An intricately carved 6- or 8-seater wooden dining table with complementing cushioned chairs, a chandelier hanging from the centre of the ceiling, and some antique decorative pieces on and around the table – this is the dining room setting that many of us have enjoyed having our meals in as children. There is no doubt that replicating such a setting in our current apartments essentially fills it with the warmth of the home that we grew up in, but there are always some constraints that come in our way. Simply put, there is always some space crunch and the inevitable budget constraint. But with a little effort, there is a good chance that you will be able to decorate your small dining room in an awe-inspiring manner. After all, why should you buy poor-quality or pre-used dining tables and chairs when you can buy them at attractive prices online? Combine your choice of dining set with a soothing colour scheme on the walls and on the floor – may be with a patterned wall paper and a colourful rug under the table – and you will have an ideal dining spot that you and your family is sure to love.

Dining sets

The only big-ticket item that you will need to spend on is a comfortable and attractive dining set, and online portals are here to help you with this purchase, especially if this is the first time that you will be buying one. You are sure to have a vague idea about the various options available in the market today – you probably already know what’s in trend, and what’s not, what looks good, and what doesn’t. However, to make your purchase an easier and smoother affair, here are a few informative pointers about buying a dining sets

  1. Make sure the dining table that you buy allows more number of diners than the actual number of members in the family. Also, see that it will have enough space for walking around it, as well as enough clearance for the diners to comfortably sit and get up from the chairs.
  2. There are so many shapes to choose from – square, round, rectangular, and oval. Choose the one that pleases your heart, and fits in the available space.
  3. Buy a table in warm wooden shades and with minimal detailing in order to get a fuss-free and traditional look within the small space. Try teak wood or sheesham for added elegance.
  4. You could also opt for glass- or marble-top dining table sets, or the ones made from metal or a mix a materials to achieve a modern look and feel.
  5. Consider the room’s lighting. If it’s a dark room, opt for a white or lighter colour of dining set. Buy a darker shade of a wooden table to create the drama in a bright room.
  6. It isn’t necessary that your dining set coordinates with all the other pieces of furniture in the room. You can mix and match the style of chairs, buy wooden chairs with a marble-top table, buy high- or low-back dining chairs as per your comfort, or any other style that creates the look that you want.

With a few pointers in mind, you will definitely be able to select the right dining set for your personal space. Click on buy furniture online to check out wide collection of dining table sets online from the comfort of your home. Pay online or offline, and experience the new way of convenient and hassle-free shopping.


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