Satin & Polyester Bedsheets – Changes The Look & Feel Of Your Bedroom In An Instant

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Bed Sheets, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Every single element in my bedroom starting from furniture to the cushions, curtains and my cuddly bears know me better than I do. They have seen my mood swings, my joy, the good and the bad times and have helped me feel myself almost everyday. So I guess it won’t be wrong to say, I take special care of my boudoir. I cover my bed with high quality satin bedsheets and have extra pillows like bolsters and cushions to enhance the comfort level. But if there’s one thing that I have noticed that changes the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant, that is the type of bedsheet you spread on your bed. It might seem like a very tiny detail, but when your bed is the centerpiece it can make a big difference. So I searched for different types of bedsheets online and did my own research on them before ordering a few colorful ones.


Polyester bedsheets

Types of Bedsheets

Generally the types of bedsheets can be divided into different categories as per their size, pattern and materials.


By size – There are bed spreads available for single, double, King, Queen and medium sized beds too. Simply check the option in the filter for size and start shopping

By Pattern -This includes geometric, striped, floral, abstract, embroidered, checkered, graphic, polka, printed and cartoon patterns. There are multiple varieties in each pattern so you can select the one that goes along with the decor of your bedroom.

By Material – Now this is the most important thing to consider while buying bedsheets. The type of material you choose plays a big role in determining how comfortable you feel when sleeping. The most popular ones are:


Polyester Bedsheets – These bed spreads are made from a mix of cotton fabric and polymers. The advantage of using polyester bedsheets is that they are highly durable. They give a crisp look to your bed and look more colourful compared to other materials.

Cotton Bed sheets This material is breathable and soft of your skin giving you a comfortable feel. But it doesn’t shine or look crisp like polyester.

Satin Bedsheets – If you want your bed to look soft, silky and shiny at the same time, then a satin bedsheet is what you are looking for. It is made from a mix of silk, nylon and polyester fibers. It provides a feeling of luxurious tactile pleasure and also feels cool to touch. The satin bedsheets that are sold online are of two varieties. The Bridal satin range is affordable and widely bought online. The other one is Charmeuse satin which is much more finely woven and is lighter than Bridal silk.

Satin and Polyester bed sheets are the most popular in most households. Polyester bedsheets are ideal for regular daily use, whereas satin sheets are generally used on special occasions like a wedding anniversary. So search for colourful bed sheets online in stylish designs and make the centerpiece of your bedroom look attractive.



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