Best Tips To Select Right Wardrobes For Your Home

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Furniture, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Gone are the days when cleanliness was synonymous with mother. Clothes lying scattered, shoes and socks separated from each other, bags and laptop and books all thrown together for a peek-a-boo moment and your watch and other valuable accessories waiting to be treasured from underneath the piles of clothes – this mess didn’t bother you, as your mother would clean it all without a word before you even know it. But now since you are on your own, you might be used to the mess, but there are high chances of giving up out of frustration one fine day. And this will take you nowhere. So what you need to do is get yourself a wardrobe furniture , and make things easy for yourself. If you are under the impression, that it’s too much a task, you are probably living in a world of your own.




How to choose a wardrobe?

Choosing a wardrobes is a piece of cake provided you know what you really want. What you can keep in mind for a wise buying decision is a few factors like material, design and colour. Taking these into consideration, you can have the perfect wardrobe in your room, without having to look for your things in that mess.

Material – When it comes to choosing the material, you can select one that suits your furnishing and your taste. You can choose from engineered wood, metal, solid wood and synthetic fiber, depending on what you want. Wooden wardrobes not only have a nice appeal, but they are also highly durable. And if you are buying one, you would want it to be nothing less than durable and sturdy. Steel wardrobes are also a popular choice among households, because of their durable properties. However, if you do not want to spend so much, and want one for a temporary use or keep other extra accessories, then a collapsible closet made of synthetic fibre is a good idea. You can not only keep it folded when not in use, but it will also save a lot of space.

Design – When it comes to design, it’s entirely your call. You can go for sliding doors for a space-saver design, or go for a hinged one with multiple doors for a spacious option. Whether it is a free-standing wardrobe or a hanging one, choose one that will be the most functional one. In terms of shelves, go for one with multiple shelves to hang and store, along with a locker to keep your valuables. Make sure that your choice should make space for everything you have.

Colour – Colour of the closet depends on your home décor. If you want something bright and cheerful, go for a colour that would bring that mood. If you like to keep it toned-down and mellow, a neutral-coloured wardrobe will serve the purpose.


Now you can buy wardrobes online from various brands like Natural Living, Pindia, Nilkamal and Spacewood. Add one to your home, and say goodbye to storage woes.


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