Malls and streets are lined with Anarkali suits in the latest fashion as women check out new clothes for Diwali. The display of sweets makes your mouths water as you walk on the streets. Homes are getting ready for the festival of lights with stocks of firecrackers, flower pots, nala chakras and various other crackers in every home and excited kids counting days to burst these crackers. Houses are being cleaned and doorsteps are being decorated with lamps and colorful Rangoli. And most of all, the Puja room is getting ready for the Diwali Puja, with the Laxmi Ganesh idols surrounded by flowers, garlands, lamps, incense and various offerings. Yes, the idol of Laxmi Ganesha, decorated and respected is the most important part of it all, without which Diwali wouldn’t be complete and all the celebrations in the house would be for nothing.

Lakshmi ganesh idol

Installing It The Right Way

When it comes to getting the Laxmi Ganesh idols installed in your house, the first thing that you have to consider is the place, that is, if you are not installing it in a Puja room. As any altar is best when placed in the Northeast side of the house, it would be great if your statue could be installed in this position too. You need to ensure that the statue is installed in a way that lets you face East when you are performing your Puja. Anything apart from this would be incorrect. Also, you need to ensure that the statue is not placed in inappropriate places like stuffy corners or walls near the toilet.

Now that you have your Laxmi Ganesh murti in a convenient place, you need to ensure that it is in the right position when you are performing your Diwali Puja. The right position is where Laxmi sits on the left and Ganesha on the right. It would be ideal to place the statue over a small wooden table or box to give it height. Ensure that you cover it with a red cloth to give it a brighter look before you adorn your Laxmi Ganesh idol with garlands, flowers, aarti, and your Diwali lamps.

Choosing The Right Laxmi Ganesh Idols For Diwali

Laxmi Ganesh statues come in different forms. However, when you are choosing a statue of Ganesha, you need to try and avoid the statue with the trunk of Ganesha pointing to the right, unless you are confident with the procedures of Puja for this statue. And, when you choose a statue of Laxmi, it would be nicer if you got a statue with the image of Laxmi on a lotus with a few coins. This is not difficult to find as this image is a common one.

Buy Religious Idols Online

You can have a look at the range of God idols online from brands like eCraftIndia, Aesthetic Decors, JaipurCrafts, Aakrati and various other brands of  religious idols . Get one statue to give your home a spiritual feel this Diwali.


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