Making Your Small Living Room Elegant With The Right Furniture

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Furniture, Home decor, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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If you live in a flat, there is most likely a chance that your living room is small. But, you know what? You can have a small living room and still have a beautiful, comfortable and modern living room. All it takes is the right living room furniture to make your living room look elegant.


The Lighter, The Better

White living room furniture is the best if your living room is small. If you are not the kind that likes a white living room, you can get your room done in any light color. Just remember that the lighter your living room furniture is, the brighter your living room is going to look.


Smaller Furniture

No, large sofa sets and sectionals are not what you should be looking at if you have a small living room. Loveseats, comfortable chairs, bean bags and other small furniture are what you should be looking at. Also, ensure that the kind of seats that you choose come with taller legs so that the passage under the furniture will prevent your living room from looking smaller.

living room furniture


Mirrors are a good way to making your living room appear large and spacious. You can even have your mirror facing the window so it reflects the view outside, making it look like another window in your living room.


Taller Curtains

Tall curtains give your living room the impression of looking taller than it is. So, instead of placing your curtain rod a few inches above your window, try placing it a little higher. This can add more height to your living room.


If You Have A Rectangular Living Room

The shape of your living room is another thing you have to consider when you choose your living room furniture. If you have a long and narrow living room, you need to avoid placing the coffee table at the centre and ensure that it is placed as close to the sofa as possible. Avoid large or rounded coffee tables as they can tend to block walking space in your living room. Rectangular coffee tables would be a good idea here. Rounder tables can make your room appear less narrow, but you need to ensure that they do not block walking space in your living room. Placing large paintings or wall hangings on the wall are another way to making the room look less narrow.


Buy Living Room Furniture Online

You can have a look at the range of living room furniture online . Browse through the different arm chairs, loveseats, coffee tables, window curtains, paintings and various other to buy furniture online from brands like @home, Vishwakarma and various other brands. The furniture that you choose will arrive at your doorstep so you don’t have to struggle carrying them home.


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