Carry your Tupperware Water Bottles Everywhere and Keep your Body Hydrated

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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I’m sure many people would have asked you how many bottles of water you drink everyday, multiple times and I don’t want to repeat the same. But there’s a reason why I brought this up. One of my friend recently suffered from severe dehydration and was diagnosed with stomach ulcer. She was gaining weight and had digestive issues too. And all of that because of drinking less water. This incident actually shook me and other friends in our circle out from our lazy shell. Because to be honest, we all have the tendency to drink less water when we are out, to avoid washroom breaks. And during winter and rainy season when cold water doesn’t cross our mind as a pleasant thing to sip on. Now I don’t know about others, but it was clearly a sign that it’s time I took this seriously. So, I went online and placed an order for two pairs of Tupperware bottles. With these high quality water bottles at my disposal, I can carry water anywhere I travel, close or far. Moreover, I realised that keeping bottles full of water at your side builds the habit of drinking more water in less intervals.

tupperware bottle

Why Tupperware?

Because the brand manufactures products for life. The Tupperware water bottles you buy online are almost unbeatable by quality. They are strong, flexible and airtight bottles that keep the water fresh and prevents the formation of odour. They are ergonomically designed and have liquid tight seals. You can easily store water in it and cool it inside your refrigerator.


Types of Tupperware Bottles Available Online

While searching for Tupperware water bottles online, you will come across three types.

Bottle – These are bottles with a curvy body and a twist or flip-top cap which can be used to carry juice to your gym or water to your college. They are refrigerator friendly and easy to carry.

Flask – This one is for carrying hot drinks and beverages to sip on while running errands around the city. They can keep your tea, coffee, milk and even water hot for hours in the cold climate.

Tumblr – These are quite helpful in carrying milkshakes and buttermilk along with your breakfast and lunch boxes. They are leak-proof, freezer and dishwasher safe too.

What Makes them Durable?

Tupperware water bottles are made from plastic, polypheplene and thermoplastic resin moulds which makes the bottle durable and last for a longer duration. Tupperware plastic moulds are specially made to reduce plastic waste. They don’t need to be recycled as they can last for a lifetime.

It might be a small thing, but buying Tupperware water bottle online is still worth it. You can order for bottles of different colours and a set of any number. And they will be delivered at your doorstep. So build the habit of drinking more water among your family members and stay healthy.


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