Go All Out This Festive Season With Sky Lanterns

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Home decor, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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The history about how mankind (more particularly the Chinese) came up with sky lanterns is not as merry as you would think it to be. First used as a way to send out distress signals, it’s rather wonderful to see the positive connotation that these lanterns are now associated with. Today, for many of us, important celebrations are incomplete unless a few of these lights are released into the air. I enjoy watching them float further and further away, until after a few minutes when they begin to look like they have merged with the tiny stars and become one of them. Leaving aside the beauty of these sky lanterns, they are also a more feasible option than a lot of other lighting options. For instance, unlike firecrackers, these lanterns do not emit any harmful gases. Also, they are your best option at enjoying a peaceful and quiet celebration.


Sky Lanterns


How do I make use of sky lanterns ?

Sky lanterns have a small opening at the bottom through which you are to light them. A balloon-like structure on the top give these lanterns a lightweight feel so they float into the air when released. These covers are also responsible for keeping the lanterns’ light from going off when up in the air.

What are my choices when it comes to sky lanterns?

These lanterns are usually powered by candles, but if you are looking to relish your moment with these lanterns a little longer, you’re going to appreciate tealight-powered sky lanterns. Similar to traditional sky lanterns in shape and design, the tealight-powered ones are mainly designed to be used indoors or outdoors on your porch. Available in bright green, pink and blue colors to sober white and black hues, indoor sky lanterns are a nice and convenient way to make your space cosier and more romantic. Plus, they are the perfect decor for a romantic set-up.


You could hang them in isolation or put them up in pairs, with sky lanterns, you’re in for a win. Outdoors, you can hang them all around the porch and you’ll have set yourself a nice private space of relaxation. The lights in these lanterns are not very bright and are therefore, gentle on the eyes. The outer covering prevents the lights from going off even if it happens to be a slightly windy day. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, the festive season, or you are just looking to get your home to look more inviting, sky lanterns are the way to go.


Buy Sky Lanterns Online

To bring home all styles of lanterns online from brands like E-Plant, Everything Imported, Metal World, Glow lanterns, and Exciting Lives, buy sky lanterns online.


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