Bookshelves – For the Bookworm In You

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Furniture, Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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Books – some resort to it for a whole new experience, some like to be a part of the world the pages offer to them, some like to escape to a different zone with a good read, some indulge in reading to improve their language, some like to read over weekends or while they are on the move and some derive the highest form of pleasure through the yellowed pages. Whatever may be the reason, books give you the luxury of finding yourself, knowing your likes and dislikes, channelling your life in the right direction and making sure that you are well-read at all times, as one thing that no one take away from you is your knowledge. If you are book lover, there are high chances that your house is full of books. And there are all the more chances that you don’t have enough place to keep your books, and they might be lying scattered in different nooks and corners of your home. So to make things easier, add a nice bookshelf to your home and make a cherished library out of it.


How to choose the perfect bookshelf?

There are a few pointers that you can consider while choosing a bookshelves – material, size of the room, versatility and style. Jot down what you need on the basis of these parameters and you are good to go.


When it comes to choosing the material, you need to take your existing furniture into consideration to make it feel a part of your place. You can choose from materials like engineered wood, metal, solid wood and synthetic fiber. If your living room or bedroom comprises of wooden furniture, go for engineered or solid wood to complement the setting. But if you have a modern setting with wrought iron furniture decorating your place, a metallic book shelf is a great choice.

Size of the room

It is important that your bookshelf suits the size of the room, and does not make it look cluttered. For a safe buy, measure the space allotted to keep it, and then buy one that matches the measurements.


Whether you want a closed one or an open one, it is completely your call. A closed bookshelf will obviously stay clean, but it might be difficult to find the book you are looking for. Whereas, with respect to open bookshelves, you can see the titles at one glance, thus sparing you the hassle of looking for a book for hours. You can choose a small bookshelf that can be fixed on the wall, or a big one that would look as a library. Whatever you choose, go for one that would fit all your present as well as future books. If you want to keep magazines too, you can go for one that comes with a magazine holder.

Now you can buy bookshelves online from various popular brands like Decorhand, @home, Jangir, HomeTown, Kingscrafts, Lekiaan and Nesta Furniture. Add one to your home and give your book the treatment they deserve.


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