking again and again.
  • Reheating and defrosting becomes a piece of cake. You don’t need to pour the food and dirty a cookware and then again pour it back to a serving dish. Heat it directly by placing the container inside your oven.
  • Food gets prepared much faster and allows you to prepare extra side dishes.
  • You have more variety of dishes to cook for lunch and dinner such as lasagnas, apple pies and starters too.


Know the Type

The first thing mom did after coming back from granny’s place is search for microwave ovens online. Seeing her so serious with the search dad decided to do more research on the types of microwave ovens available. And there are three.

Solo – This was the first microwave model and is more suitable for reheating and defrosting food. It pretty much does the basic functions.

Grill – This type, as the name suggests, is useful in preparing grilled foods like kebabs, tikkas, toasts. It comes with grill plates and heating coils which browns and reheats food too.

Convection – This is the type which will help you cook lip-smacking dishes. From baking cakes and cookies to cooking savoury meaty recipes, this microwave oven can be used for all.


Search for Popular Brands

If you already have a brand preference then buy microwave oven online, but if you don’t then look for the most bought models and popular brands. The ones using advanced technology are LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Morphy Richard, Panasonic and Godrej.

It is easier to buy microwave oven online than from an electronics store as you get to see all the features, prices as well as designs and compare them side-by-side. So, order one online today and enjoy savoury dishes everyday at home.


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