Using Diwali Diyas To Light Up Your Home Effectively

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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November 11th 2015 falls on a Sunday! Some of us may be lucky enough to have our leaves accepted for the next week, and some of us may not. Some of us may be partially lucky with one or two days leave. So, while some of us are going to be bursting Diwali crackers and exchanging Diwali sweets as we enjoy our Diwali vacations, there are a few other who may be celebrating this Diwali away from home. But, vacation or no vacation, you cannot miss out on the festival of lights, and no Diwali celebration is complete without Diwali sweets, Diwali firecrackers and most importantly, Diwali diyas. So, if you are going to spend most of your time in office this Diwali, ensure that you have Diwali diyas , creatively and beautifully arranged around your desktop. And if you are home, give your house the festive mood with Diwali lamps to light up your entire home as you perform your Diwali Puja, dance to Diwali songs burst Diwali crackers with your family.

While every doorstep, every parapet and every window sill is going to be lit up with Diwali lamps, neatly arranged, the following are some of the other things you can do with Diwali diyas to light up your entire house for the five days of Diwali.


diwali diyas


Diwali Hanging Lamps

Light up your entire backyard with Diwali hanging lamps, on trees, ropes, or anywhere that you can place to give your neighbourhood a bright and festive mood this Diwali. Diwali hanging lamps will light up your entire room by spreading light all over the area. Let hanging Diwali lamps make your house look warm and inviting as you welcome guests into your house and sit together for a Diwali Puja.


Diwali Diyas Rangoli

Your Diwali preparations are not going to be complete without a colorful Rangoli at your doorstep, and your Rangoli is not going to be complete without a bunch of Diwali diyas to light it up. Let the Rangoli at your doorstep look bright and attractive with the light from the decorative diyas falling onto the beautiful colors of your Rangoli.


Diwali Diyas In Water

Home decors with water are known to have a relaxing effect, which is why indoor water fountains are liked by many. Decorate your coffee table with beautiful diyas floating in water to provide your house with a beautiful centerpiece this Diwali. Choose a transparent glass bowl for the best effects. Rose petals in the water will add to the beauty of the floating diyas.


Buy Diwali Diyas Online

You can never have enough Diwali diyas in Diwali. Shopping for Diwali diyas is a major part of the fun amidst the new clothes, sweets and other things that you shop for. And if you are busy with your other preparations this Diwali, you can shop for decorative diyas online from brands like Aakriti, Frestol and various other brands of diyas online. Browse through the range of colorful lamps and candles and get a set of diyas to light up your house this Diwali.


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