Wall Photo Frames: For The Album On Your Wall

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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That picture of yourself in that light blue sundress and wide brim hat, beaming at the camera on the sands of Calangute will sure put a smile on your face at the end of the day when you are finally sitting down with a cup of coffee. That frame at the center of your living room wall showing you in that puffy white off shoulder dress with those lovely ringlets framing your face under that veil will always remind you of how happy you were on the day you said “I do”, and a reminder to the others of how beautiful you looked with your glowing smile filling the entire hall. There is a lot that wall frames can do. The sight of your baby smiling playfully into the camera will leave you wondering how time flies so fast. So, if that TV unit is all you have in your living room, then it is time you found that bare wall that is going to attract guests and other relatives who visit your house.

wall photo frames

Collage Photo Frames

Collage photo frames as the name suggests, are frames in which you can place a number of pictures. The key here lies in arrangement. How nice the frame is going to look will depend on how skillfully you have arranged all the pictures in the frames. Collage photo frames are of different types. While some are designed with all compartments having the same size, there are others in which some compartments are larger and some are small. While some are symmetrically designed there are others that have unique shapes. Choose a style that you think goes well with the interiors in your house.

Tree Photo Frames

Another variation of a collage photo frame is the tree photo frame, which is nothing but a group of frames designed together on a tree. These are the best for family pictures. They come in different sizes. There are some that can be placed on a table and are great for bedrooms. On the other hand, there are large tree photo frames that you can use to fill up an entire living room wall.

The two most common places for wall photo frames

1. The staircase– As there is nothing much that you can place in that area next to your staircase, wall photo frames help you liven up the place in the best way. Also, the slanting position in which you can place them makes it great for placing a number of picture frames.

2. Behind a sofa– Again, there is nothing you can place above or behind a sofa, making wall photo frames the best option in such cases. Also, the very fact that the frames are placed in the heart of your living room makes them visible.

Buy Wall Photo Frames Online

You can have a look at the range of wall photo frames online. Blacksmith has a range of collage photo frames that you can have a look at. You can even have a look at sets of frames from Bello. Nayahub has a range of frames that you can place on a table. Enjoy browsing through different frames and make your house more beautiful from today.


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