Door curtains – For a home that is well-organised and inviting

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Home decor, Home Furnishing, Online Shopping, Shopping Tips, Uncategorized
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We all use door curtains in our homes, but what purpose do they really serve? Do we really need them? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the reason as to why we use window curtains – they are the perfect cover for keeping early morning light from shining down on our face and thereby, ruining our sleep. Besides, without window curtains, we’d have to put up with nosy neighbours and inquisitive passersby looking into our homes. The question is, what do door curtains do? It turns out that they are more than just decorative home furnishing items.


door curtains


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why door curtains are a common figure in almost all homes:


  • Functionality – Much like window curtains, door curtains also serve one primary function – they ensure your privacy. Nobody likes having to close the door every time they sit in their room. Pulling the door curtains close proves to be a much more convenient option than closing doors. Besides, curtains also save you the trouble of having to get up from your bed every time someone has to come inside the room. Convenient, we say.


  • Privacy – Other than saving you the need of having to lock and unlock the door every time someone walks in and out of the room, door curtains also give you some much needed privacy. Even if you are in a dorm room where you don’t really have the luxury of demanding personal space, setting up door curtains at strategic places in the room can help create the illusion of privacy. If your home is located in an area where passersby cannot help but get a look of your home, setting up door curtains and drawing them close will help you get on with your daily work without any fear of invasive pedestrians.


  • Decorative purposes – What good is any home furnishing item if it cannot add to the overall decor of a home, right? Door curtains help solve a lot of everyday, privacy problems, but many of us tend to buy them simply for their decorative value. For every personality and every room decor, there are more than a couple of door curtains to choose from, and this is what makes personalising one’s space so much fun.


Buy Curtains Online

Flowy, long, and elegant door curtains designed for French doors, sheer curtains that have heart cut-outs all over them, or floral printed ones, online shopping has it all. When it comes to the material of door curtains, you have chenille, silk, cotton, polycotton, satin, polyester, net, and dozens of other choices to pick from. From Swayam and Dekor World to Story@Home and Adeline, your best bet to deck your home with the best home furnishing items is to buy door curtains online .


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