Chinese Sky Lanterns for Diwali Festival

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Home decor, Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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It was the month of Diwali and all of us had come home to celebrate it with grandparents.  My parents had invited a lot of work friends and relatives for the party on Diwali night. My dad was very fastidious about the arrangements and decorations and assigned people to run errands on that day. A huge statue of goddess Lakshmi at the entrance decorated with ornaments and garlands made of rose. The whole house would be decorated with Diwali lanterns and rice lights. It was just the beginning of the month and my dad had already started planning. He didn’t want anything to go wrong. I heard him speak to the caterers about the quality and quantity of food on that day and to the Dhaba wallahs about different kinds of sweets. There was going to be bucket loads of them. I simply couldn’t wait for that day.


Diwali Lanterns


We got firecrackers enough for chotti Diwali and Diwali. My dad got things required for the pooja as well like agarbattis, golden plates, kumkum, oil and so on.  Diwali was four days away and we realised we hadn’t got lanterns which obviously were an indispensable part of this festival. He went to the local stores and came back disappointed for he didn’t get anything to his liking. My dad was very fussy about interiors and decor and wouldn’t compromise on his taste no matter what.


That’s when Mom suggested we buy Diwali lanterns online . We thought it was a brilliant idea and agreed. She logged on to an e-commerce site and looked for Diwali lanterns. They were many fancy ones for good deals. She selected colourful glass lanterns, brass lanterns for the entrance and even ceramic ones. Just as we were going to buy them we saw Chinese paper sky lanterns. These lanterns were small hot air balloons made of paper with an opening at the bottom for a small fire to be suspended. Buying these lanterns online was a good idea because we could be assured of the quality that way. She selected many Chinese lanterns as well and clicked on the Buy Now button. There were so many payment options like paying by card, cash or via net banking. The lanterns reached us in two days and we arranged them in a cluster in the living room. Some had hooks so we hung them on the walls.


Then came the day of Diwali. All the guests were awestruck by the beautiful arrangement of the Diwali lanterns in the living room and elsewhere. My dad had a guy distribute the sweets and refreshments. We burst the firecrackers and played games for a long time. Then, after dinner, we took out the Chinese sky lanterns and lit them; two people had to hold the lantern from either side and light the fuel source. When we felt a gentle upward tug, we had to simply let the balloon go. There was no need to throw it. We left them they floated up in the night sky giving a beautiful warm glow. This was the best Diwali ever, thanks to the Chinese sky lanterns and online shopping.


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