Moving to a new house is always a big affair. It doesn’t just take a fortnight or two, but months of hardwork and planning, as it is finally your own hard-earned money and you have to live in it till eternity. So, what most people do is list out the basic stuff that they need to survive and start buying them as early as possible, because buying them all at once might be an expensive affair. So there are a few things that you can buy only once you move in to your new place. And one of them choosing the right carpet.

floor carpets

Few things to consider while choosing the right carpets

A carpet is something that is the most effortless and inexpensive way to change the overall appeal of your home. Apart from adding that unique charm to your home, carpets ensure that it is high on the radar of elegance as well. They add the perfect finishing touch to any room, accentuating the right parts of your room. There are a few things that you need to consider while choosing the right carpet – material, size, weight, pattern and colour. If you have these in place, rest assured you will have a nice place to live in.


When it comes to material, floor carpets are available in a variety of fabrics like wool, cotton, polypropylene, silk, velvet, polyester, jute, chenille, acrylic, nylon, plastic, PVC, synthetic and viscose. Each of these depends on the purpose of your buy. For instance, if you want one to keep your home warm during the winters, a woollen carpet is a good idea. For a lavish setup, a velvet or a silk carpet will make your home look plush. Summer makes you home suffocating, and so a cotton carpet might be of some help, as you can sit on the floor easily. Also, it is easy to maintain, so you do not have to run to expensive laundry services. For everyday use, nylon carpets rank high on durability and resilience. If you have a pet at home who leaves his trail wherever he goes, this will be a good choice as it is easy to maintain. If you like it ethnic yet trendy, jute carpets are quite the choice. If you wish to keep one outside, or near the bathroom, a water-resistant material like PVC or viscose will work the best.

Size and weight

The size of the carpet is directly proportional to the size of the room. SO choose a size that looks good, and not cluttered. When it comes to weight, go for one that is manageable.

Pattern and colour

Whether you want a trendy carpet with abstract, geometrical and other modern patterns, or a traditional one with floral designs, it completely depends on the overall surroundings of your home, and of course, the floor material. As for colour, you can choose one that matches the ambience perfectly.

Buying online

Now you can buy carpets online from various brands like Oriental Weavers, Abhinandan Textiles, Bianca and Carpet Overseas. Place an order for one that pleases your senses and pocket, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Add one to every room and watch the transformation.


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