Single Beds With Storage – Reasons For Popularity Of These Beds

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Furniture, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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You can forgo buying a lot of home furniture. For instance, you can do without coffee tables and side tables, but no house is complete without beds. These furniture are one of the most basic must-haves in every home. The big question is, what style of bed is best suited for your place? Do you have enough room for a plush queen-sized bed or will your rented apartment struggle to hold even a single bed? Regardless of your predicament, we know a furniture that will effortlessly blend in into any home – single beds with storage.

Single beds that come with storage space are quickly becoming a huge hit in many homes. What’s not to love? They are compact enough to conveniently fit a room with limited space. Even if room space is not of concern to you, you can benefit from having single beds with storage at home. These beds are perfect for guest rooms and for kids, once you can trust them to sleep on their own.


single beds

From single beds carved out of engineered- and solid- wood that have both been polished to perfection, to metal beds that feature elaborately designed headboards, there’s always a way to incorporate some chicness into your home with these furniture. Want furniture that match the mood of your home ambience? Single beds give you more than a couple of options to do the same. Though these beds are most commonly associated with being kids’ beds, there’s a way to incorporate them into an adult’s room as well. You can choose from sleek contemporary and modern single beds, rustic ethnic and traditional ones, retro ones, and even vintage- and imperial-inspired beds.

Intricate styling and attention to detail are two important factors that are responsible for the popularity of these beds, but there’s one feature that’s responsible for their increased appreciation. It’s their functionality. Think about it, with these beds, you not only get a furniture to sleep on, but you also get a furniture that doubles as a great storage space. From using these beds to conveniently store blankets and bed covers, to neatly arranging your books and teddy bears in the space that’s reserved for displaying these items, these single beds are a great investment.

Buying Beds Online

Box spring base, kids’, or standard beds, your best bet at bringing home these furniture is to buy single beds online . Shop for them online (or on the mobile apps of these shopping sites and you can check out, compare, and buy single beds with storage from brands like @home, Evok, Furniture Kraft, Hometown, Nesta Furniture, Nilkamal, Parin, and Piyestra, all in one sitting.



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