Use the Magic of Showpieces to Decorate your House

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips, Uncategorized
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I was so engrossed in everyday activities, that I almost forgot Halloween was around the corner.It used to be one of the best times of the year for me. Our entire family used to pack our bags and visit my grandma who lived in the countryside away from the city. Apple pies, tasty cupcakes, mint tea, the house was filled with all these aromas. It looked even more beautiful than it smelled. The first attraction of the place was a human-sized showpiece placed right in the middle of her garden. She loved decorating the place with different types of figurines and followed a sculptural theme for decorating the place. It must have been an expensive affair back then but it gave the house a timeless vibe and appeal. And it was those detailed and elegant figurines that etched the beauty of the place on the slab of my memory. Seeing my habit of buying showpieces online, my mom says I share the same passion grandma had. Which is probably right because I want the interior of my place to look timeless too and using figurines is the best way to achieve that.

Buying showpieces according to your home decor is not rocket science. You just need to know what makes each piece special and a few other details to help you make the right choices. Keep reading.


Types of Showpieces

Religious Idols – These are idols with a religious theme. gods and other religious symbols like Lord Ganesha, Krishna and Lord Buddha. And they don’t have to be in the temple of your house. You can place them around your house to spread a positive vibe.

Animal Figurines – This type of figurines are like still-life paintings. They reflect the life of animals living among us in nature. The pieces can be of elephants, deer, cows, peacocks and birds.

Antique Sets – These sets are mostly made of metal to give a rustic look to the showpieces. They look like they are from a bygone era and create a charming effect in your house.

Nature Models – These can be models of a single tree spreading its branches or a small indoor water fountain carved to look like a waterfall.

Fengshui/vastu – These figurines are for those who believe in the power of the natural elements. The Feng Shui & vastu figurines reflect your sentiments and also spread healthy vibes to every corner of your house.

Couples – These are more like decorative figurines that add beauty to your room or shelves.

Others – There are various other types of showpieces too like cultural, contemporary, themed, patriotic and sports models.

While selecting showpieces online , just ensure that they can be matched with some other element in the room such as colour, material or theme. That way you can maintain the uniformity and harmony of the space you are modifying. So follow different magazines and websites online for ideas and buy showpieces that suit your interiors.



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