Top Ideas On Buying Window Curtains That Suits Your Home Interior

Posted: December 7, 2015 in curtains, Home decor, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Have you ever wondered why your mom used to take down the dirty, withered window curtains and replace them with new ones every year during festivals? No matter how little or big it may seem, window curtains play a great role in decorating your living space. If arranged creatively, they have the ability to make your rooms look like the masterpiece of an artist. Interior designers use hundreds of innovative techniques today to change the look and feel of your house. Yet I can’t help thinking that these techniques are not that new. I have seen my mom and granny decorating the house and giving it a fresh look every year using different things like curtains, carpets, cushions, ottomans and such. Could I ever decorate my studio apartment like that, I doubt. But there’s no harm trying. So here I was, ready for my first attempt at decorating my house with some stolen ideas from my mom and my tasteful preferences.


window curtains


Where to Buy Window Curtains ?

I looked through the various styles and designs of window curtains online. Maybe someday in future, I would be in a big furnishing store picking out fabrics, selecting matching patterns and getting customised furnishings. But this time online shopping has to do as am on a learning spree.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Curtains

Before we learn about the window curtains in details, here are the few things that you would need to get that picturesque window. Curtain rods, brackets, poles, tassels, hooks and curtains. You can buy all of these easily online. There is no such rule as buying the curtain accessories first and matching curtains later. It can be the other way around too so shop according to your convenience. You will need to know the following, though to buy good quality window curtains.


Tip 1: Step back and visualize your window. Which draperies do you think will look good on them, the floor-lengthed ones or the short half curtains. The trick is to know how big your room is. Bigger rooms always look good with longer curtains. And the smaller ones with half style ones. But it also depends on the furniture and free space you have.

Tip 2: Check which side the window is on. There is no better feeling in the morning than the beautiful rays of sun nudging you awake. So make sure you choose a fabric like net or see-through silk and match them with curtains sewed using solid thick fabric. That way you can maintain your privacy and still get a view of nature.

Tip 3: Maintain the harmony of patterns and colours inside the room. Select only those designs that breathes life into your interiors and also make you feel good. As there’s no point in spending extra bucks and getting a fanciful interior done if you can’t relax in your home.


Putting your ideas together and decorating your house creatively is an art and not a task. So pull your socks up and start searching for the window curtains online that suit your interior. I’m sure you’re going to surprise yourself and many others.


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