Elegant Homes With Carpeted Floors

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Home decor, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips
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I was ten years old when I was invited to a birthday party of this friend of mine. She was one of those whom I would call upper middle class, the kind who would have the fanciest pencil box, attractive stationary, a lovely watch on her wrist and on those days we were permitted to wear any outfit, would come looking like a million bucks. Okay, coming back to the party, it was held at her apartment, in a building that looked very ordinary on the outside, but not so ordinary when I stepped inside. It may have just been an apartment, but it was palatial. Mine was a flat too, and of almost the same size, but it didn’t feel the same as this house did. I was too young then to realize what it was that made the house look so special, but when I look back at it now, I get my answer. The entire house was carpeted with a beautiful cream color that went wonderfully with the walls and other interiors in the house. Yes, the carpets made the difference while I compare that house to my mosaic tiled house.




Of course, there may be some hassles, like you will have to put in the effort of getting it cleaned so that dust does not collect on and under them. But this can be managed with a vacuum cleaner and you can even get them dry cleaned at times.


I still remember the linoleum covered house we lived in while I was little. The entire house had its floors covered in a blue linoleum that was supposed to go with the blue walls of the house. The house was big, but there was something about it that prevented it from being welcoming. You may have guessed it by now. Yes, the flooring plays an important role in how elegant your house looks or does not look.


If you are uncomfortable with covering your entire house, you can get smaller ones that you can place at the center of your living room and other parts of your house to make it look elegant. Maintaining them is easier and you can even get them washed with ease. Choose those that come in attractive prints or solid colors that go well with the interiors in your house.


Buy Carpets Online

There is a range of carpets online that you can have a look at. If you are looking at woolen carpets, you can have a look at the collection from Status Multicolor. If you are looking for cotton carpets, you can have a look at the collection from Azaani. Fablooms and Oriental Weavers have a range of polypropylene carpets that you can have a look at. Have fun browsing through the range of carpets & rugs online and on mobile shopping apps and get your home a carpet that adds to its look and elegance.


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