What to Know Before Buying Floor Carpets For Your Home

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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It was a nice day when me and brother started from house for college in the morning. The weather was breezy and the sun was peaking out from behind the big smoky clouds in little time intervals. While returning back though, the sudden downpour left us dripping wet from head to toe. We changed into the warmest clothes we had after reaching home and raced to the living room, which was our usual habit, to fight for the remote. I beat him to it this time, but then, it was time to fight for the rug. The floor carpet placed in front of our sofa was circular in shape and both of us would pull it towards each other to warm our feet. But we realised it was not just a fight anymore. The cold was bone chilling and we needed the carpet under our feet to prevent catching cold. I was surprised why we don’t have floor carpets in every room as we have a marble flooring in our house. And apart from the summer, every other season has been unpleasant as far as walking barefoot is concerned.

I think it is also the reason why mom keeps catching cold. So we discussed it with dad and decided to order carpets online for every room. Online because it is easier to compare, select and buy sans the trouble of lugging the heavy thing from shop to home. (Also my dad and brother are super lazy). So each one of us took it on ourselves to select the designs and pool in at the end to finalise the selection.


Things to Know Before Buying Floor Carpets Online

Of course, mom had to find out. We were having all these conversations so loudly. So she shared her need-to-know list, which we mugged up in minutes. They are:

Types – You might think there are only one type of carpets available in the market, but there aren’t. You can easily differentiate them. But the basic ones are floor carpets, floor runners and carpet rugs. All these not only vary by size but also by material and shapes.

For example, floor runners are long rectangular carpets that are placed in the kitchen or around the bed so that your feet is protected from the cold. But the big carpets treated as the centerpieces don’t have to be rectangular. They can run from one wall to another covering the entire floor or they can be of a square, circular or any other asymmetrical shape depending on the space you can spare for the covering. Carpet rugs are placed near the doorway to provide instant warmth to your feet everytime you get inside the house.

Material – This plays a big role in deciding which fabric is better for your feet as well as your house. The varieties include nylon – highly durable, resistant to wear and tear and stain repellant; polyester – cost effective and soft; wool – a natural fiber which is soft against bare feet and durable; olefin – wear and tear and fade resistant and useful for outdoor carpeting and blends which is the mix of all the above. Blends is the most commonly used material among people and has a great look and feel.

Once you decide which type and material you want, selecting a design becomes only a matter of taste. You can buy floor carpets of any pattern and design that goes with the decor of your house.



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