I have always loved experimenting with my style statement. I don’t like to stick to one single style, neither do I follow the trends blindly. I choose what pleases my eyes, and that’s it. Whether it’s clothes or interior decoration, I like to keep it simple yet stylish. When it comes to choosing clothes, I go for something that I am comfortable with. And as I am not brand-conscious, I don’t mind buying from a roadside vendor selling cool stuff as long as it feels comfortable. When it comes to decorating my place, I follow the same intuition and indulge in inexpensive hacks to change the décor of my home. And curtains seem to steal the show in my case.



Why should you spend on curtains?

Curtains have the power to transform the ambience of your home quite effortlessly and without punching a hole in your pocket. They strike the perfect balance between utility and style, as they are not only hung to block sunlight or to protect your privacy, they also enhance the overall décor of your space. But for that to happen, you should choose the right one.

Door and window curtains

When choosing door and window curtains, the length plays an important. It should be such that it is neither too short, nor too long, and your home will look perfect. Next, you need to pick the best material. You can go for materials like cotton, silk, tissue, polycotton, jacquard, polyester, net, satin, blends and chenille. If you want a grand and lavish look, a satin, silk or polyester set of curtains will be a great choice. But if you want a cosy, soft and comfortable look for your room, go for cotton curtains for the desired effect. When it comes to choosing patterns and colours for window & door curtains , you can go for patterns like solid, floral, striped, abstract, geometric, embroidered, checkered, chevron, animal, batik, paisley, plaid, lattice, mosaic, polka, self design and trellis. You can choose one out of these that pleases your eyes and complements your personality to an extent.

Shower curtains

When choosing shower curtains , keep in mind that whatever you choose should be water resistant, and PVC curtains are the best choice ever. You can go for printed ones to give your bathroom a cosy makeover.

Types Of Curtains

There are certain types of curtains that you can choose from – concealed table top, ring rod, eyelet, rod pocket and flat. Go for a set that would be enough for all the doors and windows to give your home a fuller look.

Now you can buy curtains online from various shopping portals. Just log on to one and browse through the choices you have. Whatever pleases your eyes and pocket, place an order for the same to get it delivered to your doorstep. So shopping is no more a time-consuming and hectic task, and you can shop as much as you want sitting in the comfort of your home. Add a few to your home and let the ambience speak for itself.


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