Dosa Tawas For A Hot And Crispy South Indian Breakfast

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Cookware, Household, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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No matter how many jeans and T-shirts our wardrobes are packed with, no matter how short our hair is, no matter how modern or westernized we are, as Indians, we will always be Indians at heart, and wonder what it is in that bland English breakfast that consists of an egg, a few slices of toast, slices of tomatoes and a boring cup of tea at the side be a refreshing way to begin a day. To us, there is nothing like a nice hot cup of chai, made the Indian way with spoonfuls of sugar, loads of milk and the cream floating on top. And there is no better way to satisfying our growling stomachs than with hot and crispy dosas, just out of the pan, brown at the sides and milky white at the center, soft in our mouths and tangy on our tongue with the taste of that spicy and coconut filled chutney from that banana leaf or Katori. While a toaster or a sandwich maker is a must in every English home, a dosa tawa is a must in every Indian home. For most Indians, a perfect day begins with a good breakfast of hot dosas, fresh out of the dosa tawa .

dosa tawa

Have you grown up eating your mother’s delicious dosas and now find yourself struggling with the batter on the pan and coming out with dosas that don’t taste the way your mother’s dosas did? Do you find this surprising as you know that you are generally a good cook? Well, then, you are right. It is not really your fault here because with a dosa, it is not just the amount of water or powder you mixed to make the batter or the spoons of oil you heated in the pan or the amount of time you left the dosa to fry in the pan. With a dosa, there are other things that matter, the most important among them being the kind of pan that you choose.

The day I first stepped into a paying guest accommodation and set out to make myself a dosa, I found myself struggling to get it out of the pan and my new roommates holding their stomachs with laughter. It was only a short time before I discovered that the pan was the real culprit behind the dosas that would just now come off and stick to each other in my plate.

Yes, if you are a lover of dosas, the dosa tawa is one of the most precious utensils that you have to handle with care in your kitchen. It was only then that I realized the care with which my mom would hang the pan after having washed it with great care using her hand and just not touching the scrubber to it.

Buy A Dosa Tawa Online

You can have a look at the range of dosa tawas online from brands like Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeons and various other brands of dosa tawas online. Have a look at the different features and compare the sizes of different dosa tawas online on mobile shopping apps before you get yourself a tawa that you find convenient to fry your dosas in.


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