Need To Know About Formal Shoes For Men & Women

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Fashion, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Dressing well and pulling off a well-groomed look are imperative in a corporate scenario. And adding the perfect finishing touch to your look is the perfect pair of formal shoes. If you think what sort of footwear you are wearing is not important, then you are definitely living in a world of your own. Because reality says that your footwear is the first thing that one judges you with. Imagine your first day at work. You are wearing proper neatly ironed clothes, carrying a nice bag and smell good. But you coupled this look with a pair of casual shoes. This will definitely not create a good impression especially if it’s your first day. Therefore, having a pair of formal shoes at your disposal is extremely important.

formal shoes

Choosing for formal shoes for men

When it comes to men, they have a variety of formal shoes to choose from. For a better picture, here’s a list you can refer to.

  • Oxford – These are the commonly used ones, which have lace closures. They are usually plain or have a simple embellishment on the toe area, making them ideal for a complete look. Available in toned-down colours like black, brown and burgundy, these look good with formal attires.
  • Boots – Boots are also in trend nowadays. Their smart look and sleek design make them a favourite wardrobe essential for today’s men. You can either go for plain boots or ones with simple embellishments to keep it sober and sophisticated.

  • Derby shoes – These are great for casual business parties and make you look a bit relaxed. Add a pair to your wardrobe and create an everlasting impression.

  • Monk strap – These shoes usually have a buckle or straps in place of laces. They are slip-ons and hence, easy to wear. You can get a pair if you are always in a hurry to reach office.

Choosing formal shoes for women

Women can have uncountable types of footwear to match with every outfit. But there’s nothing that can replace a pair of formal shoes to keep them pepped up at work. When choosing a pair, make sure that you choose one that catches attention in the right way. Keep it simple and stylish by opting for a pair of wedges or heels. If you are uncomfortable in both, then nothing beats a pair of flat formal shoes to keep you at ease. You can go from various colours from back to beige and pull off your every look with élan.


Now you can buy formal shoes online from various shopping portals. You can choose from brands like Clarks, Provogue, Mochi, Louis Philippe, Franco Leone, Belle Gambe, Liberty, American Swan, Alden, Catbird, Catwalk, Delize, Easy Walk, Metro, Blackwood, Shoe Island and Shoe Mate. All you have to do is select a pair and place an order for it to get it delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure you select the right size to be at your comfortable best. Add a pair to your wardrobe and complete your corporate look.


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